BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Turning bubbles into smiles. Hundreds of autistic children got the experience of a lifetime Wednesday.

Andrea Fujii tells us why an off-Broadway show performed just for them.

The Hippodrome Theatre has never seen so many bubbles or smiles. The Fan Yang Gazillion Bubble Show performed for nearly 600 autistic children and their families.

“Bubble is beautiful but it doesn’t last forever, but the memory of the moment stays forever,” performer Fan Yang said.

Many of these children like 10-year-old Zack Rueben can’t go to the theater because they cause disruptions. But in this show, the more noise, the better.

“I realized that this was the most accessible show for children with disabilities that I’d ever seen,” Whitney Ellenby, a mother, said.

Originally there were going to be three shows open to the public, but those were canceled.

Yang, though, felt so strongly about performing for these children, he came anyway.

“I think doing something different, providing something that will make the people happy, especially these children,” he said.

Parents say they’re thankful their children can be treated just like everyone else at least for a day.

“It exposes him to culture, the way we all want to expose our kids to plays and music and the arts,” said Eva Scheer, mother.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield sponsored Wednesday’s performance.


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