By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Marylanders expect to vote on the question of tuition breaks for undocumented students in next year’s general election ballot.

But a challenge to the petitions that put the law on referendum could change that.

Political reporter Pat Warren has the latest developments in this continuing controversy.

On May 10, the Maryland Dream Act for students with no legal status in the U.S. was signed into law.

“Providing for in-state tuition to Maryland high school graduates whose families have been paying taxes in Maryland,” Gov. Martin O’Malley said.

In June, more than 100,000 signatures on a petition for referendum stopped it cold.

“I can’t see why we’re supporting them when we’re having such financial difficulties anyway,” said one opponent of the Dream Act.

Supporters of the Dream Act gathered to defend it.

“The Dream Act gives hope to our young people in this state to move forward,” said one.

In August, opponents of the referendum went to court to prevent the question from appearing on the ballot.

“The hopes and the dreams and the plans of these young people have been disrupted,” attorney Joseph Sandler said.

Now, the organizers of the petition drive are defending their process.

“Here we have illegal aliens suing American citizens in order to prevent them from voting,” said Del. Pat McDonough, R-Baltimore County., the Internet arm of the drive, has been granted permission to be a party in the case. The suit claims, in part, they should not have been allowed to use the Internet to gather signatures.

“There is nothing in Maryland law that says that is not proper,” an official from the national public interest group Judicial Watch said.

Judicial Watch represents MDPetitions.

“We’re confident we’re going to be able to overcome those challenges in court,” said the official.

The court has scheduled a January hearing and is expected to rule in plenty of time for any appeals to be settled in order for the Board of Elections to meet its deadline for printing the November ballot.

The Board of Elections validated almost twice the number of signatures required to put the referendum on the ballot.

Comments (49)
  1. Debbie says:

    Ridiculous. The government funding those engaging in ILLEGAL activity shouldn’t even have to be put on a referendum
    Taxes and fees are being raised daily. The economy is in a shambles and our legislators have nothing better to do than SPEND on ILLEGALS?
    The legal citizens have spoken and should be heard.

    1. Kay says:

      This is why I am about to STOP PAYING TAXES!!!! Let them get my tax dollars from those M Fers. They have given them so much while I struggle pay check to paycheck.

    2. POOR WHITE TRASH says:


    3. Mr.right says:

      Debbie,liberals love to give away other people’s money and civil rights, while violating our (the First Amendment) to make non-Americans or some poor innocent perpetrator / minatory feel better about violating our laws because after all they are the real victims.Liberals believe that they know better than the common peasants I.e. the California elections are a perfect example of that! 7 million people voted to elect Obama for president at the same time voted into their state constitution to defined marriage as a union between ONE! man and ONE! woman.and what happens? One activist judge overrides the will of the people; talk about judicial activism! it must be something in the water because how in the heck are they getting away with this? We need to get rid of all of these bums

      1. Angela Marshall-Baumbarger says:

        I agree with you %, and now Owebummer is doing this too. He is completely manipulating the Political system and just placing things into law.. Don’t understand how this happens and people just allow him to do whatever he wants. He has an Attorney General who commits perjury and sells government issued guns to mexican cartell members. I mean we have already sent enough jobs and money to that country, since the manufacturing jobs moved to mexico, why don’t they just make their own

  2. Mad4MD says:

    I am a LEGAL resident of the US, and a LEGAL resident of MD, but i don’t qualify for in state tuition in MD because i haven’t paid Maryland taxes for 1 year. I find it ABAOLUTELY INSULTING as a LEGAL resident and citizen that i am being punished and denied an education because of the fact that i can’t afford it and i don’t qualify for aid, but an ILLEGAL can get in state rates. ABSURD! I can’t even describe in words how dissapointed and angry i am at Maryland about this. Protect your own, not ILLEGALS!

    1. dd says:

      Totally agree. The government knows this, but they want there vote.

  3. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    I have a feeling if this consistent funding and support of illegals continue, we are going to have another Civil War. Legal, tax paying, law abiding citizens of this Country are sick and tired of footing the bills for these parasites.

  4. Ronnie Adams says:

    El Welfario Maryalndo Grande …Sie !!!

  5. sheriff says:

    What part of No don’t the rotten pepper bellies understand. There is nothing to discuss here, the people have spoken & it’s NO,NONO…….If OMalley wants to make this a sanctuary state, let him Busch & Miller use their own personal funds.

