GERMANTOWN, Md. (WJZ)– Racing the clock. Police are frantically searching for a missing Montgomery County boy after his mother is found murdered. His stepfather is behind bars, but no one has seen the boy for 12 days.

Gigi Barnett has the latest on this developing case.

Curtis Lopez, 45, is charged with murdering his estranged wife. But the question remains: Where is his stepson, 11-year old William McQuain?

A nationwide search is now on for McQuain.

“My hope is that he may be with a family member or a friend that perhaps has no idea what’s occurred with his mother,” Chief Tom Manger of the Montgomery County Police Department said.

His mother, 51-year old Jane McQuain, was found murdered in her Germantown bedroom. Police believe her body may have been there for nearly two weeks.

Police found her missing car– a Honda CRV– in North Carolina Thursday. It was with her estranged husband, 45-year-old Curtis Lopez.

He was arrested outside an Econo Lodge, charged with murdering his wife. But his stepson wasn’t with him.

“We’re shocked that something like this could happen,” said Jane McQuain’s neighbor Tracy Wilson.

“I don’t have any clue,” neighbor Donyel Freeland said. “I just hope that he comes up safe.”

Neighbors say they saw Lopez two weeks ago taking items out of McQuain’s house and loading them into her car.

“I seen him put this 40 inch or 60 inch flat screen TV,” a neighbor being identified as “Sis” said. “It was in a box. The box was open. He put it in the back of her car.”

William McQuain hasn’t been to class at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Germantown since Sept. 30.

WJZ has obtained a letter sent home to parents that said grief counselors have been brought in for classmates as the search for the 11-year-old continues.

Police now say their top priority is finding the sixth-grader. They admit as the hours tick by discovering him unharmed may be a long shot.

Montgomery County homicide detectives are in North Carolina interviewing Curtis Lopez. They haven’t said if he’s giving any information about William McQuain’s whereabouts.

Police say Jane McQuain suffered trauma to her upper body. An autopsy will be performed by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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  1. common sense says:

    he’s been missing since SEPT 30th and we’re just getting an AMBER ALERT!! Wonder why that is??

    1. Read the article says:

      Read my post below. He hasn’t been seen by neighbors since Sept. 30. He could have been staying elsewhere. Hopefully he is ok. Amber alert went out within hours after they found the mother’s body.

  2. Clueless says:

    She was found yesterday. The boy was last seen on the 30th? And we are just now hearing about this? I hate when details are left out. They have a complete description of the car and tag but not the suspect? Can we get a little more info please?!

  3. Kimberly Blackwell says:

    that kid could be 1/2 way across the country by now but believe it or not hes probably right there in that area still id def check out the dad first!

  4. Leah says:

    Try using some basic reading comprehension skills and you wouldn’t look like a fool. The mother’s body was found on Wednesday, which was YESTERDAY. Something triggered the police to go to the house; either the mother not showing up for work or the abandoned vehicle warranted some reason to suspect foul play. Police find mother dead, are informed that a child lives in the home and that he is missing either through talking with neighbors or next of kin. Or perhaps the school became concerned when the child had been absent for an extended period of time and contacted an emergency contact person for the boy who called police when unable to reach someone at the home. So, it would be safe to conclude that the Amber Alert was issued very soon after State Police realized that this child was missing.

    Spend more time THINKING things through, instead of looking for any thing you can to criticize.

    1. Sick of ignorant *itches says:

      Wow, Leah! You have the WHOLE thing figured out, dont you? *Insert eye roll here*
      Get over yourself, k? Thanks!

      1. Read the article says:

        Leah is just throwing out some possibilities. They could be wrong. Most other commenters here don’t even seem to have read the article thoroughly. If you don’t like someone’s theories, move on or post your own. It’s one thing to share your own theories, it’s another thing to start creating make-believe facts as some commenters have. K? Thanks!

      2. Leah says:

        WOW how typical! When lack of an intelligent reply escapes, let’s resort to using profanity! That’s as much of a reply that you will get for me. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    2. Eric says:

      Thank you. I was starting to think I may be the only one who figured it out with the information givin.

  5. jobaby says:

    Well said Leah!

  6. Mary says:

    Just because the neighbors have not seen the missing child, would not necessarily mean something is wrong. I mean with the weather being cooler and the rain, will keep most people indoors. The question is whether or not he has been at school and if he has been absent, if so there is more to the story. I guess the police will be looking for dad to check out his timeline, etc. I feel bad for this child who has lost his mother and I hope for the best that he is found safe.

  7. Shelli says:

    You got it going on don’t you Leah? The only problem I would have with your disrespecting attitude is that if YOU used some BASIC reading comprehension you would have read that what triggered the police to go to the house was a concerned friend. It is in the 3rd paragraph miss thing. So, it would be safe to conclude that you must be a product of the city school system. You know, for you bada$$ attitude and all.

