I’ve been vocal about how ridiculous the penalty calling has been in the NFL this season but now they’ve outdone themselves.

Bernard Pollard delivered a textbook forearm/shoulder hit and was penalized keeping a Jaguars drive alive. Although I’m not saying the officials would have cost us that game, it was still a terrible call and did cost us. However, I can forgive that because I’m home watching on television and not on the field making calls on bang bang plays. What I cannot forgive is the league fining him $10,000 . The fact they feel the need to support their officials by fining a player for a clean hard hit is reprehensible. They are basically stealing Pollard’s money to justify their poor officiating.

Without being too dramatic it’s akin to knowingly penalizing someone for a crime that you know they didn’t commit (sorry, a bit of a sore subject for me haha.) How exactly do you want these guys to play the game? During last night’s MNF game LeRon McClain caught a pass and got waxed pretty good, again on a seemingly hard, clean tackle. Are we going to let receivers signal for a fair catch when they are in traffic and allow them to catch the ball before tackling them? If they fine the San Diego defender I don’t know what to say except they are taking away a very important aspect of the game and they need to get a grip on themselves

  1. Andrew Heron says:

    i agree the officiating stinks all across the board in the nfl now. its ridiculous on how some calls were called and when u see it fast or frame by frame ur like really how. i saw somewhere someone commented that we should be able to review penalties and i think even though it would effect challenges i think its a good idea maybe even set aside challenges jus for those type of things i dunno lol. but i do know refs are ruining the way the game is played.

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