City Cuts Power To Occupy Baltimore Site

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore City officials are taking a stand to get Occupy Baltimore protesters to leave McKeldin Square. Wednesday night, they turned off the electricity in the area.

Andrea Fujii has more on how that’s affecting the demonstrations.

Lights stay on 24/7 at McKeldin Square, but the power has been cut. Protesters say this won’t stop them.

“It is getting cold and it’s quite inhumane for them to turn off the power,” said Timothy Chin of Occupy Baltimore.

City officials flipped the switch after they say they found fire and electrocution hazards.

“People have spent thousands of years living without electricity,” Philip Hoyle of Occupy Baltimore said. “I can see people making ways around it again.”

Just last week, the city ruled that camping at McKeldin Square was illegal.

A view from Sky Eye Chopper 13 shows the tents that remain. Safety is a concern at the site after reports of theft and illegal drug use.

“The protesters don’t seem to have that same concern about public safety and I take public safety very seriously,” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

Demonstrators say that’s not true.

“There’s been a lot of reports of violence and sexual activity and drugs and all this stuff,” Marcus Clary, a protester, said. “And mainly it’s just gossip and rumors.”

City Council members understand the concerns but are sympathetic to the movement.

“I would completely understand if they wanted to continue to stay there until they had a greater sense that what they’re asking for is being heard,” said Councilman Bill Henry of Baltimore’s District 4.

“They’re a self-governing group and I believe in democracy,” Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke of District 14 said.

Demonstrators say they’ll continue the occupation with electricity or not.

The mayor has not said whether she plans to have the protesters evicted from the plaza.

The Department of Parks and Recreation declined to issue a permit for the protest.

  • John W

    Impeach the Mayor, she doesn;’t get it. She has now become part of the problem with the establishment.

    • ron

      who is paying for the power anyway ??? the protesters ?? or are they stealing it

    • Trinidad1107

      So why not impeach Obama?

      • Liberal Soldier

        Trinidad1107 you will have to wait until after he wins re-election in 2012. May I ask what the charges are?

    • Dave Cook

      I feel like I have traveled back in time to 1968. The establishment handled that era and I am sure it will survive this little protest.

    • john k

      Hey BUB, She gets it. Slime-balls like you leaches don’t get it. Now go back to Mom and Pop’s basement and wait for your hand-outs and freebies. You can leech off your Mom and Pop because you won’t be able to work, as dim-wit have no idea about work is. Now head back to your rock and croak.

      • Liberal Soldier

        This is totally awesome. A conservative hatefeast against the OWS protesters and anyone who supports them. The OWS, contrary to Fox News reports, are Americans who pay taxes, hold jobs or were laid off by corporations. Many have served this nation in our armed forces with distinction and honor. Calling Americans names just because you don’t agree with them is very un-American and just plan dumb. OWS protesters have the right to speakout against politicians and their corrupt “owners”. Corporations accept “taxpayer welfare” everyday without you complaining one bit. Where is the name calling for that???? The point is these brave Americans are protesting against our governments inability to govern and represent all of the people and they are sworn too. Our representatives from the president down should volunteer to take a 10%pay cut in pay and benefits to show Americans we all must cut and put this country first. Of course they would not do that because they don’t practice what they ask us to do. It is clear where many conservatives get their news and information from so I don’t blame you for most of your stupidity and ignorance of the events which led up to this occupation. What I will say is it will not go away and will grow. Soon you will notice the TeaParty begin to support this occupation more and more because both movements want the same thing. A government that works whether it is big or small. Liberals have learned a while back that if you let politicians divide you over small issues you will stay divided and miss the point. As I read more and more of your silly comments that statement holds true. All of you are missing the big picture. Electricity? Please………

      • MArc

        LS, how is it that our OPINIONS are a “HATEFEST”?

        Oh, BTW, since I drive past the (snrk) camp out who should I ask for? Seriously, tomorrow, perhaps, introduce me to your leader.

      • Marc

        I will be passing the convention center heading towards the Gay Street in about … 2 hours. I drive a LOOOONG way each day for my job. IWho should I look for? will you be airing out your undies along the sidewalk or standing near the unoccupied signs? BTW, I just love those signs! I always imagined protestors would actually hold their own signs, but not you guys! Damn! you are so much better than that! Wow, just post the signs and then go back to your tent, eh?