  8. RERE says:


  9. Gman says:

    If the mother was found on Wed Oct 12th why didn’t she report her own son missing since Sept 30th?

    1. Ashley says:

      Sept 30th is when neighbors report last seeing the kid. 1. You don’t know how long the mother had been dead in the house 2. Just because the neighbors did not see the boy that long does not mean he was not alive and well in his mother’s care until this incident.

      1. Eric says:

        It says they believe she had been dead for two weeks. That would put her death around the same time he went missing. So I think that is the reason she did not report it.

  10. Read the article says:

    He may not have been missing since Sept. 30th. That was the last time neighbors saw him. I haven’t seen my neighbors daughter outside for over a week, but I saw her this morning at school when I dropped my son off.

    Leah above had a point — people need to wait until more info comes out. The did issue an amber alert within hours of finding the mother’s body. There is more to the story. Maybe the child was staying with a relative. Hopefully the child is ok.

  11. rob says:


  12. Leah says:

    Actually Shelli, the story was updated AFTER my post this morning. .A halfway intelligent person could have figured that out by looking at the top of the news article where they post the update date and time. To confirm your conclusion, I am a product of the city school system…but I graduated many years ago and I am well-educated. So before you try to make someone else look stupid, you should really make sure you know what you are talking about so your words don’t come back to bite you!l

    1. Practice what you preach says:

      “So before you try to make someone else look stupid”

      Maybe you should listen to your own words…….

      1. Leah says:

        “So before you try to make someone else look stupid, you should really make sure you know what you are talking about so your words don’t come back to bite you!l

        Make sure to include the whole quote! None of my words came back to bite me, so I’m not quite sure what point you are trying to make….care to elaborate??

  13. Mary says:

    This story has been updated and we now know he has not been in school since Sept. 30th. I can not believe that the school did not get suspicious. OK, the mother has been dead since that time so the phone goes unanswered if the school did call. But every school in Maryland has an emergency person listed on the student’s card. So why didn’t the school call the emergency person to tell him/her that William has not been in school? That would have initiated the emergency person to check in on William and his mom and then the police would have been called right away. This case is two weeks behind and this child’s safety is at risk. What about her co-workers if she was employed?

  14. whatnow says:

    They said on the news this morning, the school is supposed to contact the parents if a child misses 4 days in a row. Someone at the school dropped the ball. As for this sleezeball husband, another man taking his shortcomings out on a woman. I pray for the safe recovery of this child. As to the sniping back and forth on here, there is a child missing, grow up.

  15. Ginni says:

    Could the little boy been hidden in the t.v. box? So that neighbors would not see him being taking out of the house against his will? I sure do hope this little boy is returned home safely. God Bless him to be unharmed.

  16. Dee says:

    Has anyone seen a picture of the ex husband? They need to release his photo bc if he did take the boy after killing the woman and drove downsouth with him, maybe someone would recognize him from a gas station or something, and maybe just maybe the police can search those areas with a better idea of where this man was. I can only hope that boy is found safe but all signs are pointing to the worst case scenario. My thoughts and prayers are with this child and hopefully they find him alive and well.

  17. sheriff says:

    This is a murder of passion & control motivated. She may have been a ball buster & he is a control freak who could care less about the kid as it’s not his.

  18. g modlin says:

    Sheriff, you are discusting to condone this crime based on why he may not have liked her attitude. The child is frist of all a child of God, dont know apparently and your whole statment is reprehensible.

  19. Really? Priorities people... says:

    Wow…People on here tend to fly off the handle quickly don’t they? I don’t think Sheriff was condoning the murder. I think he was explaining that this is kind of the “profile” or whatever you want to call it. Just like rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power and control, Sheriff is saying this is the same thing. This guy obviously has issues. Maybe the mom tried to tell him she wanted a divorce and he got mad. Maybe she was the type to stand her ground and say what was on her mind and that pi$$ed him off so he attacked her. We read about parents harming their children every day. The fact that this boy wasn’t his would give him one less reason to hesitate if he wanted to harm him unfortunately. Nobody is saying that makes it all okay. Like one of the other posters though, I can’t help but wonder if the boy was in the box. Those boxes are pretty big. I don’t think the box would be to hide him trying to get away because if the boy WAS trying to get away, the guy wouldn’t be able to carry the box by himself. It makes me wonder if the boy might have been knocked out or killed as well. 😦 I really hope they find him and this monster gets what’s coming to him. 😦 The priority is finding this boy now one way or another…

  20. YC in MD says:

    They said the murderer is the boy’s step father – I wonder if the real father has been contacted. This is such a sad story, I pray the little guy is safe.

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