BLOG: It’s Pool Season In The NFL

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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

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It’s everybody in the pool time in the NFL. At this point in the season, 1/3 thru, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em. Rookies, question marks, whatever. Get them in the game at this point… That is if your team sucks. Get them in, playing and learning and probably losing, but get them in. Time on the field in real play (even bad play) is imperative and it almost has to be done… So Do It! Put them in the game. How many teams are out of it already? Rams, Vikings, Colts, Chiefs, Browns, Miami, Seattle, Arizona, Carolina and the Broncos to name several.

Get the kids in the game to help build your future and the silver lining is a better pick if they lose, excitement if they show promise. Either way it’s the proper business move… The proper football move. There is no such thing as “giving up” in the NFL if you want to be successful. Fans are smart, they’ll understand a plan like getting youngsters some run. Ponder, Dalton, Newton et al. Speaking of Christian Ponder the Rookie QB in Minnesota, his head coach Leslie Frazier said the move to go with Ponder is “not giving up on 2011″. While I understand why Frazier thinks he needs to make that comment, to me that’s just stupid coach speak. It’s not giving up on 2011 it’s future preparation for the franchise. A franchise that has 2011 and well beyond to focus on. It’s a juggling act in the NFL, a losing team can do one very valuable thing, work toward the future. It’s time to swim up stream for the aforementioned teams.

My advice is to embrace the task and get the kids in the pool, they got to learn to swim at some point. The sooner the better

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