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O’Malley Continues To Push For Gas Tax Increase

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A gas tax increase got another airing in the General Assembly Tuesday. Members of key House committees were briefed on the makings of a jobs creation package Governor Martin O’Malley intends to win approval for next year.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports the O’Malley administration made a case for job creation with a gas tax increase but it’s not easy to sell.

Pumpwatch is now a national pastime but in Maryland, while folks are pinching pennies, some politicians are pitching a gas tax increase to put people back to work.

“I think it’s high enough already but if it’s creating jobs, it may end up to be a good thing ’cause I know we need more jobs. A lot of people are still unemployed,” Jennifer Stockett said.

“It’s not a Democratic idea or a Republican idea that in order to create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments,” O’Malley said.

But even cloaked in the promise of employment, for Marylanders like Rob Perdue, a gas tax hike has all the appeal of lipstick on a pig.

“I’m against it. Gas is starting to creep up now as it is. It’s really going to hurt consumers, I think,” he said.

Antonio Staffiero feels gas prices are too unstable to risk a tax increase.

“I’d like to see more people get jobs, obviously, but you know, to add more taxes to what we already have, it’s too unpredictable,” Staffiero said.

Legislative committees are slogging through reports and testimony that support the administration’s position.

“That public investment creates significant private sector jobs,” O’Malley said.

The governor’s transportation commission is recommending a 15 cents a gallon tax hike. The figure is negotiable.

The governor is using this special session as a sounding board for legislation under consideration for 2012.

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  • Kevin Estis

    Nuts! No new taxes. Need more funds? Then CUT THE WASTE

  • KottaMan

    STOP spending! That’s your answer. Per this article, “some politicians are pitching a gas tax increase to put people back to work.” Are you kidding me? WHO, exactly, in world history ever created jobs by increasing taxes? This madness has to stop.

  • ciara

    Maryland needs to look at the welfare system not raise taxes. Why are they allowing the illegals to come here and have baby after baby and getting everything from the welfare? They allow people on drugs to get SSI. This is just more drug money for them. Stephanie wasted money the grand prix. That’s money the state could have used.

  • Brenda

    The taxes go up, the gas and food go up, the health care goes up but my pacheck doesn’t. How am I supposed to live in Maryland. I am a white 49 year old woman, will the government give me money to stay home and take care of babies and do drugs? Tell them to give me a call.

  • Debbie

    If O;Malley hadn’t raided the transportation fund to balance the budget and make himself look good we wouldn’t be in this predicament. It is his slick accounting that put us here and now he expects the citizens he manipulated by taking the money to come to come up with more money he can re-appropraite. The money was there and used for other things.

  • Brian Scott

    There is no need to create more jobs!!!!! Just get rid of the illegals that are taking the jobs of American citizens. Problem solved. Think about it.

  • Lynn

    With tolls going up and gas prices going to be the highest in the nation I think it is time I move out of Maryland where I was born and raised. Its a shame that O’Malley took the money we had to fix the roads and used it to make his run in government look as if he cut spending a tightened loop holes to balence the budget. All he did was rob Peter to Pay Paul

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