3 Teens Facing Charges For Sex Acts On School Property

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– It has happened again. There are reports of students engaged in inappropriate sexual acts, and this time, it happened in a school during class.

Mike Schuh has the details.

Baltimore County Police showed up at Milford Mill Academy Thursday. Three students are charged with a perverted sex act and indecent exposure.

Police say it happened in the auditorium while class was in session. They say three students were involved in a sex act while a substitute teacher was in the room.

“Throughout the school, everybody talks. Everybody talks,” said one person.

The three range in age from 15 to 17.

Students say someone videotaped the act and posted it online. But police haven’t found the tape yet.

“It gives a very bad name to the school. And to young females like me,” said a student.

Baltimore County school officials tell WJZ they are cooperating with the police investigation. They say once the investigation is complete they will take the appropriate disciplinary action if necessary.

Just last Friday, a tape — blurred to protect the identities of those involved — popped up on the web. It shows students from Douglass High School engaging in a sex act on city school property.

“If they’re doing this kind of behavior, I think these are children in need of treatment,” said child psychologist Dr. James Dasinger. “In need of help in some matter shape or form.”

Dasinger says schools need to monitor students more closely. Communication is also key.

“Having parents involved, having the teachers involved, getting together and bringing this out in the open,” he said. “And see what’s wrong.”

Baltimore County Police say they believe the incident at Milford Mill was consensual.

Baltimore City Police continue to investigate the incident involving Douglass High School students. That happened outside a building not used for instructional purposes.

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  • Balt

    “Three students are charged with a perverted sex act…”

    “Perverted”? Really? In the current day it would have to be something pretty wild to count as “perverted”. I’ll take a wild guess and say it was oral sex, which hasn’t been considered perverted since the 1950s.

    • Mommy

      forget whether it was perverted or normal sexual behavior – IT HAPPENED IN A SCHOOL IN A CLASS/GYM WHERE A TEACHER WAS PRESENT!!! HELLO! Is this not the scary part?

    • mike

      you more black culture weaving it’s way around the country….monkey see monkey do…..

    • SirGareth

      Hey, its just sex and didn’t the leftist press just tell us that its none of our business with as to what Bubba does with Monica and cigars in the White House.

      Well, both schools and the WH are government property so as long as the kiddies aren’t doing anything more perverted than our much revered gynecologist-in-chief where’s the beef?

      If you are a Democrat then you are an enabler.

      • NGM??? Gareth?

        How old are you? These kids were just born when that happened.. I’d be willing to bet that they have no idea who “Bubba and Monica” are. Really, use something a little more relevant, Gareth, big man.

    • SirGareth

      I think the kids were simply practicing mock government under the Clinton Administration.

      I certainly hope they throw the book at them if they were using cigars while under the legal age.

    • jasperddbgghost

      Sex between kids isn’t perverted to you at all?

      Just remember that it’s 500 yards from a school or playground, pedobear.

    • Al Tango

      In today’s world, it was probably three boys.

      • Marcos

        what r u saying i dont get it

      • Marco

        Lol…So true.

      • Robert Timsah

        If it was 3 boys, they couldn’t get pregnant. lol

      • George

        Why did’t the school provide condoms, your tax dollars are paying for them . Geeze!!!

      • Welcome Black Carter

        Wow, that is perverted. Just think, won’t be long and three boys will be able to marry…

    • drphil

      Gee – did the teacher at least give them rubbers so they can have “safe” sex? They’ve been promoting sex to children in the schools for decades, why is this a surprise? The only surprise is it doesn’t happen on a daily basis in every public school in the country!

      • marcos

        why are these Kids so stupid theses days we need to fix these kids(:

    • John Markham

      Most people don’t understand what “perverted” is. I can help.

      If your sex act uses feathers, it’s OK. If your sex act uses the whole chicken, it’s perverted.

      You’re welcome.

      • Al Dente

        I’ve been using that joke since the 1960s.

    • Welcome Black Carter

      We know is was not a “gay” sex act or they would have reported it as “normal”…

    • freecheese

      “Students were charged with ‘inapproiate’ sex acts at school” What is an ‘appropriate’ sex act on campus ?

      • Bobwhite


      • Melee

        sex with a teacher is considered appropriate, DUH!!!

  • troy

    I hate that the media is trying to boost this young sex thing like its something new.this has been going on for the past few years now but it took a irresponsible 14 year old for the whole world to acknowledge.come on people wake up,youngpeople post wild videos online everyday.

  • Revenge is a Mother

    Troy, you are talking about the 14 year old – the girl or the boy? or the one tapaing the act? Are you suggesting that only one of the people involved is to blame, and, as usual, it is the female, not the other two boys? Huh. Typical. She probably forced him to participate, right?

    • DBays

      Didn’t see troy pointing out either gender. Just “responsible 14 year old”.

