SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — A new state law that goes into effect in January will impose a $25 fine for every illegal commercial sign placed along state highways.

The State Highway Association says it spends almost a half-million dollars a year removing the signs, because they can impede visibility and get in the way of mowing and other maintenance.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that a warning period began Oct. 1. Highway officials are putting stickers on illegal signs to warn the owners of new law.

Highway association engineer Donnie Drewer says officials hope that collecting fines will help defray some of the costs of cleaning them up.

The new law only applies to state rights-of-way and not to county or local roads.

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Comments (6)
  1. sheriff says:

    As usual , political signs will be exemp such like Robo calls. These nitwits with signs plastered all over the highways look terrible & anybody that is influenced by them is an idiot as well. How about some serious fines for New home constructio site, apartments, homes for sale, restaurants, dating, crabs etc 25$ isn’t s…..t how about $500 & mean it.

  2. Gene says:

    Are you tired of giving away your hard earned money to undeserving people such as children and the homeless? Well now you can help out the truely needy such as the SHA. The SHA and the state of MD is broke, and lets face it… you don’t pay enough taxes. Lets not get into a finger pointing competition and have someone take responsibility for it, it won’t solve anything.

    Instead, post a sign along a state highway for your failing small buisness or even a yard sale that you’ll use to put food on the table because you don’t have a job. For every sign you post, you’ll have the chance to donate $25 to the SHA and allow them to give away even more tax dollars every year to the corrupt.

    You can help the needy, and nows the time to make a difference!

  3. Chris Hartsell says:

    what about my boy chris stewarts cross on 97 where he passed? thats a memorial to a fallen friend and they removed it. you could easily see around it but yet someone removed it.

  4. sheriff says:

    Those crosses on the highways are stupid & ugly & only serve to remind the immediate family anyway. This is a nation of over three hundred million people & cleaning up these areas after the shine wears off & it does is a nuisance. Sorry for your loss but memorials are best served in the hearts of each of us.

    1. baltimore resident says:

      thats what cemetaries are for, not the side of the highway

  5. d glen burnie says:

    what I don’t agree is all the stupid signs used when it is election time they should be fined . if they can put them up them they can take them down.
    what I do agree with is the memorials and crosses they are not there their souls are not there if you want and most people have grave sites then go there. so many time i have seen people stop and do some kind of service on the side of the road and almost crash because it was very distracting / now I am not morbid I just think that is the wrong place for that . again as the prson above says that’s what grave yards are for

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