  6. marylander says:

    I do not work to put illegal aliens through college. I have three of my own legal kids to put through college. This is absolute idiocy.

    1. Natalie M. says:

      I agree. I have four of my own and can’t get much money for them. Do you think I want to open my pockets for someone who does not belong to me and give up my hard earned tax dollars. You want me to vote to give illegals money in their pockets, but you’re not trying to put money in mine and I was born and raised here; and have paid taxes for as long as I have had to. NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! Do you need me to say it again?

  7. marylander says:

    representation without taxation. crazy.

  8. Rick says:

    That’s the Dem’s for you, lets buy the Hispanic Votes! I moved from Maryland to Arizona to get away from the Bleeding Hearts who support these Illegal Parasites!
    We vote to elect those who represent legal Americans and they spit in our face!
    If you re-elct any Politician that has supported iIlegal’s, your BRAIN DEAD

  9. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Maybe we should be suing Casa de Maryland for grand theft. They are the ones stealing our money. Owe’Malley is gladly handing it over.

    1. Skippy says:

      Our tax dollars support Casa de Maryland for cripes sake

  10. MD Voter says:

    The one thing I’m sure of is: If you have a (D) at the end of your name you’ll be reelected with little or no effort. Give a speech, put up a couple of posters and wham you’re in.

  11. Debbie says:

    Obviously the opinions of the LEGAL citizens mean very little to our elected officials they are only after our tax money to distribute to the block of voters that pay no taxes but vote for them. Is it any wonder they are also against ID being required to vote. They would lose all those ILLEGAL votes as well.
    Those who actually pay taxes are leaving the state especially baby boomners retiring and soon they will be left with only those with their hands out and their illustrious leader TAX and SPEND O’Malley

  12. adraine says:

    GET THOSE D#$% illegals out of here PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. T says:

    This remains as one of the craziest things this state has tried to do. I simply don’t understand it.

    Ok, say the Dream Act gets put in place. Where are illegal citizens with a four degree going to work? Some technology firm? Nope, they’re not legal citizens. For state or federal government? Nope, they’re not legal citizens. In the medical industry? Nope, they’re not legal citizens. For a financial or accounting firm? Nope, they’re not legal citizens. And so on, and so on.

    Maybe their energies instead should put put toward making the process of gaining legal citizenship easier, versus trying to get a benefit from the state in which they live and the legal citizens who pay for everything.

  14. Ronnie Adams says:

    You people are Racists! You owe these poor down trodden people a lift up by supporting them. All they ever did was come here seeking abetter life! Now give it to them or else!

    Maryland definetly got the goverment they deserve! Viva la Peppe ! He going to Medical School on your ducket ..Sie !!

    1. Ronnie is a rim cleaner says:

      Dame mi cabeza merecon. Then you pay for them, I won’t. I have top earn my own keep so why can’t they?? Or is looking for a handout the american way now. Eventually us real workers will leave this horrid country for a life where we hold our own and earn our keep. Still not looking for a handout?? Thats the white err right way of doing it.

  15. the truth says:

    If this is thrown off the ballot in Nov 2012, there will be a big price to pay from the politicans to the Mexicans & riots in the street. Burn baby burn.

    1. Dump the Democratic Party says:

      the truth lets not go after all Mexicans. Lets all go to the voter registration and switch from Democrat to either republican,Libertarian, Constitution, or unaffilated. That would be a shocking message. The other shocking message would be to make the Democratic Party a minority party in the General Assembly. Just Imagine Anne Arundel County delegation being Republican 100 percent along with House and Senate district 38 being Republican. A shock sent across the country.

  16. Jolene says:

    Yes, the “Dream” Act- something I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams! I never thought something so INSANE would be even considered in my lifetime. They do not pay taxes either. NO to illegal aliens getting MY MONEY- no, no, NO!

  17. Leonard says:

    I can’t say I’m in favor of this one either. It’s not so much a race thing but a matter of Maryland Government needs to take care of it’s own. As long as people are still living in FEMA trailors I think there are bigger fish to fry other than this or same sex marriage, or raising the gas tax.

  18. Leonard says:

    Does anyone see the complete irony in this? Trying to pass a law based on supporting something illegal?

