BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The Occupy Wall Street movement goes worldwide. Saturday, demonstrators took to the streets in cities across the nation, including right here in Baltimore.

Weijia Jiang reports.

Shouting “Capitalism Has Got To Go,” hundreds stormed financial buildings in downtown Baltimore.

“The rules are made up as they go along from the top,” said Damien Nichols of Occupy Baltimore. “They don’t have to play by the same rules.”

Saturday was named a day of action, part of the national movement “Occupy Wall Street” that started in New York City nearly a month ago.

Protesters, calling themselves the 99 percent, remain upset over social inequality, bank bailouts and corporate greed.

John King worries his children won’t be able to afford an education.

“This is the land of milk and honey, the American Dream, it’s all here,” King said. “But we have to figure out how to stop what this corporate-government thing that’s going on and think about them, the future.”

At the corner of Pratt and Light Streets at the Inner Harbor, Occupy Baltimore’s main site, the movement is clearly gaining strength with new protesters joining in everyday.

“We see more and more people who are finally waking up to the fact that what’s going on is ridiculous and unfair, and just immoral,” said Charles Shafer of the Baltimore chapter of

“Banks got bailed out! We got sold out!” demonstrators shouted.

In the nation’s capital, people headed to a Bank of America branch angry over new debit card fees.

“We have come here to close our accounts,” one protester said.

There were similar protests from Boston to Arkansas to Oregon. And back in Manhattan where it all started, thousands of demonstrators marched more than 40 blocks into Times Square.

“If we can’t have a say here, where are we going to go?”

They could come to Baltimore, where occupiers plan to camp out indefinitely.

Comments (23)
  1. George Mouring says:

    It’s time!! Time to remind the goverenment “who” they work for. Time for the people to take charge of this country again, especially at the polls this november. It’s time to take away the incentives of easy pensions and ridiculous salares in congress.The only thing that can stop the grred in this country is MASSIVE REGULATION, and stop The wall street leaches who are sucking America dry. We are the majority, time to use that to our advantage, before they take that to. If they outsorce work, tax the hell out of them for doing so, penalize them for there grred.

    1. I have a job. says:

      Massive regulation stifles job growth and the ability for entrepreneurs to enter markets. Thus raising prices for consumers because of less competition. Maybe instead of protesting try reading a book and doing something that actually helps the situation. You’re the problem. Not Wall Street.

      1. Jack Pollack says:

        Norman Tebbets, a British politician, told the unemployed of Britain to get on their bikes and go out looking for a job. That statement is now constantly referred to as the most stupid suggestion for getting jobs that don’t exist. Now, however, “I have a job” has topped even that. If you don’t have a job, go out and read a book. I repeat, incase you didn’t get it, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB, GO OUT AND READ A BOOK!!! Yes, you heard it right the first time.

  2. Larry26 says:

    Where are they going to work if they get rid of Capitalism, the government? If no one is working to taxes, no money to hire people. They are screaming because they have graduated and can’t get a job. Join the club. How about all of us who have been laid of and can’t find employment. They want the jobs to be given to them, and by pass the rest of us?

      1. baltimore resident says:

        ed your the goof, what he says is the truth

      2. scott says:

        What Larry says is exactly the truth. The reason you can’t find a job isn’t because of Wallstreet, its because of the massive regulations that the government has placed on businesses. They’ve given up and moved their companies overseas to countries where it is cheaper and easier to do business. Government is getting in the way of everything and wants to restrict the rights of everyone. In doing so, they are making the country seem less interesting to investors who would better the country. If we want to grow the country and the economy, the government HAS to get out of the way to do so.

      3. Jack Pollack says:

        Scott, the reason we are in this mess is because regulations have been removed from business and wall st. It all began with Ronald Reagan. Please read his bio. He ran for pres, in his own words,”to remove all regulations regarding business.” And they did it. Your innocence is remarkable if you honestly believe tht jobs go overseas because of over regulation. You can pay a foreign worker peanuts for his labor. It’s greed and profits for the stock holders, not over regulation.

  3. dajoh says:

    I am not a big protest fan to start with. It seems as though the timing of this protest is a little late. Where were these guys when all of the causes of the recession were actually happening. Nobody complained when all of this was going down because everyone was fat and happy. Now, we are just dealing with the results. It is like complaining about a bottle of wine after you drank all of it.

  4. ROB says:

    mikulski , cardin , o’mally another part of the problem,,,,,,,,,they will half to drag mikulski out of office, but you folks keep voting her back in ,,,,,,,,g

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      rob, why is mikulski the problem? What does OMalley have to do with the federal govt? Give us some specifics, nnot just a load of nonsense.

    2. mo says:

      they should have term limits. she is a politician but what has she done for us? O’Malley, a total waste of time. When Erlich was in, we had a surplus, O’Malley and Spendenning too – deficit. And now they want to impose another 15 cent gas tax. I think we should vote them out of office because they are obviously totally incompetent and mentally ill. Don’t they see what is happening to the average American worker?

