Should Baltimore Ravens’ fans be surprise? Yes, regardless of what happened in week two, there’s no way you could have predicted what took place at EverBank Field in Jacksonville on Monday Night Football.

The Jacksonville Jaguars came into the football game as the worse passing offense in the NFL. With that, you make the Jags one dimensional, and there should be no problem for the Purple and Black, right? Wrong.

While the defense gave up 12-points, including three field goals of 50-plus yards, the offense failed to get one measly first down in the first half. The 6-0 halftime score was reminiscent of a battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Jets. Who knew the Ravens’ offense just wouldn’t show up?

Yes, I know, I’m suppose to give credit to the Jags for their phenomenal defensive performance but I just don’t have it in me right now. I saw an awful effort by the Ravens’ offense and, once again, no imagination at all.

Just in case you’re keeping score, the Baltimore Ravens have managed to score 20-points on the road against the Jags and the Tennessee Titans in the same year they put up over 30 against both the Steelers and the Jets. Give me a minute, I have to proofread what I just wrote. There’s no way that can be right. 69-points against the Steelers and the Jets but 20 against the Titans and Jags.

That’s a lack of focus. You can blame the coaches, players, front office or all of the above. This is unacceptable for a team who is mentioned with the elite in this league. You can’t fall asleep at the wheel twice in one year, can you?

Right now, I’m questioning a lot of people. I question Joe Flacco for his performance or lack thereof. I question Cam Cameron for his play calling which had no diversity or imagination. I question John Harbaugh for the onside kick in the fourth quarter that still has me scratching my head. Can somebody tell me why Ray Rice had only eight carries in a game that was settled by 5-points? The Ravens never trailed by more than nine so why doesn’t Rice have more than 13 touches?

Sure, they’ll beat the Arizona Cardinals at home to go 5-2 but that doesn’t answer a thing. Someone will lose Sunday to make Ravens’ nation feel good about themselves, but that doesn’t solve anything. This football team has to right a lot of wrongs in order to be the team to beat in the AFC.

Rob Long


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