        See ya soon!!

      • Liberal Soldier

        John K. You are showing a lot of hatred and anger over some Americans protesting an inadequate government. Sort of like the TeaParty was doing earlier this year. What you must try and understand is just because we don’t agree on everything there is no need to name call or be hateful. Dividing people on “wedge” issues are what the Democrats and Republicans have done for 70 years now. I finally caught on to the art of piting conservatives and liberals against each other. I hope you do too.

    • DMoney

      Government cuts power, so these children will still somehow blame the “1%” instead of placing blame at the government where it belongs and they will continue to insist more government is the solution

    • Graham B. Henry Jr.

      That does seem to be the case. I hope not but she doesn t change her attitude. If only we could have seen this before her election.
      Your Honor TURN ON THE LIGHTS

    • Liberal Soldier

      The Mayor will have a 52 Million dollar deficit in 2012. She shoud worry more about that than cutting power to a peaceful protest. If i remember correctly Blake-Rawlings is a black woman. A woman who benefited from peaceful demonstrations in the southern states for equality, voting rights and also womens rights over 50 years ago. I would remind her the opportunity she got to become a mayor of a major city was on the backs of many men and women of all races who fought southern racism and paid the ultimate price with their lives. Wake up Blake-Rawlings!!!!

      • Scott

        Your whole point is blown because as you have mentioned they were peacefull protests in the past. You OWS folks are beating raping and robbing your own. Now who are really the idiots? ( I have a mirror if you need a clue)

      • Marce

        About that deficit? Pay your share! Stop stealing electricity from those who have paid for it.

        Oh, I notice that you are still using a COMMERCIALLY made, COMMERCIALLY available device that was PAID for in a CAPITALIST system … kind of defeats your argument. No, it DEFINITELY defeats your argument.

      • John Clark

        And who is going to pay for all that electricity???? Protesters taking up a collection to pay for it or are they planning on sponging off the good will of the working, tax paying public? The people actually footing the bill (taxpaying public) think it’s time to turn off the lights and have the kiddies go back to bed.

      • Liberty Jane

        Conservative mean streak? Pot. Kettle. Black.

      • Rico


        Yes, the city will have a $52,000,000 deficit this year. And it would be even bigger is they continue to provide electricity to these illegal campers.

        And her name is Rawlings-Blake. You may want to become a bit more educated on the subject matter before you start spouting off about it.

      • Liberal Soldier


        Thanks for taking a shot at my education. Conservatives have a mean streak in their persona that comes out when someone does not agree with the way they believe the world should be. The electrical cost for charging a cell phone is about $.50 a year if you charged it twice a day. If she is worried about that she should charge them. I think they are now over $2M in donations and the cash is pouring in every day from donors. Americans have a right to protest. This country was founded through protest. Oh and tell Blake-Rawlings she should remember all the peaceful civil rights protests in the south and the sacrifices made by many to give her the opportunity to be a mayor of a big city. Take that back to her Rico and tell me what she says.



      • mtichwi

        Yo, Lib Sold, jobs bills, healthcare and education are all handouts. Could you really not understand this simple concept?

    • Vince

      The inner harbor smells

      • Squid Brain

        They could even import some of that stiff air from Dundalk at low-tide and it would be a step in the right direction.



    • wodun

      How many people were raped at OWS protests today?

      • abbey

        ah, socialism at its finest. They are hiding half of the rapes and robberys and assaults. They are turning on themselves. LOVE IT!

      • Canof Sand

        nonwo: In religious institutions?? Citation needed. Bigot.

      • nonwo

        Less than raped in government custody, less than in religious institutions or in the general public. You’re a moron.

      • Liberal Soldier Rocks!

        Ask Herman Cain…

      • Marc

        Wait? Where is Bill Clinton?

    • Don Bags

      Uh…you don’t “get it.” When you plug something into an outlet and it works…that means someone is paying for that electricity. Is it then your right to sponge off of that? Or are you grateful that it’s there, and know that if the person or entity decides to discontinue free use of it’s electricity it is well within their rights to do so.

      Or do you really think it’s your right to just take from someone without permission if it’s for your own good? Oh wait…that’s exactly what you think.


