As you may or may not already know every Friday I do my “Conn-Crete” lock of the week. If I get my pick wrong I have to spin the wheel, and on this wheel are a bunch of awful things that you typically wouldn’t want to do.

So, 2 weeks ago my lock was the Cowboys over the Lions. The Cowboys were up 24 points in the second half and blew the game, so I had to spin the wheel and it landed on dye your beard purple. I had my beard dyed professionally and it looks absolutely ridiculous. It’s hard to adjust to all the stares and even more so all the questions about why my beard is purple. I have been going nuts this week. At times I forget its purple and I go and look in the mirror, then it all comes rushing back.

So far one of the most embarrassing things I’ve had to do for losing a bet.

Here it is in all it’s glory posted on the web forever for all to see: “My Weird Beard”!

jeremyconn purplebeard BLOG: Conns Purple Beard

  1. Troy True Praize Salmond says:

    ha! u look like a gay wrestler lol!!!

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