      • Dbays

        irresponsible – gotta love them typos

  • antoinette shorter

    it doesn’t matter who did what, ALL of it is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Who’s parenting these hot assed kids? Oh, another kid because these days mama is 15 and grandmama is 30 so there is no guidance. Sad on a whole other level. TRULY. Disgusting even. Can’t wait to leave this God-forsaken black cloud covered city and pray I never have to return. EVER.

  • nightwalker

    I have to say when I was in school (Walbrook Senior High class of 84) we had the same thing happen there. This young female had guys lined up along the wall either by the gym or pool area given oral sex to the guys. This mess has been going on for years and nothing new. Those folks are just crude balls. Shorter your so right on your comment.

    • common sense

      So true the only difference now is cell phones and the internet..no privacy at all. in the past it was his word against hers. no witnesses..now the whole world is witness..lmao..

    • michele

      You guys need to get lives i bet these people r all guys and dont have girls so get lives you guys r retared if you dont have a special someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can't Fix Stupid

    This is what happens when parents argue that teachers should be watching out for their kids. The education system is not responsible for raising these animals, the parents are. Schools are for teaching and learning, not raising. Parents need to raise and correct their children themselves, or don’t have them.

    • Sam

      Parents raising their kids? When? After they are done watching all these sex charged reality shows?
      Success of these racy, sexy, double meaning dialogue shows is clear indication that major segment of our society loves these stuff. How can you then expem them to impart any better values to their children. All we are doing is weakening our morals and our society day by day.

      • lukuj

        Parents can control much of what children watch, especially when they are not yet in their teens. And, if they are brought up correctly with morals and values steeped in religion, many teens actually CHOSE not to watch trash. I can attest to that since I have neighbors and kids in our church who I know don’t watch the garbage. The problem is that it takes real committment and involvement on the part of parents as well as setting a good example. Too many parents won’t make the effort or the sacrifice. They want the school and government to raise their kids and make all choices for them, by law if necessary.

    • Jusitn

      Could not have said it better myself!!!

    • Dee

      Wisdom. Thank you!

      • MorganGray

        Actually, lukuj, parents *can’t* control what their kids watch. Where have you been? If you try to regulate what your kids see or read or listen to or access on the internet, you are a child abuser.
        A Christian family is an anomaly nowadays. We raise our kids according to the Gospel, and they accept parental authority. The problem is, if the kids don’t have that grounding, they run to the authorities every time you tell them “no”, or enter their room uninvited, or check their internet history, or look in their book bags.

      • lukuj

        The people I know don’t have that problem with kids running to authorities. It is true parents can’t control what kids do and watch at friends’ homes, but they can keep track of who their kids hang out with and what the parents of those friends will and won’t permit. I had kids and so did my friends, and I feel I had quite a bit of control. The people I know now who have kids seem to be doing an excellent job of raising them. They are respectful, don’t do drugs, and aren’t sexually active as far as we can tell. They have and keep curfews. I guess it just depends on how much effort you are willing to expend, the kids themselves, their friends. Kids can be raised to make good choices so that parents don’t have to have control of them every second. I must live where parents are much more competent than where you live. If it is unusual, I’m glad I live in such an unusual neighborhood.,

    • Alex

      In 100% agreement!

    • Melee

      tell that to people on the school boards that run for election with statements like “it takes a team to raise a child” BARF!!! gag me with a spoon!

      Seriously? I pay the taxes for these incompentent schools to educate my kids, not raise them! UGH!

    • Paul Allen

      Right on nuff said.

  • self

    Ha! I went to Milford from 2000-2004. This was so common then, not just in the auditorium but all around the school. Behind the stair wells, bathrooms, around the school, in the elevators, … the list goes on. I can’t believe people are taking this so as being shocking. I’m pretty sure everyone in Milford now and then knows this aint nothing new.

    • Zabeus

      2000-2004 was just yesterday, kid.

  • Alex

    Welcome to Baltimore! Land of parents who choose to blame others instead of themselves for poor parenting!

    • ObamaLied

      land of parents that vote obama

  • Casey

    What gets me is “If they’re doing this kind of behavior, I think these are children in need of treatment,”. They need treatment cause they are having sex? Its the most natural thing in the world! But no, lets continue to hide our kids from sex and continue to push violence down their throats.

    • jason

      Casey, get some treatment and don’t push anything down anyone’s throat.

    • K

      They’re not saying sex is the problem, Casey. They are saying having sex in the middle of class in an auditorium is a problem.

    • Tweety58

      Are you stupid or something?

    • Smack of Knowledge

      Casey, please no POST-CRACK posting!!

      Either you post your comment before you smoke your crack or you don’t post at all, because the sensible readers are thinking that you need a Smack from the hand of knowledge.

    • Melee

      Are you smoking crack? so it’s normal for you to have sex in public places, government property no less? whats wrong with you?

    • Whackamole

      It wasn’t violence that was being pushed down the throat in this case!

