Video Of School Students Having Sex Goes Viral Online

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Indecent exposure. Videos of Baltimore students having sex are spreading worldwide.WJZ first broke news of both sex scandals, and there are two police investigations underway. The incidents are provoking strong opinions online.

Mike Hellgren has new insight into the controversy.

Video of students as young as 14, having sex on school grounds in Baltimore, has spread online.

Police say rumors of arrests after an incident involving Frederick Douglass High students– which WJZ was first to report– where a girl says she was recorded without her knowledge, are false, although they are still investigating.

And people just can’t stop talking about that viral video posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

“To me the whole thing is so totally repulsive, and I wouldn’t do that for anyone. I just wouldn’t,” said one woman on YouTube.

“It’s just that hers is caught in public, in school, which is like a major, major, major, major problem for me,” said a man on YouTube.

“You guys need to cut it out and leave her alone. She did it. It’s been spreading. You’ve seen it. Oh, well,” said a woman on YouTube.

Although it’s considered child pornography, millions of people have watched the video around the world.

“I don’t think this little girl should have did what she did, but she did it,” said a woman on YouTube. “I don’t think this little boy should have got what he got, but he got it, and now what are we going to do about it?”

The child’s devastated father spoke exclusively to WJZ and said his daughter had to transfer to another school.

“It hurts a lot of people– not just her, not just her reputation but also her family,” he said.

And there’s an ongoing investigation in Baltimore County, where police have charged three young people with having sex in the auditorium at Milford Mill Academy during class. Detectives believe the encounter was taped and shared.

“If they’re doing this kind of behavior, I think these are children in need of treatment or help in some manner, shape or form,” child psychologist Dr. James Dasinger said.

It’s unclear at this time if the students involved have received any punishment from their schools.

The students in the Milford Mill case are charged with indecent exposure and performing a perverted sex act.

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  • Newbern W Johnson

    mar, ya beat me to it!

  • John Walters

    I don’t know who the guy is a @1:59 but I want him to know kids were doing this in school 40 years ago.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      John Walters- You are correct. Pull your heads out of your a**es, who would not have wanted to do this at that time in their lives. The only difference is the camera. Morons. Quit pretending to be so perfect.

      • Johnny Bleu

        Dude take your Progressive degenerate morals and go shove them Know what dude day of the Progressives is coming to an end.

      • Jon

        Johnny come on you are just mad that you didn’t get any as a kid.

    • Zaire67

      Difference was the person in the video would have been the subject of people’s ire not the videographer.

      • Vicky Bevis


  • The Rev

    Pics or It didn’t happen

  • lukuj

    Releasing this video for everyone to see is terrible, but it is just as terrible that a 14 year old would do this, that morals have deterioirated this far, that supervision in school is this poor. I get the feeling the fact these kids had the sex doesn’t bother people as much as the fact the video is out there for everyone to see.

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      I care not that these people had sexual relations with people their own age, I did when I was their age. What bothers me is that older people want to see this video. I mean, i understand the kids going through puberty boning like rabbits, but people that are supposed to be mature wanting to see children doing these things grosses me out. However, labeling any of these kids as sex offenders would be horrible

      • USA sucks

        You had sex when you were 14? Maybe that explains your stunted intellect?

      • cogito ergo sum

        USA sucks- Since when does having sex stunt one’s intellect? I went to a private Catholic prep school and most everyone was having sex by 15 or 16. Kids sneak around and fool around, that’s what being a teenager is all about. Is it the best idea? No, but let’s be realistic. It happens. I agree that kids should wait till they’re adults and married, but it’s not a perfect world. Just because someone had sex as a teenager doesn’t make them an idiot.

      • USA sucks

        Cogito, my comment was a joke. You know about those right? Saying something that isn’t necessarily true because it is amusing? But having said that, sexual relationships are very very likely to distract kids from their studies, and I am sure that if you did a study on the issue, you would find that kids that have them later generally have better academics than those who have them earlier. Seems like common sense to me. If you are preoccupied with your latest crush, you aren’t focusing on school. Also, if the girl gets pregnant and has a kid, that will really take her focus off of her studies. Glad you have some amount of common sense and realize that it is best for kids not to have sex.

        And having said all of that, I think you can read nomnomnomthatvag’s comments on this board and realize that for whatever reason, she is an idiot.

    • Jeri Tonti

      these kinds of sex videos are the way Paris Hilton and a few others started their public life…i wonder if thats why these kids did this…they know that its not acceptable public behavior….but they want to be famous for something even if it is a negative thing

  • J.R.

