The reality of sports fan and media members is far different than that of the Team. My reality is all about translating what I see, the fan the same through their eyes but the Team has a far different reality. They have to distort reality in order to go out each game, practice and press conference. They must distort reality or they’d never make it through the rigors of a season. The ability to distort reality helps get through losses, injuries, bad seasons, locker room fights and even a giant comeback win. A comeback win against one of the worst teams in the NFL. Yes, week 8 was a Ravens win 30-27 at M&T Bank Stadium over Arizona but my reality tells me that performance doesn’t beat 28 NFL teams. My reality tells me the Ravens will need to play far better to come close to achieving the goals the Team and city have set. My reality still tells me the o-line has major issues and the lack of a top tier passing game and play caller will continue to hold the leagues top defense back.

The Teams reality will spin week 8 into an historic comeback, a test of internal fortitude, great change of scheme by the offense and a building block for future games. The true reality is that only time will tell but halfway through the season with the talent on the Ravens, 30-27 over Arizona in Baltimore should have been more like 27-12. Reality is different for everybody, the team has theirs, I have mine and you have yours… With 9 games to go reality tells me this teams has lots of work to do.


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