BALTIMORE (WJZ)—After all the rain we’ve had, the emerging fall foliage, clear blue skies and sunshine was a reason to celebrate. 

If you can believe it, Mike Schuh’s job Friday was to show us what we may have missed.

The sound of a season sweeps over Maryland. Corn dries in the field and thousands seek out what fall has to offer.

At North Run Farms, it’s a good day to be a kid.

“I went on a hay ride, I picked a pumpkin up, I played and I eat,” said 4-year-old Damyiah Bannks.

What do you like about fall?

“I love the change of scenery, the cold weather, but yet still not too cold for Baltimore,” said Tammy Frumann, pumpkin shopper.


“This time,” said Val Ezeras. “Fall is the best weather.”

The best weather, the chill and less sunshine means the forests look like they’re on fire.

“It’s just such nice weather. It’s between hot and cold, so it’s a nice mixture,” said Grace, a Calvert School eighth-grader.

“And the leaves are really pretty,” said her friend Jackie, also a Calvert School eighth-grader. “I like that.”

Isabelle agrees. She likes “the color and the smell of fall.”

“Oh we’ve seen some beautiful reds and golds in the trees,” said Judy Greer.

Much of the fall foliage out in the western areas is really good right now. And in extreme western Maryland, it’s at peak. That means it might be a good time, if you have a car, to just get in and drive around. See what’s out there.

A map of where foliage is best in Maryland shows the metro area has yet to peak. Good news. Good news, indeed.

So enjoy what you can while you can because soon all of it will quicker than you think fade into winter.

“We are going to get lost in the corn maze,” said Isabelle.

“We’re so excited,” said Grace.

“It’s a field trip!” said Jackie.

Take in those fall memories when you can. Within a week, the peak in our color should have passed.


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