BALTIMORE (WJZ) — No parking spots and trash are just a couple of problems neighbors near Morgan State University say they’re dealing with.

Monique Griego has more on what they want the city to do about it.

“All they want to do is come into their neighborhood and park,” said one man.

A small but vocal group of angry residents picketed for parking Monday at City Hall.

“It’s not what they tell them; it’s enforcing it,” said Linda Pritchett.

Pritchett and other neighbors want the one-hour parking signs near Morgan State University enforced.

“All of our streets don’t have it yet, which makes it a Band-Aid,” said Pritchett.

They say students’ cars line their streets, forcing them to fight for a parking spot.

“We’re just held hostage. We’re afraid to leave,” said Coleman Moore.

Besides parking problems, neighbors say students leave trash in their yards and hit their cars.

“I’ve been hit twice this year in 2011 and three [times] in 2010,” said Moore.

Homeowners fought to have the hourly signs put in, but now want things taken even further.

“I would like to see `residential only,'” said Pritchett.

But getting signs changed from one hour to residents only won’t be easy.

“What if that happens all over the city? Then nobody could park in every neighborhood. That means nobody could park anywhere,” said City Council President Jack Young.

Young says he plans to work on the enforcement but also believes the university holds some responsibility.

Neighbors don’t care who does what, they just hope this helps get something done.

“Nothing is impossible. We just have to have faith that things can happen and if we do things the right way, we can get this,” said Pritchett.

WJZ did contact leaders at Morgan State University and they said a new parking garage is currently under construction. They hope it can help alleviate some of the problems.

Residents say they pay around $60 a year for a permit to park in their neighborhood. Students park for free.

Comments (8)
  1. freddie says:

    and the problem is??? public street and open to all, but if parking is for 1 hour then they have the right to park there for 1 hour, after that it is a violation and needs to be enforced, if it is in close proximity to the campus, then they should call campus police to cite the cars, UMAB police ticket on hte public streets around the campus to assist BPD, so they should do it there, that way campus gets the money for fines and residents are happy

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    These people are so ignorant. Double parking while waiting for a spot. yaking on the cell, blasting the radio. Very dangerous stretch of road during rush hour.Ticket then tow. My taxes are paying for their education.

  3. stationnorth says:

    “What if that happens all over the city? Then nobody could park in every neighborhood. That means nobody could park anywhere,” said City Council President Jack Young.

    You would think that the city government and Jack Young would have more compassion for their tax paying constituents.

  4. fedupinparkheights says:

    We have the same problem next to Cross Country Elementary School; parents double park, block driveways, leave dirty diapers, trash. They honk and swear and fight. They do not even live in the neighborhood so they don’t care. Their behavior is really disgusting, yet they call us names, or worse-completely ignore us, for asking them to not block our driveways or to pick up their trash. I guess civility in Balimore is history.

  5. sensored says:

    Why dont we look at the real issue.

    Morgan State has something like 70% of it’s students on compleltely free or highly assisted gov’t education.

    And they have a 4 year graduation rate of less then 15%.

    What an awesome use of tax funds.

  6. Mike says:


  7. Fran says:

    Same problem each morning @ Lake Montebello School. 33rd & Harford. No trafffic rules followed. U-truns, pulling from lane to lane, double parking even though there is parking at the curb and a student drop off lot. Parents walking kids across dodging traffic even though there is a crossing light. it’s not like they are in a hurry to get to work, most are “dressed” in PJ’s which seems to be the norm dress code lately in Baltimore City. I guess the only way something will be done is when someone is hurt..

  8. Residential Parking Permits are $20 per year, not $60.

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