Apparently MLB must have realized how silly it was to ban beer from clubhouses.

If you read my blog yesterday (link) Joe Torre said MLB was going to ban beer because of the Red Sox revelations that recently surfaced. The behavior of one team was going to cause a sweeping ban that just sounded like a complete over reaction. So either Joe just misspoke or they read my blog for guidance but either way he has now stated that it will be each team’s choice.

Now if only we could get the federal government to take a clue from MLB and back out of our lives… yeah, like that’ll happen haha

  1. nick says:

    I agree with you. Joe Torre should be more concerned about umpires making the correct calls. How many times can Jerry Meals blow a call? Cowboy Joe West makes up the rules as he goes. How much longer do the fans have to wait for the real issues to be addressed? Drinking in the clubhouse is an organization’s issue not an MLB issue.

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