Up To A Dozen Baltimore City Schools Expected To Close In 2 Years

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– There are tough decisions facing the man in charge of Baltimore City schools.

Our media partner, “The Baltimore Sun,” says Dr. Andres Alonso will roll out a plan to close up to a dozen schools in the next two years. The schools targeted will have low student enrollment and old buildings.

Since arriving in 2007, Alonso has closed 12 under-performing schools.

  • MTB

    This is a serious injustice to Baltimore City. These closures will increase classroom sizes and overwhelm the teachers and more importantly, the students. It is a real tragedy that the youth of this city has to face such a high risk of failure, because no one cares enough to do something about it. Who is really responsible? Is it the teachers that are basically babysitters or zookeepers? Or, is it the parents, that prove each and every day not to be the same role models that the parents of the past were?

    • Wheres common sense when you need it

      Parents, what parents? Overwhelm the teachers, who cares about that? One thing is for certain, it will be the teachers fault before this is said and done!

  • sheriff

    This overweight Hispanic minority hire will totally destroy the fragile city school system & then leave for a juicy new contract in some Spanish speaking warm weather climate. He will have the thousands of little children mostly black with an inferioe education at a time when we need more neighborhood schools not less. Let him lose weight not schools.

  • willy joe

    What’s wrong with this picture??? There are white kids in it & they look well groomed. Someting you will never see it the sewer city of Baltimore.

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