ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Living in luxury while in college. That will be the answer to a moldy, smelly problem at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Vic Carter reports at the waterfront campus in St. Mary’s City, a rented cruise ship will be turned into a dorm.

You can’t see the mold but students say you can certainly smell it. It’s in the ceiling.

It’s so bad that students were moved out of the dorms to hotels more than 20 miles from campus.

“If I was one of those students, I’d be pissed. It’s far. It’s like a 40-minute commute,” said Randall Hause, St. Mary’s sophomore.

School officials have been scrambling for a better solution. Enter the Voyager, a luxury cruise ship that will dock on Friday on the St. Mary’s River. This weekend, 250 students will make the move.

“They’ll have the full run of the ship,” said Dr. Joe Urgo, President.

“I think it’s pretty sweet,” said Fletcher Sims, student.

Another plus for the school: it will cost less than all those hotel rooms.

School administrators will do their best to help students make the move to their new digs and they hope to have the mold problem resolved before next semester.

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  1. baltimore resident says:

    so a room at the college cost over $1,000 a week?, that is the average cost of a cruise ship room.

    1. A Thought says:

      Actually, that $1000 price tag includes all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, house cleaning, transportation to your destination, room service, AND the room. The article does not mention that the students will be getting all that. I imagine that if the college is paying JUST to allow the students to sleep on the ship (ie. the cruise ship crew does not have to feed them, pick up after them, or take them anywhere), it would cost far less. Just a thought.

    2. R4M0N says:

      I don’t know where you got those figures, but I just booked a 7-day cruise on a much larger ship for $368 and it was a balcony room, not an inside, windowless cave either.

      A docked cruise ship will not waste much on fuel, crew, food, entertainment, etc….

      1. Elise says:

        Care to share where you got that deal? Been looking for a good cruise for the last couple days!

    3. bob says:

      1. Maybe you shouldnt’t just make things up the cruise industry reports the average cost of a stateroom to be $713.63 not your nice round $1000.

      2. Nothing in this story says anything about the cost of college rooms, it says the college will save money using the ship vs. the hotels where the students are currently housed.

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    It will only handle 60 students. Cruise ship rooms are usually pretty small compared to a normal dorm room.

  3. Jenny Taleya says:

    Do they get an eye patch and a parrot when they graduate?

    1. andrew says:

      Yes. But not a job.

    2. Stephanie Cruz says:

      Yar….They do Cap’n and all the pugwash the girls can swallow

  4. Bob Forsberg says:

    Win Win! I’d enjoy that life for as long as I could. Serious Friday Saturday Sunday fun.

  5. deskboy says:

    If that ship is rocking,
    don’t come a knockin’

  6. don says:

    get a life punks … get over it ……

    1. andrew says:

      Who are you referring to? The students that paid for a dorm room only to find it infested with mold?

      I find it interesting that you are so dissatisfied with life that you go on the web, find some obscure story, and remark to unnamed individuals to “get a life”. You know Don, if you just pull that stick out of your a**, you will find life a lot more tolerable.

      1. don says:

        thx for the deep intellectual;l insight ……

    2. Aaron Kulkis says:

      Serious mold infestations are a health hazard, and hence a legal and financial liability for the college, so why don’t YOU get over it.

    3. Tim says:

      You accuse Andrew of a lack of lack ofo intellectual insight? Andrew’s post was more insightful the post of yours to which he was replying. Yours was just a smartass “get a life punks, get over it” which shows no original thought.

  7. Diego Roswell says:

    Filthy place, Baltimore. Horrible football team.

  8. TDalton says:

    >> “‘They’ll have the full run of the ship,’ said Dr. Joe Urgo, President.”

    Uh, “President” of what? President of the cruise line? President of the school? President of the United States?

    This is probably the fifth time in the past two weeks I’ve left a comment like this on a “cbslocal” site, but I’ll say it again anyway: If you local-television people are going to produce written news content, you’ve GOT to learn how to write, or start employing real writers.

    You keep slapping this sloppy, vague, half-baked stuff up on your websites, apparently clueless about basic news writing techniques. It’s a disservice to your readers, your story subjects and yourselves. That last one is what should concern you most, because this stuff creates a vibe of amateurishness and shoddiness. It’s really harmful to your brand, and it’s kind of amazing you don’t get that.

    If you can’t deliver polished written content, then stick with what you know — broadcast reporting — and leave the prose to the newspaper and magazine professionals.

    1. Logician says:

      The Dr. Part should give you a clue

      1. Dan says:

        Actually, the “Dr. Part” really doesn’t mean much… A Dr. in front of your name can refer to many different degree programs that allow you to add the “Dr. Part”. Many Doctors (non-medical or those involved with academia) become Presidents of many different organizations.

        So thank you for your ignorance.

        Oh, and I absolutely agree with poor editing… there is no excuse for it.

  9. Tom says:

    Diego Rosswell…..Sounds like a latino space alien….St. Mary’s City is quite a distance from Baltimore, so what do your stupid comments about Baltimore have to do with the story??? You need BOTH remedial reading or a lesson in earth geography. St Mary’smis actually quite beautiful.

  10. R4M0N says:


    Carnival Cruises… Booked straight from their website: 7day cruise to the Bahamas from Baltimore for my wife, my daughter and myself. Total with taxes and fees came out to about $1,425

  11. Rick Z says:

    Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ (directly across the Hudson River from New York City) did the same thing, maybe 30 years ago. Stevens bought a small cruise ship, moored it at a dock on the school grounds, and used it for dormitory facilities.

    I guess that any cases of theft would be treated as Piracy.


  12. Regulas says:

    No problem, I am sure they already contacted the liar and chief occupying the White House so that the tax payer will pick up the tab as long as the students promise to vote for the Kenyan in 2012.

    1. moleman says:

      You’re a stiff necked schmuck. Get over it. A Black man is in your white house & doing a damm good job of cleaning up Bush’s eight years of mess.

  13. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Be interesting to see the increase in STD’s after six months on that rust bucket. Your parents tuition dollars at work kids. Thank you mom & dad for the experience but I still can’t find a job…..Can I go to graduate school here?

  14. moleman says:

    Ha ha, the cruise ship has been grounded. No getting your tails wet fellas tonight.

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