C’mon man really? Baseball has many problems but should banning beer from MLB clubhouses be atop the list? According to Joe Torre it is. Because the Red Sox had clubhouse problems and took a dump in September you’re going to change the rules for everyone? How about letting men decide for themselves? Isn’t that Boston’s problem?

They just don’t “get it”.  How about a few of these ideas first?

  1. Speed up the game, if you can carry on a complete conversation during any sporting event that should be a red flag that it’s too slooooow…
  2. Shorten the regular season and expand the playoffs, we endure 162 games through Spring, Summer and Fall only to have a quick playoff to the World Series.
  3. Realign the divisions so it’s more competitive or at least play a balanced schedule. Playing the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays more than anyone else is just ridiculous.
  4. Lastly, How about INSTANT REPLAY? Umps are blowing calls in the current World Series and we’ve seen a perfect game ruined last year. The technology exists…use it.

A few of these changes might actually make the game fun again

Comments (4)
  1. Neil B says:

    The players are adults and not doing anything illegal. It is stupid to ban it.

  2. John says:

    Wasn’t it reported that we have to understand how long these ballplayers work? Then I believe it was said they would have to do without for about seven months. I believe that time period is from spring training to the end of the post season. And remember it is ONLY AT THE BALLPARKS.

    I’ve a couple of ideas : Why not have a bar in every police station? How about an employees only club, in our hospitals? That way all the doctors, nurses, and everyone else can relieve the stress of having to save lives. The list goes on and on. I’ll lay odds most companies don’t allow alcohol at the work site. Yet once again, what is the rule most places is a joke to these players. Those who should set an example to our young, well many of them couldn’t possibly care less.

    It’s a job. There are work rules. If one doesn’t adhere to them, show him the showers. Maybe he could get a job working in Winter Ball in Fairbanks, AK.

    MLB needs to Man Up.

    John P.

  3. nick says:

    A good team makes baseball fun again. The Oriole’s winning would make baseball fun again.

  4. Neil B says:

    It is still a game. More rules don’t make anything better.

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