      • Melee


    • Uncle Ho

      Nothing to worry about, it’s just some sort of sex act that is common for teenagers in high schools to participate in. It could be a little blow for blow nothing to worry about she didn’t have to use her lunch money to get high. Your OK with that right Mom and Dad?
      Clap, syphilis,aids and all other STD’s should not be of any concern Right MOM and DAD?

  • Alex

    Casey – they are engaging in this type of behavior at these ages because no one is teaching them any better

  • sal danno

    I’m just miffed because I never had the chance at a 3 some im my highschool……….

    • Zabeus


    • Pete838

      Was just thinking the same thing. Closest I got was a kiss and to get a feel on the school bus.

    • Uncle Ho

      Sal your children have that opportunity now aren’t you happy?

  • Jane Haagsman

    What about teaching some self control? You don’t go to a job and do this… schools are not for disciplining kids. That’s what parents are for. It’s time to hold the parents accountable… if my child did something like this, there would be serious consequences at home. It’s time for some leadership at that school to stand up and say things like this WILL NOT be tolerated… and disciplinary actions, including expulsion are handed out. Here is where I believe the problem to be… there are likely not many Fathers in the homes of these kids. You can say what you want, but the absence of a man in a home has great negative consequence… I hope you guys get it figured out!

  • Freedom Rings

    Too much government!!! Why is government involved in this type of thing? People, retain you freedoms before it is too late.

  • Kate

    While I totally agree that this kind of thing has been going on for a long time, and parents are responsible for their children, I like to think that when my kids head off to school, the teachers are paying attention to what is going around them. Even if my child is not participating in the act, he/she shouldn’t have to witness it going on.

    • Chongoculo

      You must be kidding! Sue happy parents and ridiculous govt. regulation absolutely remove any sense of authority that teachers and school administration ever had.
      Here you are, blaming teachers instead of supporting them. Support them in this case by taking responsibility for your own childs behavior. If parents did this as the “norm” we wouldn’t have but a fraction of the problems we have today.

  • Bob

    Bill Clinton keeps running around the world looking for his legacy. He needs to look no farther than this “school” in Baltimore. Way to go Bill!

  • DisgustedMom

    “This isn’t anything new”, “It’s the most natural thing in the world”…what are you people thinking? Has society dumbed you down so much that you don’t even recognize what you are saying?? Do you understand that CHILDREN, IN SCHOOL, were engaged in inappropriate sexual acts?? This doesn’t bother any of you? You don’t even remotely see anything wrong with this?? Maybe it’s because you let your kids watch garbage like Jersey Shore and Degrassi….what has our society turned into when even our adults think it’s okay for our children to be having sex in school?? Maybe that’s been the problem all along….

    • K

      This isn’t anything new, sadly… long before Jersey Shore and Degrassi. But that DOES NOT mean that its okay nor does it mean that everyone here is thinking its okay. Parents need to raise their children better than this, and schools need to be willing to expel kids again. There is very little serious threat in schools anymore, which has a serious effect on kids’ behavior (same thing for negligent parenting). I don’t think you can blame a TV show though… if you haven’t raised your kids well enough for them to know right from wrong and see how self destructive the people on Jersey Shore are, you can’t blame the show.

    • Kate


    • bp

      Well said! I’m honestly shocked by some of the comments here. Thank goodness I don’t live in Baltimore.

      • DisgustedMom

        I agree…I’m shocked too…very sad…

    • uisignorant

      Why are you surprised. They probably picked up some condoms from the office first.

  • JJ

    So you arrested them? And send them to jail for sex? WOW, why not burn them at the stake

    • Sebastian X

      Arrested for indecent exposure.

    • Melee

      having sex in a public place, government property no less, is a crime whether you want to admit it or not. Seriously, did you waste all your time at school having sex instead of learning???

  • Ben Dover

    I’m sure Frederick Douglass would be so proud.

  • Nick Danger

    Hey look, an episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!!

  • Deskboy

    Hey! At least it wasn’t an all boys school if you know what I mean.

  • LA Tax Payer

    Sharia or Shakira (at least her hips dont lie!)

  • Lida James

    Yeah call them animals. It makes no sense but call them animals.
    Now think, how many times have you ever even seen a three-way sex act between actual animals. Never!
    You are giving animals a bad name!
    These are humans beings and they are worse than animals.
    Animals show how depraved humans really are.

    • Bobwhite

      I have seen it…a doe is mounted by a buck and a second buck has mounted the first buck in confusion…but it is threeway sex and it was in nature…so shut up you dont know-it-all

  • Robyn

    Does anyone really think this happens only in Baltimore and only with African-American students? Think again – one problem is that parents are not teaching their children proper behavior and do not hold them accountable for their actions. I am a MMHS alum from the “swinging 60’s” but if anyone had been participating in this type of behavior back then, we’d have been accountable for our actions both at school and at home!

  • JohnRalph

    This type of behavior by these 3 all American Christian kids is due to the racist policies of G.W. Bush, once Our Lord and Savior Obama assumes office all will be fine…just accept him into your heart and trust in him.

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