ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) — A U.S. businessman who has been jailed in Aruba for nearly three months as a suspect in the death of his traveling companion must remain in custody for at least 30 more days to give investigators more time to gather and evaluate evidence, a judge on the island ruled Friday.

Aruban prosecutors announced the ruling after a closed hearing on the Dutch Caribbean island. Gary Giordano, a 50-year-old employment agency owner from Gaithersburg, Md., has been in jail since Aug. 5, three days after he told police companion Robyn Gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling.

Authorities have said they believe that the 35-year-old woman is dead and that Giordano was involved. Her body has not been found, and any evidence against Giordano has not been disclosed. He has denied any wrongdoing, while his attorneys have appealed for his immediate release.

“Our client is innocent and there has been a lot of investigation already,” attorney Chris Lejuez said in an interview
outside court. “There is no evidence, and his life is being destroyed.”

The same judge previously issued a 60-day detention order on Aug. 31. The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that
investigators needed more time to process additional evidence gathered in recent weeks, including the results of a re-enactment of the couple’s snorkeling trip off the southeastern tip of the island.

Investigators are still processing some evidence, including DNA analysis and information gathered from Gardner’s and Giordano’s computers, and are considering a new search for Gardener’s remains, said Solicitor General Taco Stein.

At the end of the new 30-day detention period, Stein said prosecutors would be expected to either bring charges against
Giordano or release him. Another extension would require a higher threshold of evidence that would be difficult to obtain under Aruban law, Stein said.

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Comments (3)
  1. sheriff says:

    As I previously stated, I think this person had something to do with the woman’s disappearance but charge him or let him go. What kind oc country is this? I will never set foot in that rat hole limestone windy small Dutch Spanish s…..t hole ever again….Bye bye tourist $$$.

  2. RDNKKKGRL says:

    sherriff no offense but do u honestly think there worried about you spending your money there ur 1 person out of trillions that go there they wouldnt have held him so long if they didnt have some evidence against him if he didnt do it y would he took a huge life ins policy out on her and tried to collect on it the very next day y’s that because he nos she was dead and he did it then for him to take that amount of an ins policy out on her right b4 they left thats telling me one thing that it was definitly premeditated unless of course its an insurance job between both of them so shes hiding out dont the idiots no u cant collect on an insurance policy with out the body to prove it….duhhhh heres there sign!!!

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