BETHESDA, Md. (WJZ)—The suspect in the Lululemon murder goes on trial in less than two weeks. And for the first time we’re hearing from the victim’s family.

Mary Bubala reports Jayna Murray was killed in May, and her co-worker is now accused. 

David and Phyllis Murray say from an early age their daughter Jayna’s life was filled with laughter and adventure. She loved dance, the outdoors, world travel and helping those in need. She led an extraordinary life and had a future as bright as her smile.

That is until March 11, when the Murray family’s world unraveled in a web of crime scene tape, and a late-night phone call from Lululemon’s chief executive officer.

“There was a death at Lululemon and that one had been taken to the hospital,” Phyllis Murray recalled. “Within 10 minutes, he called us back and told us that Jayna was the one that they had pronounced dead.”

Within days, there was another shocking development.  

“That they had made an arrest and my immediate reaction was ‘Thank God.’ Then when he said who it was, it was incomprehensible,” Phyllis Murray said.

“It was baffling, just stunning,” David Murray said.

Under arrest was co-worker Brittany Norwood, who police say lured Jayna back to the store after closing time and attacked her with such violence, even veteran homicide detectives were shaken.

The incomprehensible murder is believed to be over a bag of Lululemon clothing that Norwood may have been trying to steal.

“Why would you murder someone over Lululemon clothes?” said Phyllis Murray.

“If Norwood wanted, needed this so badly for whatever reason, Jayna would have bought it for her,” David Murray said.

“Absolutely,” her mother added.

“She would have given it to her,” her father continued. “She would have paid for it herself.”

Phyllis and David Murray, their sons Hugh and Dirk, and extended family are now struggling to find the new normal of their lives.

The Murrays are now preparing for the murder trial and bracing themselves for the likelihood they’ll come face-to-face with Norwood and her parents.

“It’s horrible for us,” Phyllis Murray said. “It can’t be easy for them.”

“I can tell you personally that of all of the steps of grieving, I have yet to leave anger,” said David Murray. “I think if I had the chance to say something to her, it would be one word: ‘Why?'”

The murder trial is scheduled for Monday, Oct.  24. Jayna Murray’s parents say she never spoke of a problem employee – only of how she loved working at the store as a manager.

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