I understand Andy MacPhail’s stay in Baltimore will be remembered by most as just more losing baseball in Birdland. I don’t think his stay here has done anything to tarnish his reputation in baseball circles. We might agree that his working conditions may have been difficult at times but not once did I hear him blame surrounding circumstances for his inability turn it around. It didn’t work out, but Andy MacPhail gave it his best shot and did it with class. Good luck Andy!

Getting ready to fill out my preliminary ballot for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Guys like Tiki Barber, Will Shields and coaches Bill Cowher and Bill Parcells among the 11 first-year eligible candidates. No no-brainers this year like Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk last year. Might be a good year for guys like Cris Carter, Curtis Martin, Tim Brown, Dermonti Dawson, Chris Doleman and Charles Haley to get strong consideration. Then there’s contributors like Art Modell, Paul Tagliabue, Eddie DeBartolo Jr. and Jack Kent Cooke. Here’s where it gets tough, there’s only 5 spots for modern day players the coaches and contributors.

A year from now Jonathan Ogden will be on the ballot and should become the first true Raven inducted in Canton. Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe are Ravens in the Hall Of Fame but spent most of their careers with other organizations. No question JO is a Hall Of Famer and he should be a first ballot pick, but Sharpe retired owning all the tight end records and missed on his first try and the same for Cris Carter who was 2nd all time in receiving and touchdowns when he retired.

We lost a special lady with the passing of Pat Modell. She gave up terrific career on stage and screen to devote the second half of her life to Art and her family and the numerous charities she gave her heart and money to. Her’s was a life that mattered!

I’m not a big fan of the NBA but I understand how many working people depend on it to support their families. Will blowing up a season really help? Find the middle ground people, you are partners whether you like it or not.

It won’t happen overnight but I think the bottom of the AFC North is slowly moving closer to the top. The Carson Palmer trade sure helps the Bengals future that already looks better with a young quarterback and a solid defense. The Browns also have extra picks and could be heading in the right direction.

I seldom favor a 2 quarterback system but with two talented sophomore’s in College Park it might work for the Terps.

Yes, Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz should have been fined for their carnival act at Ford Field. I sense a double-standard, players get fined for looking sideways. More should be expected from a head coach. And don’t give me the heat of the moment blah, blah, blah.


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