What a terrible performance in Jacksonville!  You can cite everything so I’ll give you a handful of points of concern and criticism.

The “hurry-up” was a “hurry-up…….and wait.”  It’s ridiculous how long some of these plays took too develop.  Flacco doesn’t run the hurry-up the way good QBs do.  The fact that he has to look over and wait for Cam makes no sense. Either Cam is a control freak or Joe hasn’t earned his trust. Either way, it’s a problem.

The onsides kick was a stretch.  Sometimes conventional wisdom is right.  Let Cundiff kick the ball thru the endzone, use the 2 minute warning and 2 time-outs and get the ball back at your own 30 or so with 1:40 left.  Instead, you immediately set them up in field goal range and turned it from needing a FG to a TD.

Where was the separation for the receivers?   They couldn’t get open.  Design some better plays. Put guys in motion, get some rubs, flood some zones, run crossing routes.  The Ravens, without Lee Evans, have a serious talent issue at receivers. Laquan Williams, Tandon Doss, and even Torrey Smith, are not every down receivers.

Joe needs to be smarter.  Besides being inaccurate, he made a dumb play when he took the sack that pushed the ball from the 28 to the 35.  That turned a 45 yard field goal and 52.  Cundiff missed. Huge play!


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