Police Find Remains Of Missing 11-Year-Old

CLARKSBURG, Md. (WJZ) — The search for a missing 11-year-old is over. His body was discovered Tuesday morning, not far from the home he shared with his mother.

Andrea Fujii has more on the discovery and the investigation into the boy’s murder.

William McQuain’s young friends waited and worried. Now they have the heartbreaking answer they hoped they wouldn’t get.

The body of 11-year-old McQuain was found in a wooded area of Clarksburg near I-270, just a few miles from his home. His classmates heard the heartbreaking news from their principal Tuesday morning.

“Miss Davidson came on the announcer and said they found a body and it matches William McQuain and everyone was crying and it was just a tough day,” said classmate Roman Robertson.

McQuain had been missing for two weeks. Police found his mother Jane beaten and stabbed to death in their Germantown apartment last week. Her estranged husband, Curtis Lopez, was arrested in North Carolina with her car and her credit card; he’s now been charged with murder. From a nearby storage facility, police found surveillance video of Lopez with his stepson, who apparently was unaware his life was in imminent danger.

“He appeared to be running around, as you would expect a boy that age to do,” said Chief Thomas Manger, Montgomery County Police.

Police won’t say exactly what led them to his body, only that it was investigative information that led them to the woods in Clarksburg. Near the crime scene, a memorial to William McQuain grows as parents bring their children to pay respects to their young friend.

“I just wanted to cry. I was getting very emotional; that was like my best friend,” said Jamie White.

“I would rather remember him when we played football than this,” Jerell White said.

It’s a senseless murder that has those who loved William McQuain and his mother praying for justice.

“William was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world and there’s no reason that this should have ever happened to him,” said his former coach, Tamera Seonarian.

Curtis Lopez has waived extradition to Maryland. He will be charged with William McQuain’s murder once he is back in the state.

At this point, police have not said how William McQuain died, but say his body was covered with brush when they found him.

  • willy joe

    We all knew that prick did it. Burn in hell for all eternity.

    • mo

      yes he will burn in hell. God’s divine justice will prevail.

  • cms827

    Heartbreaking, I knew this would not have a good ending. What a coward, I just cannot fathom why someone would hurt a child, he needs to burn in hell,better yet he will get whats coming to him in prision worthless piece of human flesh.

  • Dori

    RIP William your life was taken so short..

  • Billiam

    He’ll have to burn in hell for eternity – but who knows how long that will be since we have a moratorium on the death penalty – Hey Martin, are you listening?

    • Krazy Bill

      O’Malley doesn’t give a flying rat’s a$$ about this kid, or any Marylamd citizen. All our emperor cares about is getting elected to the senate or the white house. God help us all is this moron gets elected to any position of power in the federal government.

  • Judy

    So sad, my heart is breaking for the loss of this young child who had nothing to do with the situation. I agree I beleive what ever he did to this child the same should be done to him~I am a firm believer in an eye for an eye!!! I pray for the family that has lost 2 of their loved ones.

  • PoopDoggeeDog

    I was so afraid that William had been murdered, too… May he rest in peace with his Mom. God Bless Their Souls…

  • Mike Calo

    Forget burning in hell. Bring back the electric chair and let Lopez burn. Several times.

  • Mike Calo

    Actually, the title of this article should have been “heartbreaking news from WJZ”. Rest in peace, William; God be with you and everyone who loved you.

  • Chemistry

    I feel all crimes should fit the punishment. If you take a life your life should not be speared. What was he thinging to take a life that didn’t even belong to him. He was not his to take. I hate the fact that this person can make me feel so much anger towards him. Load only knows how I resent the face that they are give him a trial to explain his unintelligent decision. Wow…. RIP Lil one your are now safe in the arms of your father.

    • c.jONES

      I AGREE

  • Cindy Wood

    I hope that he was deceased when he was put in the woods. I’d hate to think he ran away and died in the woods from something else. Rest in Peace sweet child.

  • Richard Perry

    the Riiley coment show’s a real racist

  • twyatt

    Come on people this blog is supposed to be about this sweet inocent boy who was taken from this world in a very sad way. Why is it necessary to try to pass judgement on who may have done it and what race they are? It doesn;t matter what their race is…… what they did is unacceptable. Why dont we all take a moment to think about that poor little boy!! Rest in Peace William!!!! May God bless you and Keep You in the palm of his hands.

  • Mary

    So very sad that William was killed by that monster. He should have never gotten out of jail for that other serious crime that he committed. Forget the trial, let his stupid -ss go to the electric chair and torture that SOB.

  • whatnow

    Domestically violent men, who take out their shortcomings in the world, on women and children come in all creeds, colors, religions, etc. There is no monopoly on this kind of crime. RIP little boy, at least you are with your mom again.

  • Janet

    It’s sad to believe that someone would say this is race matter. A child & his mother’s life have been taken away for what? White…Black..Purple or Green doesn’t matter….we have a lot of sick people out there.


    Mr. Perry we all have brains and use them this is not the forum for this subject at hand. Whether they were Black or White it was a senseless killing nonetheless. So this idiotic mess you speak should be put to a more of a constructive use

  • caw

    these comments sicken me… and the people who can write such trash are not much better than the one who murdered this innocent child.

  • Sandee Thorn

    God bless his soul and as for the animal that did this, bring him back to Maryland and put him in general population. The inmates will take care of the rest.

  • margaret

    a child is gone rip little one and you mom tooo both of you
    it hurts my heart

  • dave

    I hate to bring this up but why did mom chose to get with a man who spent a dozen years in jail and was on parole. I can only imagine what he’d done in his earlier lefy. Was this his son? He’s a piece of ,,,.!

  • Big C

    Yo dis is wak! U don’t understand the street. If I smoke a fool it had 2 b done. Whites dont know the street.

  • PO PO PO

    It is a shame that the suspect is going to be returned here.
    He will Not face the penalty that should come with this crime if his even found guilty

  • brian

    Send him to Jessuo they are waiting for Mr,Lopez on steelside.

  • andy botwin

    he won’t last a year in prison , the money to make sure is on its way!!!!!!!!

  • Sezmane

    is this montgomery county another tragedy happened like this a few months ago involving a child if this guy has a profile well.

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