…And nobody seems to care.  I’m a baseball junkie myself  and I’m having trouble getting pumped up for the Texas Rangers vs the St Louis Cardinals.  Maybe its because as a life long Baltimore Orioles fan I am starting to become numb to baseball because of all the losing.  I doubt that but I will say that while I’m interested in the Orioles search for a new GM to replace Andy MacPhail, I’m not as fired up about it as I may have been five years ago.  As far as the fall classic is concerned. you have to be impressed with the job Tony Larussa has done in St Louis.  You could argue the Cardinals really shouldn’t be here.  On the flip side the Rangers are back in the Series for the 2nd straight season and I think they finish the job this season.  Rangers in six.

  1. commonsense says:

    Nobody to root for nor against. Nobody to hate. No East Coast or West Coast big market teams. A ho-hum series at best and the media is hating every minute of it. I’ll be surprised if they get higher than a low single digit rating. They can only hope that it ends in 4 games so they can get back to their regular network broadcasting. Hope they’re charging a lot for commercials. Texas vs St. Louis??? Come-On Man!

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