BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Death-defying stunt. A local magician was in a high-stakes race against time.

Kai Jackson was with the escape artist through his daring attempt high above the ground.

A local magician hopes his trick is a Halloween treat, and not a trip to the hospital.

He calls it the “Jaws of Death.”

“I will be hoisted 30-40 feet, upside down, off of a crane in front of the bar,” he said

Magician, comedian and illusionist Spencer Horsman pushed the envelope with the breakout performance.

Horsman performed his most daring escape yet before a crowd at the Fells Point bar his family owns.

“I will be strapped into a straight-jacket, I will be hanging upside-down below a giant bear trap,” he said.

Reporter: “Is he crazy?”
Spectator: “Yeah, I would say he’s crazy.”

The rope, holding the bear-trap open, was set on fire.

Horsman: “The trap snaps shut, and I’m, hopefully, out of the way.”
Reporter: “And if that trap snaps shut with you in it, what would happen?”
Horsman: “No 9:30 show this evening.”

Horsman escaped, and the crowd was amazed.

“I’m glad to see that it was safely executed,” a spectator said.

Horsman will perform another trick on Saturday when he’s inside of a glass box. He will be shackled at the neck, handcuffed and he has to get out. And he is not going to do it with a drape.

  1. msmommie says:

    Federal Hill bar not Fells point!!!

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