  5. baltimore resident says:

    Just what Obama wants, to start a new Socialist Order and that got the Soviet Union how far?

  6. Working Poor says:

    There’s a difference between being socialist and cracking down on corporate greed. You have large corporations with reliably increasing profits that rank on the list of top 25 entities in the world (that list includes some large Western European countries). On the other hand, you have people that don’t want to work and are content to sit there with their hands out. Caught in the middle, you have these people who regardless of what type of work they qualify for, can’t find a job no matter how hard they try.

    If the government doesn’t do anything, then guess what, they are all going to join the welfare line too. The government needs to raise corporate taxes and grant exemptions based on the domestic to international job ratio. If the corporations don’t want to give our citizens (and their consumers) jobs, then they need to pay the tax money to provide for their welfare checks. And the next time that there is a bailout, they need to forgive the student loan debt. We gave banks bailouts and they didnt use the money to help the working man, they just gave their CEO’s nice bonuses.

    The worst a consumer is going to do if they get federal help is go out and buy some electronic piece of entertainment or booze that they don’t need. But guess what, then some corporation is getting some extra profits anyways.

  7. commonsense says:

    Flat tax, Fair tax, 9-9-9 plan, take your pick, it’s all on the table. Get rid of the IRS. No exemptions or deductions for anyone. Problem solved. Everybody pays from the wino on the street to the corporate fat cats. Then what will these modern day hippies have to complain about. Be informed, not opionated!

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Common-nonsense. I’m sure you would love to pay an additional 9% sales tax on a new auto after paying the sales tax that now exists. Insome states, the total percentage would be as high as 16% on items purchased. I thought you right wing nuts wanted to do away with taxes. Make up your bloody minds.

  8. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Dems & Repubs alike are the proble. What we have in D.C. are people called legislators who do not legislate in high paying positions as congressmen & Senators with benefits. The loopholes our government has allowed co’s to kill jobs here & create the same overseas resulting many displaced in the U.S. while they are making record profits. Even OBama with Jeffery Immelt CEO of G.E. on the prez jobs council is a traitor.

  9. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Just remember the pain with Cain & his 999 plan that will hurt low & middle income people the most. This is a country & not some business he would be running. Eliminate S.S. & Medicare is another of his plans & replace them with vouchers. Remember when Bush wanted to try that in 2005 with the stock market? Think where we would all be now if that came to fruition.

  10. jon says:

    Friday afternoon looked like 50 people or so in Baltimore, Saturday evening, maybe a couple hundred people. The Washington Post, on Friday,t listed maybe 6000 people nationwide that had “signed in” on some social networking site as being at the protest. I’m not sure this really qualifies as a movement, and certainly not the 99 percent. I’m sure Saturday there were more people nationwide, but it looks like the media is trying to make this into a bigger story than it is. Where are people going to get jobs if there isn’t business? The government? We all see how the Soviet Union worked out. Anyway, sounds like they can set up a fine homeless encampment right in downtown Baltimore.

  11. mo says:

    limit congress and senate terms to 8 years. stop the greed, kickbacks, lobbyists, america stand up for what’s right – just do it civally. o’malley, what a waste, spend spend spend. if you did the roads right the first time and didn’t go with the cheapest bidder and didn’t make a project last for years instead of months, you wouldn’t have to tax the poor another 15 cents a gallon of gas. are you out of your mind? people are out of work of hadn’t you noticed. why don’t you just give some of your paycheck to help the folks down here in the working poor? and as far as banks go, good for you America, stop banking with the big greedy banks, join a credit union. those banks do not need to be charging us to use our bank card are they kidding? I for one am leaving my bank – suntrust – since they started this nonsense. i will not pay to use something that should be free. Wake up people – don’t be like sheep and let them walk all over you and take away your money – fight back – stop doing business with them – they will get the message.

  12. Shave your legs says:

    A couple hundred people tops claim they represent 99% of the population? I don’t think so. How’s about putting down your bong, taking a bath, hairy broads shaving their pits and legs and productively either finding a job or start your own entity.

    Just saying.

    P.S. – Do the police have to protect them when they camp out?

  13. JQP says:

    If any of you atualily think you have a good handle on the causes and possible solutions to the crises our country are currently facing (keep playing the blame game…it’s all George Washington’s fault..ha ha), please…please… I implore you geniuses to step up and run for Office! Bernard McKernan for President! or better yet, SHERIFF WILLIE JOE for president! What a joke you people are. At the very least, those who are sitting out there are trying to acomplish something positive. What are you doing? Criticizing. What’s that old saying? Those who can, do. Those who can’t criticize. LOL!!! Come out of your corporate cubicle and DO SOMETHING. Good grief.

    1. JQP says:

      *actually, not actualily 😉

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