BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– A 6-year-old girl is recovering after she was attacked by a neighbor’s dog in Baltimore County.

Andrea Fujii has more on the dog’s fate.

Kyniya Harris doesn’t know when she’ll walk on her own again after a neighbor’s dog attacked her on Monday.

The 6-year-old was playing with a group of children when a pit bull across the street ran toward her.

“I got bit by the dog,” Kyniya Harris said.

“The dog heard a noise outside and was able to push out of the house through a screen door,” said Det. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department.

Kyniya Harris was bitten twice and taken to the hospital for surgery.

“My daughter on the ground with her leg all open,” Kyniya Harris’ mother Loretta Harris said.

No one answered at the dog owner’s home.

Neighbors say this isn’t the first time the dog has attacked– Lawrence Evans was bitten two years ago.

“This black dog in the house up there come running out in the street and bit me on my knee,” Evans said.

The dog’s owner told police it is licensed and up-to-date on all its shots. But that doesn’t bring much comfort to Kyniya Harris’ family, who say they haven’t even received an apology.

“They wasn’t outside teasing any animals. They was just outside playing among themselves,” Loretta Harris said.

As Kyniya Harris looks through well wishes from her first grade class, she’s upset her injury will keep her from a school field trip. But Kyniya says she knows not all dogs are violent.

“I think they are scary but some dogs are not,” she said.

The dog was impounded Friday morning. The owners have received $700 in violations: $500 for a dangerous animal, $100 for a dog at large and $100 for no license.

 This case will be scheduled to be heard at the Animal Hearing Board.

Kyniya Harris’ family says they plan to file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner.

Comments (53)
  1. hdg says:

    No wonder muslims dislike dogs!

  2. james says:

    Sheriff,What is this a race issue Knucklehead all blacks do not own pitbulls what about you white boys who owns two and three what makes them any better are you gay.

    1. dave says:

      every time Sheriff comments about something he brings race into it doesn’t matter what the store is about

      1. sheriff says:

        Dave , Store??? What store. I presume you’re speaking jibberish & mean story as in Glodilocks & the three bears.

      2. Gotcha! says:

        that’s because Sheriff gets paid by WJZ to bait you into posting and checking back often…advertisers pay big money per hit on a website. Sheriff, Willie, Willie Joe, Sheriff Willie, Bernard McKernan…they are all the same person. Check out their posts…it’s the same exact rhetoric and verbiage with a different screen name. LOL!

        In fact,this article should have been tittled: “Pitt Bull Bait Topic: Designed to Incite Angry Posters” LOL!!!! The original story is weeks old!

    2. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      exactly james hes doesnt need to bring any more negativity into the situation it doesnt matter if there black white red green or purple its all pit bulls if that were my child guess what ida already shot that dog and maybe even its owners too. these people are going through enough they dont need people poiunting there finger saying oh he bit u cause ur black or it was a black persons dog that did it that has nothing to do with it its the stupid freakin dogs with there stupid freakin owners who claim”oh not my pit no he or she wouldnt do something like that ” or”oh they were teasing my dog” watever wake up people weather u like it or not the cold hard facts are pit bulls r no good and they all need to be shot,gone,done with…if a child or anyone else cant be around a dog for fear of it biting them then the dog needs to go especially in the city

      1. Heather Fleegle-Williams says:

        Might want to check your “facts” pit bulls used to be called nanny dogs.They are loving and loyal and absolutely adore children. Its those who do not treat and train them well who cause the problems. Pit Bulls and any variation of them are deemed one of the top THREE best mannered, evenly tempermented breeds out there aong side the rotties and the shepherds. You, Kimberly are the ignorant one, and those who are likeminded. You tourmeant ANY dog long enough see what happens. You are an uneducated, illiterate, imbicile who speaks only from what the media shows you. Get out in public a while, interact with other humans, MEET some of these dogs who are rescue dogs, therapy dogs, or just family pets. You might be suprised to find yourself wondering what the person who was bitten did to provoke the bite.

      2. willy joe says:

        Kimberly Blackwell, My how appropriate a name. Blackwell as in Black as a well down in the ground. May I suggest some remedial reading courses to you starting at grade three? Your spelling & sentence structure is like a &*%$#@(*&. Product of affirmitative action I suppose.

  3. Ban the Breed says:

    Yet another in a never-ending line of pit bull attacks…wow, what a big surprise. Now let’s watch the usual defenders of this vicious breed come out of the woodwork screeching like they always do, with their typical lack of concern for the victims of these animals.

    1. heather says:

      Theres a simple fact that will put this train of thought to rest. Before now, we as a society have blamed rottwielers, dobormans, shephards, and even poodles for being “killer dogs”…just seems this decade, it’s the Pit’s turn to have the blame. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

    2. calling you out says:

      yeah yeah yeah… you get paid by WJZ, too? I hope so, because no one could be this stupid.