    The school adminisration is responsible for not doing due diligence and protecting the students from harm or from harming someone else by engaging in these behaviors. The school is legally responsible to safeguard these children during school hours under the in loco parentis law. Why are they not being held responsible for allowing these behaviors on their watch during the school day? Parents have a right to expect the school administration to protect their children while they are under the school’s legal protection. The parents should sue them for not doing their mandated protection of those children.

    • Duk

      Your old fashioned, just like me. Here in Ohio just last week two students were victims of a armed robbery on a school campus. Interesting, the school has decided not to notify the student body of the crime. Don’t expect school administration to protect your children.

    • Westernguy

      Sure, let the parents blame someone else. Especially one with “deep pockets” to sue. Parents need to look in the mirror first. Someone above commented about kids having sex within 100 feet of their unknowing parents. So if kids have sex under their parents noses, why should we expect the schools to be perfect? I know from my own youth that many teens have had sex (of some kind) with a partner when parents gave them “a little privacy”. Heck, I found my best friend’s little sister “in flagrante delicto” with her boyfriend while her parents were entertaining friends with a Super Bowl party.

  • King

    Children are disposable and here for our entertainment…thats the beauty of Roe vs. Wade…if you can kill them then you can certainly use them for entertainment. Obama 2012! Only he will keep the Supreme Court on track!

    • MacFad

      Outstanding point King!! I guess the liberals don’t like the harvest they’ve sown over the past 40 years.

  • G.P.

    You sir are fool, blame the school not the participants!

    • Jay Peterman

      GP, you blame the parents you imbecile. What the fvck is wrong with you?

      • wllharrington

        I believe GP is being sarcstic. I read it as he is saying ‘parents, don’t take responsibility, blame the school , why shoulld you feel guilt’.

    • J.J.

      Blame the soulless trash that raised them.

  • Obamaroid Ointment

    How’s them union run schools workin’ out for ya’ now?

    • RuRu

      The Union bosses don’t care a dime about the children, just their money and taking dues from the dumb teachers and handing it over to the Dems, so they can both stay in power!!

  • Daniel

    WelKome to the ObamaNation.

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      While I am a libertarian that votes primarily conservative, you, Daniel, are a perfect example of why I am embaressed to admit that i vote conservative. But keep on drinking that kool-aid. I just can’t see how any of this is related to demacrats/ republicans which are both equally horrible

      • USA sucks

        So you are embarrassed because some people who you think are dumb vote the same way you do? Great logic there buddy. And there are no dumb people voting for left-wingers like Obama, right? They are all geniuses, especially that woman who was voting for Obama so she wouldn’t have to worry about paying her bills anymore. Your comments just get dumber and dumber. I agree with Daniel – this is the result of policies pushed by “progressives” like Obummer.

  • Rasputin

    Is life in America improving? If you like underage sex,porn in general,government handouts,marxist morality. Then yes,I think it is improving. If you don’t,then prepare for the bottomfeeder revolution. Also know as the sub human revolution. Also know as target parctice for clear think,upright individuals.

    • Bill Vernon

      How is it a matter of clear thinking when morality is mostly culturally and to some extent individually subjective?

      • David Chamberlain

        Morality ISN’T individually subjective. Better question is, what do you base your truth on? THAT tells the story, and reveals why the country’s going down the swirler.

      • Renfield

        Dumbest comment I’ve seen in a month.

      • Rasputin

        You have know idea what you are talking about. Moral relativist probably. You are the problem.

      • Hazmat77

        Isn’t SCHOOL where they teach sex education and give out condoms (with instructions on proper usage)? Who are the brain dead adults who didn’t believe that this would encourage INTERCOURSE?

  • RuRu

    How about the parents. Are they proud of what they have produced.??
    This country is going to Hell in a hand basket. No one has any morality anymore.

    Blame the School ?? I say blame the parents. Who brought these children up??

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      If I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell can I still be a good person?

      • Responding to idiots

        FedUp in Florida, you are hilarious. I guarantee you know practically nothing in depth about any religion yet you are sure that they are all false. There is no way to prove that God does or does not exist. Therefore anybody who calls people who believe in God “sheeple who need fairy tales to survive” is an ignoramus and a bigot. If you were to actually investigate the proof for a God and the logic involved, you would find that there is a good argument that God exists. But I know you won’t so carry on with our ignorance…fool.

      • USA sucks

        Does this have anything to do with RuRu’s comment? No.

