By J.M. Giordano

When Halloween rolls around, there are three guys who you can all but guarantee will bring the party. Music Bloggers Ryan Detter, Brent Hoffman and Tom Murray go out of their way to create costumes that turn heads with their attention to detail and originality. In short, they ARE the party wherever they go! I caught up with Ryan after his favorite non-Halloween activity–running–to ask him about Halloween in Charm City.

Name: Ryan

Age: 25

How long have you lived in Baltimore? 10 years

What area of the city do you reside in? Mt. Vernon

Occupation? Engineer at NASA

What’s your fav neighborhood to celebrate Halloween? When I was in my 20s it was Fells Point. Lately it has been Station North.

What did you dress as last year? The three of us dressed up in a group costume as the hot dog race from the [Oriole Park at] Camden Yards scoreboard, with the music and all.  I was mustard…of course.

I recall the year before, you guys had the most popular costumes of the night in Station North. Tell me about the Yip-Yips of Sesame Street costumes? In 2009 my friend Brent wore a homemade Yip-Yip costume to his office party, and they were pretty easy to make, so Tom and I made two more in different colors and walked, danced, yipped our way around Station North.  Everyone seemed to want pictures with us and it got even more hilarious when we were arguing with the costumes later on in the night. We could see through the black cloth and had Camel packs inside.

Was that your favorite costume? The hot dog race was fun and local-centric, but didn’t get nearly the reaction as the Yip-Yips. So yeah. It was our favorite.

halloween 3 e1314130675934 Heard On The Street: Tips About Baltimore’s Halloween Fun

Photo Credit: Ryan Detter

 What are some good bars to visit for Halloween in Baltimore? In Fells Point, while it’s cool to see the costumes, the bars can become impossible to get a beer.  Like a 20-plus minute wait.  Not so cool; especially when you’re in a sweaty/clumsy costume. That’s why the past couple years we’ve switched it up to Station North.  Usually we make Club Charles — who deck out their entire bar in Halloween décor — our home base and venture out to the other bars in the area who have events going on: WindUp Space for the DJs, Metro Gallery for the live music, etc.  Added bonus: late night Korean food is much closer when you’re done.

What are some tips for people who want to celebrate Halloween safely in the city?  Take a cab and don’t drive.  And don’t rely on Tipsy Taxi; chances are they won’t ever come.  If you drive to Fells, be prepared to park far away and walk, unless you get there pretty early.  If you want to head up to Station North there isn’t usually a problem with parking, or you could take the purple circulator.  Be sure to pace yourself if you’re having some adult cocktails. No one wants to carry a passed out robot home.

 J.M. Giordano is a freelance photographer and co-founder of, a guide to the underground scene in Baltimore, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Paris.


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