BALTIMORE (WJZ)—They’re legal, but police say there’s widespread abuse of prescription drugs nationwide. But this weekend, DEA agents are offering an easy way to turn in unused medication.

Gigi Barnett explains how.

It’s fast, easy and convenient, and works just like most drive-thrus. Except the folks here aren’t picking up. They’re dropping-off old prescription drugs.

Twice a year, DEA agents nationwide hold a prescription drug take-back. This weekend agents camped out in the sleet and snow at several drop-off points across Maryland.

“Right now, the non-medical use of prescription drugs ranks second only to marijuana,” Joe Ryan of the Harford County Drug Control said.

The take-back spot in Harford County has the highest turn-in rates in Maryland.

“In our county, 80 percent of our deaths related to drug and alcohol deaths are related to prescription drug overdose,” said Carl Kotowski, Asst. Special Agent in Charge.

Most folks believe that they can dispose of their prescription drugs themselves, but DEA agents say this is the best way to do it, because if you keep it in your house, you’re more susceptible to crime.

“We have situations where it’s called dumpster-diving,” Ryan said. “That’s why we advocate, don’t throw it in your trash, because people will go into your trash and try to steal the prescription drugs.”

DEA agents have a no-questions-asked policy. The next take-back comes in the spring.  It’s a free program.

Comments (4)
  1. Tea Party Joe says:

    This is just another public PR stunt by the DEA to divert peoples attention from the federal deficit. Its time to down size and eliminate the DEA. What advances have this country benefited from? More harassment when trying to get your doctor to prescribe medications real, unrelenting pain. Harassment and major inconvenience when trying to buy nasal medications. Now everybody is treated like they are drug dealers. Try to buy more then one pack of Claritin-D!
    We don’t need more government in our lives. Now is the best time to scale back and get rid of needless federal government agencies that have no real overall life time accomplishments. Tea they made drug bust over the years but so has every other federal law enforcement agency. And has America changed, NO! Stop wasting our hard earned tax monies.

  2. Jane Faulk says:

    AMEN, Tea Party Joe!!!!!!

  3. Crazy! says:

    Local law enforcement does way more to combat illegal drugs than the DEA does.

  4. George Ray Mitchell says:

    What a joke. Pretty soon they will be knocking on doors forcing us to prove what mess we are taking.

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