        And yes you can be a good person even if you don’t believe in heaven or hell as long as you act like a person that does. If you are a good person, it is because you grew up in a society that has values that were influeced by religion.

      • Kate

        You may be a good person, but being good is not what gets you to heaven. Believing in Jesus Christ, God’s son, as your savior is the only way. “No one comes to the Father except through me.” Jesus. Your good works are like “dirty menstral rags” to God. If you don’t accept His son you’re toast.

      • David Chamberlain

        If you don’t believe in God, what is your basis for truth? Common sense!?! Puleeeeze! People, with no anchor, believe whatever makes them feel good. If you don’t believe in God, how do you judge what is good? Common sense isn’t. Good luck with that.

      • FedUp Florida

        Yes, it makes you an independent thinker and not part of the sheeple who need fairy tales to survive. Bravo to you!

    • Bob

      Who brought them up? Most likely Auntie or Grandma. They never live with their mothers, and surely the fathers split after they deposit their seeds like wild monkeys….

  • vietvet68

    What would expect from liberals with no morals? These are the people we’ve been waiting for. Parents are definitely obama supporters!

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      You are simple minded

      • USA sucks

        Totally vacuous comment. Good job. If you call people names without any arguments or facts, you are simpleminded.

        And do you really doubt that the issue here is people without adequate moral values? Actually, the reason you are offended by vietvet68’s comment is because you have no moral values and feel somewhat ashamed of it. And why do you get upset when somebody brings up Obama? His party does support the elimination of traditional moral values. So vietvet68’s comment makes much more sense than any of your idiotic comments.

  • R.t. Katt

    She wasn’t doing it right —that’s not how you
    get pregnant / on the dole.

  • Brian Edwards

    students finally fulfiilling everything that their marxist teachers have spent decades promoting…

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      My teachers never taught me that, I should of gone to school with you!

      • USA sucks

        I went to public schools and was indoctrinated about the the evils of nuclear weapons and environmental destruction from like 2nd grade. And I live in a very conservative state. So Brian is on to something. Luckily, when I graduated, I realized it was mostly BS. I still remember watching that earth day special with Ted Danson in my science class where he said in 10 years it would be too late to save the world. That was 20 years ago. The world us just fine. I can’t believe they would show that nonsense in a science class.

      • Steve

        You should HAV E gone to a school that taught grammar and stuff like that.

  • Doug Rose

    To those that think it was alright for this young girl to do this,they probably wouldn’t mind watching a Video of their Daughter Engaged in such act. Probably would be a “Turn-On” for them…heh?

    • Nomnomnomthatvag

      No, Doug, it would not be a “Turn-On” for me. I have no problem with people of the same age engaging in consentual acts. I do have a problem with older people wanting to watch these kids, but that is not the question. So, Doug, to make it clear: I have no problem with these people of close ages performing consentual acts with each other, what I do have a problem with is perverts that want to know about/ watch what kids used to be able to do in private (I miss being young ;) )

      • responding to a perv

        So you are okay with two twelve year olds having sex? You are truly sick. God help us if most Americans are ever as dumb as you. Tell me, what will you do with the unwanted pregancies? What will you do with the STDs? And no, kids will not all use condoms just because they are told to, and no, condoms do not protect against all STDs.

        You are truly sick.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.”
    – Gore Vidal

    • PLauren

      At least he could read , write , speak and publish in English.

  • wood

    What do you expect? The most confusing day in the city is Fathers Day! Ghetto rats doing what ghetto rats do best! Uneffing believable! This is a problem that effects the ineffective teachers, parents and the obvious lack of any moral compass.

    • Frank Truth

      Actually, the incident happened at a school with attended mostly by middle-class white students. I see no problem here. I know a lot of parents who had sex when they were teenagers, married, and are still married today, 70 years latter. I live in a retirement community, where many couples married in their teens. Teenagers have been having sex with each other for the last 200,000 years. The first commandment in the bible is the command to have sex. What do you think God meant when he said, “Be fruitfull and multiply.” Do you think that meant man should plant fruit trees? Every animal except man understands his main purpose on Earth is to reproduce. It is programmed into us, and hard-wired in our our brains. It is you who are sick and perverted. It is you who has a dirty mind. It is you who thinks that sex is dirty, sick, shameful, immoral, harmful, and perverted. Shame on you you! Humans have a primal, wild, animal brain called the archipallium. The neopallium wants to shut it down. So the neopallium created religion to label all natural cravings fo the archipallium sinfull and evil. Just because you can’t enjoy sex, you don’t want anyone else to enjoy sex.

