GERMANTOWN, Md. (WJZ)— An Amber Alert is still underway for an 11-year-old Maryland boy. The community is pleading for his safe return, and mourning his dead mother.

Andrea Fujii has new information about the murder and the search.

The mother’s alleged murderer is behind bars, but there’s still no sign of her son. Friday night, his friends made a tearful plea for him to come home.

It’s been two weeks since 11-year-old William McQuain has  been at school. But his friends and football teammates haven’t stopped thinking about him.

“William, if you’re out there, we love you,” said one person.

“We want to pray that we can bring this child home,” said another.

At a vigil in Montgomery County, his community hopes police find William McQuain safe.

His mother, 51-year-old Jane McQuain, was found stabbed and beaten to death in their Germantown home on Wednesday.

An Amber Alert was issued once police discovered William McQuain was nowhere to be found.

On Thursday, Jane McQuain’s estranged husband and William McQuain’s stepfather, 45-year-old Curtis Maurice Lopez, was arrested for her murder in North Carolina.

But there’s still no William McQuain.

McQuain’s ex-boyfriend says she’d been arguing with Lopez who just came back into her life and she feared for her safety.

Now friends fear for William McQuain’s safety.

“I just love him so much. He’s going to come home. He’s going to be safe and healthy,” said one person.

But police say the longer William McQuain is missing, the less of a chance of finding him alive. But his friends hope to prove police wrong, and will be thinking of their missing teammate during their next game.

Police are not saying whether Lopez has told them anything about where William McQuain may be.

Pennsylvania court records show Lopez spent more than a decade in prison and was released in 2000.

Comments (5)
  1. bigbob says:

    More Black s……t.

  2. sheriff says:

    The stepfater killed him.

  3. Angel says:

    Baltimore and Maryland you must upgrade your laws and stop all this killing! When someone comes to you for their safety and fear for their life, HELP THEM AND STOP TAKING THEIR PLEA WITH SO MUCH DISRESPECT, STOP IT. BALTIMORE AND MARYLAND is the worth place to live a safe and happy life. Most of the people that live here has no RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES AT ALL!!!

  4. G Modlin says:

    Break one of the stepfathers knees with a baseball bat and if he doesnt tell you where the boy is, break the other one. He will tell you then.

  5. Kimberly Blackwell says:

    yeah really if we were in virginia theyd a done hung his butt thats because our fine city n state of baltimore maryland is going to hell in a hand basket maryland sucks period. i agree w/g take a baseball bat to him.that little boys probably dead someone would of heard something from someone by now

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