    I’m not the smartest man in the world but this defies Logic!

  19. Leonard says:

    Everyone pass the word. If you’re old enough and have the right to Vote.
    1) Read
    2) think
    3) VOTE!
    We can’t sit around and do nothing. I’m a Democrat who voted for Erlich we can’t just vote along party lines anymore because idiots come in Republican, Democrat, and independant.

    1. kathy says:

      Amen to that Leonard!

  20. adraine says:

    i agree 100% with you leonard

  21. eliza says:

    So let me get this straight… legal Mexican family gets no tuition break, but illegals from Mexico do? s o much for attaining the american dream the correct way. my son is mexican american and i am insulted and appauled.

    1. Skippy says:

      Follow the rules and the law and get penalized. Welcome to Maryland. I’m outta here in 3 years.

    2. Ramarro L. Smith says:

      I agree….those who come here legally , work, pay taxes and become AMERICANS , along with those who have been here many many generations cannot get any of theswe benifits but come here ILLEGALLY and sneak yoiur vote in can get it all FREE. This is an absolute insult and disrespect to those who do it by lawfull avenues. Source? Greedy Con-Men/Women POLITICIANS that WE voted into power.

  22. dd says:

    This is true prejudice.

  23. Jean Gee, Baltimore, MD says:

    Just exactly WHAT taxes have the parents of these kids been paying, sales tax? They have already stolen the years of education they have received in this country, now you want the American Citizens to foot the bill for college too? O’Malley is in the pocket of Casa de Maryland. As a Maryland Taxpayer I do not want my tax money subsidizing illegal aliens of ANY country for ANY of the services or benefits meant for the legal citizens of this country! All are welcome, but come legally!

  24. Brian R. says:

    REPUBLICANS WOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS! It is amazing to me that a person who is not even a resident of the COUNTRY can get in state tutition! What a joke america has become! This state is for the birds and if it wernt for my family being here Id be gone in a heart beat!

  25. Cindy Fox says:

    What are the actual numbers? What is the cost? What is the benefit? How many illegals attend college? What do they do when they leave? Is it more benefit to the people of Maryland to have them educated and contribute more to the state or are the number so low that the rhetoric is just that, a waste of time? Instead of all the emotion, can we get a few facts here?

  26. Jerry says:

    Thank’s 13 for blocking my post again.

  27. outkast says:

    To all 35 people who made a post ! Americans have helped every country in the entire world.Its not that we don’t want people to reach their dreams.We just don,t have much left give…..taxed and at the end of our american dream !

  28. Mad4MD says:

    Where can i get to the petition to sign it. I am TOTALLY against it. I am trying to get tuition aid and can’t. What’s the point of being a MD resident if i cant’ get md instate stuition because i have been a resident less than a year, but a CITIZEN all my life!

  29. Sara says:

    What part of ILLEGAL does O’Malley not understand? And what is an illegal alien to do with a college education, it is against the law to HIRE an illegal ( at least for now ). O’Malley really needs to go… maybe Mexico wants him.

  30. bernard Mc Kernan says:

    OMalley has nothing to do with it, he has the power of veto only like the president. The law is the law & it needs to be upheld as it applies to all states. If you are illegal, you can’t vote period so what’s this Hispanic vote all about? If they are legal, by all means vote. Children born in this country by illegal immigrants are entitled to all the same benefits as we legal citizens have. Illegals, no. Plain & straightforward.

  31. dad says:

    I signed the petition. I am outraged that someone is challenging the legality of my signature because it was solicited via the internet. What, it is now illegal to do anything but door to door petitions? I’m sure the first 100,000 home owners would also sign it….this is a crime to try to suppress our petition in this way.

  32. adraine says:

    it seems to me that people come to this coutry get what he*^ they want and you been here all your life work like a damn slave and get no RESPECT. that is just so unfair what the hell is wrong with this damn country get rid of those illegals!

  33. RustysChaos says:

    I have only one thing to say,
    Get out, Learn english, Form a line

  34. adraine says:

    They can speak english they just know how to milk the system.

  35. k says:

    I think it’s time to start an OCCUPY O’MALLEY protest!!!!!! Lets get it started everyone.

  36. dom says:

    if you stop funding eligals thay will stop comming over for a free lunch time to revolt

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