      • Sarah

        I don’t know what you think you are accomplishing; everything you have written here has been a twisting of the truth. Do you feel the need to rationalize your own youth? Or do you think you are doing some manner of good by lying about people you disagree with (even if you think you’re telling the truth, you should know better..)? You can try to place shame on me, but it doesn’t stick. I don’t feel it..kind of hard to feel it when your comment is laced with lies. Example: hardly anyone believes that sex, on its own, is immoral, dirty, etc. It’s all in the context. Almost every society on Earth has had rules regarding sexuality, and for good reason. There are always consequences. This is why the proper raising of children is essential – good character education, such as responsibility, delayed gratification, and self-control. In the long run, they lead to a healthier life, healthier families, and healthier posterity than a sex free for all which leads, among other things, to babykilling of all types (including abortion and infanticide), fatherlessness, STDs (germs thrive in unsanitary conditions..thus, part of the reason why promiscuity is considered dirty..there’s an innate sense of disgust at things that can make us sick, this is why most people are disgusted at the idea of eating feces, for example). I don’t care what people do in their personal lives. If they want to mess themselves up, be my guest. Teenagers who marry don’t mess up their lives provided that they are raised properly and get a little help from their elders in the beginning. One of the big errors of our modern times is to extend adolescence for so long. They need to be held responsible for themselves early so that they can learn how to be good husbands and wives (if they want to be married). Teenagers who have sex with multiple partners,most of whom he or she is not genuinely committed to, are on a dangerous road. Oh, to be them. If we are meant to reproduce, as you claim, the way we are doing it now does not work..since most promiscuous people use birth control and many of them kill their offspring before they exit the womb. Most young people who have sex in public school don’t do it to have babies, or did you not know that? So, yes, epic fail on your part. It’s shameful for you to be promoting that part of it (not that you’ll ever be ashamed of it) and really disingenuous to confuse married sex (which often produces children) with extramarital sex, but want to relive old memories of debauchery, that’s your dysfunction. I’m 30 years old, and you claim to be old enough to live in a retirement’s really really sad that, with all your age and experience, you lack so much wisdom. I don’t claim to be wise, but based on your postings here, I claim to be less of a fool than you. I am of the generations that have seen things getting worse and worse at a much faster rate than even I ever imagined. I am of the generation that not only lived these values, but gloried in them as they are pumped into our hearts and minds by a society and a media that glorifies sex as one of the main purposes of life (how small a life that would be!). I used to laugh, as an ignorant teenager who thought she knew everything, at “old people” who would croak about the “good old days” I’m finding myself one of them at 30. This, to me, is indicative of something degenerate..something very wrong. Our society is on a quick decline..and not because of promiscuity. Promiscuity and premature sexuality is just a symptom of the greater disorder – good character covers a multitude of things, not just sex, but also government policy (more controls and thievery), raising a family, social welfare, finances, health and wellbeing (look at the obesity rates). People are not taking care of themselves; people are not taking care of each other. As a teenager (well, early to mid teens), I would have been loath to say it, but now at 30(!), I ‘m going to say’s because of the loss of religion in people’s lives. I don’t know whether what you say about the brain is true, but if it were, it would actually do more to bolster my case than yours as it supports what I’ve been saying all along. When most of an entire species has a certain trait, it’s not a stretch to conclude that there’s some beneficial use for it. The ego needs to be modified by the id. The body needs to be controlled by the brain. Moderation in all things. Something you should have learned, if indeed it is true that you are that old. Unlike most people my age, I like older people, in general, and usually there is a lot to be learned from them. It’s always a mistake in our youth to ignore the wisdom of older people, to dishonour them, and to just throw out their ideas in ignorance because it is “old fashioned”, but you, sir, it’s just really hard to take you seriously, when you start off with the BS about the people you are attacking, and because you lied, how do I know you’re telling the truth about your age or any of your other assertions? Maybe, in your zeal for your cause, you think lying will help serve it better. Who knows? I sure don’t. Only you know somewhere in your soul. Now, assuming you think you’re telling the truth, you’ve shown that you are quick to judge others, meaning you lack discernment, meaning I cannot trust anything you say, anyways. Really sad. Take care, whoever you are. And if you really are that old, much respect for a long life, dude. You probably have something productive to share, even if not in these matters.

  • vic

    I blame LBJ and his ilk. Our community had morals once. Then the do-gooder libs decided to pay people to stay home and have illegitimate babies, and also for fathers to shirk their responsibilities, and voila! ninth graders fellating other ninth graders.

