Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was a guest/co-host on ESPN’s First Take Tuesday morning. There to give his opinion on all things NFL, Suggs found himself defending QB Joe Flacco( likely more than he expected.) The often controversial Skip Bayless challenged Suggs in more ways than one. Not only did he suggest Joe wasn’t a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, he said to Suggs, “The Steelers have Ben Roethlisburger and you’re stuck with Joe Flacco.”

Suggs, clearly irked by the comment, had this to say in response:

“Oh we’re stuck with Joe? Give me one quarterback that’s been in the playoffs the first three years of his career.”


Suggs then went on to remind Bayless that Flacco beat Tom Brady in the 2009 playoffs, but Bayless insisted that the Steelers psychologically have Flacco and the Ravens’ number.

“I am 100 percent sold on Joe,” Suggs declared into the camera. “Joe Cool has never lost his composure… well, once with Mason.”

Thursday at Ravens’ practice, it’ll be interesting to hear what Suggs and Joe has to say about this exchange. I’m sure at this point, Suggs (as well as Joe’s other teammates) cannot believe after three seasons they are still defending their quarterback.

Watch it here:

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  1. Steve says:

    Skip Bayless is a tool. He is as biased as they come, and just as clueless.

  2. commonsense says:

    The NFL network and ESPN only like 3 QB’s. Rodgers, Brees, and Brady, well, sometimes Rivers. Brees, Brady and Rivers have thrown more picks this year than Flacco. Aaron Rodgers for all the hoopla about setting records hasn’t played anyone. The packers opponents through the first 7 weeks are a combined 13-27, and not one of those teams have an overall top 10 defense. As I see the schedule the Packers have a patsy schedule and should probably be undefeated till the playoffs, where we will see their true self. After a cake walk schedule, they probably won’t be ready for the intensity of the playoffs. Rogers is good if not great, but put him in the AFC North and see how he fairs week in and week out. Give us the Packers schedule and Flacco would set records. NFL network and ESPN hate the Ravens and have a tough time hiding it. Joe will take us to the playoffs again despite their opinion, and then they’ll all jump on the bandwagon if we end up in the Superbowl.

  3. Go Joe! says:

    You tell ’em Suggsie!
    Did the Steelers have our number when they got beat down like the chumps they are in week 1?
    Imagine the numbers Joe would have if he weren’t always running for his life. My only problem with Joe is I wish he would protect the football better. He tends to drop it even with little contact made, unless he is fully committed to running with it.

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