HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Some western Maryland firefighters are refusing to help Habitat for Humanity build a house meant to honor them unless a sprinkler system is added to the plans.

The Herald-Mail newspaper of Hagerstown reports that the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association is standing firm to make a point.

Volunteer firefighter Blaine Snyder said Wednesday that sprinklers save lives. The fire and rescue association wants local governmental bodies to require them in new homes.

Washington County and the city of Hagerstown require sprinklers for some new construction but not for single-family detached homes like the “Heroes House” that Habitat is planning.

Local Habitat official Sherry Brown Cooper says the “Heroes House” project will proceed, with or without the fire and rescue association’s help.

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  1. Brent Barbour says:

    Why not have the fire department donate and install the fire sprinkler system since cost is no issue.

    1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

      Please explain what the “cost” is when it comes to a life? I understand that the “cost” of the sprinkler system may mean something to you when you are building a home. With that in mind, should there be a “cost” when the fire department has to come put out your fire? Should there be a “cost” to you if a fire fighter dies in your home while trying to put out your fire? Should there be a “cost” to you if someone (i.e. your child) inside your home, whom did not have to ablity to make the decision regarding a sprinkler system, dies? Fact is most of the fire departments in the US are volunteer. These people do this on their own time as a service to the community they live in. They know the job is dangerous but it can be made safe. So if you think the “cost” is to much before the fire, wait to you see the “cost” after you have one!

  2. Heros or Goats? says:

    It is a shame that this volunteer department decided to use this home, which is built with the help of volunteers to provide a home for a family that otherwise wouldnt be able to afford one, to push their agenda! The cost of a sprinkler system is $3000 or more to the cost of a new home. A sprinkler system is a great thing to have, for those that can afford it. Not everyone can. It is not legally required in this case, according to the article. Firefighters are no doubt heros in what they do, and if the chief wants to push for legislation requiring sprinklers in all new homes, he ought to do it in the proper forum. Using this non-profit charitable group as a pawn to make a statement does nothing but discredit and dishonor firefighters.

  3. miahmdparash says:


    It’s a nice article it will help my research.


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