BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the 11th time, tens of thousands of runners crisscrossed the streets of Baltimore.

Mike Schuh reports city residents came through when the Baltimore marathon runners needed it the most.

Another year, another great day to run the Baltimore Marathon. This year, 25,000 signed up for the five different races. Everyone had something to prove, so long after the front-runners finished, the bulk of the pack was hours behind. By mile 23, for many, their spirit to prove anything was waning. So people showed up to cheer on those they knew. And others in a five-block stretch of Guilford Avenue cheered on everyone.

“This is a picture of my son, who’s running in his first half-marathon,” said Gloria Nealy.

Others are part of a unique running club…they run for beer.

“We are a drinking club that has a running problem,” said one.

Phil Davis gave thousands an inspirational serenade.

“I’ve run three marathons so I know people need some motivation,” Davis said.

But why is everyone showing all the love to runners in one particular spot?

“I’m at the top of the hill. They need that little boost, I guess,” Davis said.

Nate Sweeney and his girlfriend want everyone tired from climbing the hill to get a little boost from them.

“We’ve got a great run this year, a lot of people taking off running through the streets,” Sweeney said. “You can always tell when someone’s ready to start running again. They’ve got the eye.”

The winning runner finished the 26.4 miles in two hours and 14 minutes. The final finishers crossed the line seven hours after they started.


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