      1. calling you out says:

        that was aimed at “Ban the Breed”, btw.

  4. TJ says:

    Sheriff looks like you won’t be getting the Scholar either look at your writing. “Me think” it should have read” I think”. But anywho a six year old was attacked by a Pitbull no matter if a white/ black owned, have compassion for the child it could have been worse situation, and for you to sit at a computer address human beings as coons your miserable self need to look in the mirror this is the 21st century and yes that mess still exist but we are one nation, the only difference in a human is the color of the skin all else is the same. Shame on you!

  5. Stupidity Rules says:

    Shoot the dog. Jail the owner. A dog that will bust through a screen door has but one thing on its’ mind and that would be attack. These dogs were bred for fighting. They are not house pets.

  6. Tom says:

    The people commenting here are why I’ve given up on humanity. You all should be ashamed.

  7. SPACE RANGER says:

    Sheriff, it’s call spell check you moron.

    1. Shiya says:

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  8. Spear Chucker says:

    Your momma & sister like it when i chuck my spear.

  9. TheRiley says:

    In case you all missed it, this article is about a girl who got attacked by the dog of a negligent owner. Stop attacking the victim, her family and how they speak, and the family’s race, and attack the negligent dog owner who wasn’t properly securing his home to make sure his dog wouldn’t get out and hurt someone.

    1. sheriff says:

      Someone quick, throw Riley a bone.

  10. heather says:

    I’d like to see if it was REALLY a pit bull the media goes nuts with the breed just to insight fear. Pit bulls are rated one of the tope 3 breeds in temprament with children, other animals, and behavior up there with Rotties and Shephards. It’s a misunderstood breed and many people will call just about any breed a pit bull just to make people afraid. BSL is just as idiotic as racial profiling.

  11. spare the bread says:

    Actually, Pit Bulls are great Dogs. They are smart, loyal, loving and only want to please their owners. However, not all people should own a Pit Bull, you have to spend a lot of time with them as they need attention, interaction and plenty of exercise. We should all hope for a full and speedy recovery for Kyniya and not condemn the breed. There is no animals on this planet that should be eradicated, especially the Pit Bull. Never condemn what you do not know because of what you hear, all breads can and will bite, you never know what the trigger will be. If you are going to have a pet spend time with them and keep them safe and secure.

    “In the ‘70s they blamed Dobermans, In the ‘80s they blamed the German Shepherds, in the ‘90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull” Cesar Millan.

    When will they blame the Human?

    1. Ban the Breed says:

      Yes, any dog can bite. What you excusers ALWAYS skip over is that not every dog bites with the phenomenal power of a pit bull or holds on so tenaciously. They were bred to crush, tear, and kill. Excuse it all you want, the FACT is that these are traits that have been deliberately bred into them. A pit bull attack is far more likely to maim or kill than other dog attacks. I have seen where pit bulls have been beaten in the head with iron bars or bats and still would not let go of someone. Nobody needs a dog like that. You will not die if you can’t have a pit bull, but many are dying because people like you insist they continue to be bred.

  12. Last Laugh says:

    What weird lonely little people you are.

    Pittbulls are awesome. Our little old lady pitt has been the best friend, the best nanny, the most loyal companion a family could ever have asked for. We love her as a member of our family. I know, nay-sayers (and the rest of you dog-hating freaks, Ban the Dog…there just aren’t words for your rampant stupidity), will have their opinions about my comment, here, but I just wanted to put it out there. This white, working class family, with decent morals and a loving home have a pittbull that doesn’t bite — doesn’t so much as growl at people. LOL! Sorry that you don’t have the love or discipline to enjoy the best dog on the planet.

    1. sheriff says:

      Pit bulls dont bite, they tear in shreds. This is the dog most favored by urban black because of fighting. It’s the black culture to be violent & this is just an accessory to the fact. My suggeston, is to get rid of both the bulls & the blacks. Les bites & tears along with peace & quiet. knuckleheads.

      1. Last Laugh says:

        Sorry sheriff Willie billy joe jelly belly Bernie mcKernan… I’m not your type. I know what you are, you gender-bending-racist-redneck-urban-hillbilly-abuse victim worker w/ split personality disorder, a foul mouth & bad manners….and a paycheck from WJZ for baiting innocent people. Hit me with your worst, most foul and vulgar WORDS….LOL!!!!!

  13. sheriff says:

    hm, You sound a tad jealous? Need some attention son? call 1-999-999-999. Herman Cain, your kind of person will give you the pain you need. Remember, pain with Cain.

  14. sheriff says:

    Poo, Gotcha, Last laugh, the Tiley & any other monikers you go under, SMD azzholes.

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