Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a baseball girl at heart. But that doesn’t mean I’m the only one who is loving this World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals. In fact, this World Series will go down as one of the better duels in baseball history — not starting pitching, but offense. First Mike Napoli, who will likely take home MVP honors, became the first catcher since Mike Piazza in 2000 to hit two home runs in a World Series. Of course that was the year of the infamous New York Subway Series where the Yankees beat the Mets to earn their 26th World Series Title — booooo! Napoli is also one RBI shy of setting record for the most RBI (10) by a catcher. He is also currently one RBI shy of matching the rest of his team — He has nine and the remainder of the Rangers have eight. Taking a look at the Cardinals, Albert Pujols hit THREE home runs in Game 4 to tie the series up 2-2, the first time since Reggie Jackson became Mr. October in 1977 at Yankee Stadium.

Gauging from the fans I converse with on Twitter, the majority of Baltimore doesn’t seem tuned into the Fall Classic. One Baltimore fan told me, “Baseball is boring. Wake me up when the Orioles play in October.”

Well sir, unfortunately you may be sleeping for a long time and in turn, you’ll end up missing some of the most exciting baseball the sport has seen. With the series 3-2 in Texas’ favor, a Rangers victory tonight will give the team their first championship in franchise history. If you can’t be happy for manager Ron Washington, Michael Young (in his 11th year with the Rangers), Josh Hamilton and of course the MVP Mike Napoli, who was looking for a happy home last winter and was traded not once but twice in a four-day span, then something may be wrong with you. 🙂

And as the series returns to St. Louis, this could also be the last time Albert Pujols puts on the St. Louis uniform. A free agent at the end of the season, it’ll be interesting to see if he’s granted the money he wants ($30M/year) or if he moves onto greener pastures. Regardless, he’s making quite a case for himself this October. But most of you wouldn’t’ know…. because you’re not even watching.

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  1. State says:

    itll never happen with etiher teamthe rangers get too worn down with the extreme heat in august and september, that, more than their usually pathetic pitching is why they never make it anywhere even when they do make the playoffs, plus im sorry but the angels, a’s and m’s are all just too much better than texasthe pirates i just dont think are good enough yet, id love to see them make some noise, be competitive, but i dont think they have the guns to make the playoffs, much less the series, much less win the series

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