    Remember what he said when his Great Society bills were passed (paraphrasing): I’ll have those nigras voting democratic for a hundred years.

    Dems, you are destroying Black America more effectively than Hitler or Nathan Bedford Forest ever could’ve imagined.

  • Terri Chris

    Because there are no pictures or mention in the article, I suspect this is a black school.

    • Julie

      99% black

      • Hawke2001

        Douglass high school, as of 2007, had 1,151 students, of which 52% were female. African American students made up 99% of the total student population with 53% qualifying for free lunch. The school has 59 teachers for a 1:20 teacher per pupil ratio. Source Wikipedia.

  • Pepina

    Yeah, well team, we’ve done this.. ourselves. We live in a world when a child gets knocked up sans any kind of ‘father,’ and what do we do.. we throw her a baby shower, we celebrate! We should hold a friggin’ wake for the poor, innocent baby that is consigned to a life of poverty and ignorance. We support trash media that capitalizes on the lowest, base, instincts of the audience and we accept the garbage as..”Oh well.” Honor, morals, integrity have become vehicles for ‘suckers.’ Wakeup call, people; we can’t do anything about the other kids but we can begin to try to set an example of higher standards for our own children. I’m not talking about going Victorian but setting reasonable limits, turning off the ‘adult comedy shows’ that portray random sex as normal, as fun… nothing fun about unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and shattered self esteem. And parents, you get married, have children and then, casually walk away from it all.. because “It just isn’t there for me anymore.” Well, if you choose to have children, you better damn well put some effort into giving them a stabilized life and that life should not include a string of ‘uncles’ and ‘my other Daddies.’ The kids that are doing this are just that, kids; where the hell are the parents (plural)!

    • It is hopless

      Well said. Best post here

      • Pepina

        Thank you.

    • Ed

      Speak for yourself.

  • Halo9x

    Yet another case of liberals and their stupid educational policies. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Our schools have been focusing on sex and teaching sex for years, so why be surprised when the kids go and do what they have been taught. We sure wouldn’t want anything like Christian principles taught in our schools, after all we might create more moral people in the process. Who could tolerate that!?

  • malcom

    why would anyone be shocked? look how liberals teach young kids to have sex, condone teen pregnancy and have abortions without parental permission or knowledge. Democrats and liberals have dome more damage to America than any foreign army or terrorists.

  • Julie

    According to (a national school ratings website) this school is a pathetic example of our public education system. The school scored 1 out of 10. The parents and students at the school give it 3 stars out of 5. The last comment regarding the school was from 2008. The test scores for the school shows it to be a miserable failure, nearly 50 points below the state’s average in all three categories of Math, English and Science. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the school is 99% African American. I am sure the liberal answer to this terrible school is to throw more money at it but the real solution would be more attention given to the students by parents, more accountability on the students and cut the dead weight teachers who are not performing. Then the kids wouldnt be boinking in the gym during class.

    • Kate

      This is the way the liberal, leftist, progressive, socialists keep the blacks on thier plantation. They also encourage them to have lots of babies out of wedlock knowing the children won’t have a chance at a good upbringing or education, but the Democrats know the blacks will just keep on voting for them as long as they throw some money at them once in a while. The government schools are now just as corrupt as the federal government which pays for them with our money.

    • Larry

      This school is not a pathetic example of the public school system…it is a perfect example of a state operated school system. This is the high standard set. This is not the exception in state operated day care centers but the norm.

      • Julie

        Good point. I guess I have to be thankful that my kids go to the exception. Keep kids busy with assignments, hold them responsible, teach the basics and keep the parents accountable. That is why we are at a school that is the best in our state. Not all public schools are pathetic, they have to work hard to get that way.

  • echock

    Liberalism and sexual promiscuity go together. Seeds were sown years ago in the 1960s-70s, In the kids of these parents they are coming home to roost. The porn industry is the distribution vehicle for what has not polluted our schools. Liberals will rather back the corrupt ACLU than protect impressionable teens from deviant sexuality and intimidation. Public schools and their unions hire adult teachers who are ambivalent to normative values, and impotent to voice a concern. And they wonder why charter schools, homeschooling and faith-based schools are increasing. It’s a moral mess built upon an anti-faith bias.
    Further more, the psychiatrist’s words are also telling. Kids don’t need pyscho-babble “treatment,” since they are not ill or mental. How about good old-fashion parenting, wise discipline, love and modeling real spiritual and moral values?

  • RightStuff

    This is additional proof that Herrnstein and Murray were correct. It is likely that no one will ever admit it, though. Truth it truth.

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