      • Steve Roberts

        Liberal Soldier,

        When we start seeing protesters at govt. offices carrying signs demanding less govt., taxes, regulations , programs and the like the rest of us will take your claim seriously taht these mobs are against govt. cronyism. However since all we ever see and hear are anti-capitalist,, eat -the-rich rage, and now violence, you can understand how we might come the conclusion that the OWS type are just leftist goons bent on creating mayhem and are in favor of even more Big Government. Try not to believe your own propaganda

      • Bubba Johnson

        Liberal Soldier-

        The majority of the 99% hate your guts and actually work for a living. They think you and your buds are a joke, So what’s all this talk about lumping everyone together?

      • Liberal Soldier

        Bubba Johnson,

        And you do understand that I could care less what a rightwing conservative shill thinks?? Enjoy the ride Bubba.

      • Dave Turner

        But Don, they’re “entitled” to free power to get their message out. Don;t you know?

        Maybe they could use some solar panels to power their protest?

      • JohnFLob

        Liberal Soldier
        I purposefully do not restrict my sources of information to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. I have access to the Internet where I regularly visit dozens of web site both domestic and foreign. Many posting include links to additional sources which I frequently follow. Therefore my opinions and evaluations are formed based on widely diverse information sources. In addition I have the advantage of a lifetime of practical real world experience that has spanned several decades.

        I will take this slowly. The. Protesters. Are. Their. Own. Worse. Enemy.

        Rather than whining woe is me life is hard you need to keep trying. Make the best of what you have rather than becoming paralyzed by envy.

      • Liberal Soldier


        You have missed the point. It is about our elected officials creating laws and policy which PREVENT Americans from the opportunity to succeed. No problem with the Rich being wealthy. The problem is we need them to create jobs, produce products in this country and not overseas. The politicians with their laws in some cases make corporations/the rich have no choice but to use slave labor in foreign countries. Politicians cut education, unemployment, medicare, medicad but they will not ask the richest Americans to do more for their country and the people in it. This nation was never this way in the past but it is now thanks to coward politicians who by the way have not taken pay cuts, paid for their own healthcare, or given back one dime in their benefits. I hope you will rethink your positions.

      • Laura

        Dear Liberal Soldier…please listen to US Common Sense!!! The OWS movement has become a joke because it makes NO sense! If what you say is the actual motive…then why are you protesting Wall Street????? It is WA you should be against…stage a sit in on the White House if you want to make a point.

      • Jack Ryan

        liberal soldier..Get a job. Pay for stuff yourself. Be responsible.

      • U.S. Common Sense

        Liberal Soldier,

        “It is about our elected officials creating laws and policy which PREVENT Americans from the opportunity to succeed.”

        Then tell the OWS folks to protest against Washington, DC, not the corporations. As you say below….

        “The problem is we need them to create jobs, produce products in this country and not overseas. The politicians with their laws in some cases make corporations/the rich have no choice but to use slave labor in foreign countries.”

        With the second-highest corporate tax in the World, US companies who have the option of producing goods overseas are able to import those goods here and sell them for less, and in some cases, that’s the only way they’re making a profit. Again, protest against Washington (and not the corporations) and tell Congress to make the US competitive again by cutting the corporate tax rate in half to bring both domestic and foreign jobs back to the US so those who want to work can.

      • Ben Franklin

        Cut power to the entire Marxist movement by confronting their indoctrination, hate, and bias on college campuses!

        Support the Youth for Western Civilization today!

      • Condor30303

        “Liberal Soldier

        Dear republican haters. The protest is against the governments love for the rich and powerful. ”

        So why aren’t you camped outside Dear Leaders White House?

      • Conservitive Soldier

        Dear Liberal Soldier. You are yet another liberal accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of. You set there and insinuate that conservatives are uninformed by calling people names like “childish”, “shows a lack of “grownup” skills to handle yourself” and to “Diverse your media content”. I for one think you need to take some of your own advice and stop the name calling.

      • Shrooms!

        This is Maryland, Liberal Soldier, the “Democrats” are Republicans and the Republicans are… … …either the rejects the “Democrats” wouldn’t take, Libertarians, Liberals, or just plain confused ;-)

      • jasmine

        Liberal Soldier – I believe it is YOU who needs to “diverse your media content” (your words). There is nothing, from what I’ve seen on any media (msm, internet, etc – liberal, conservative, etc) that shows any protesters ranting against the government. The majority of them are protesting against corporations. If what you say is true, then why aren’t the protesters joining together to march on Washington, D.C. and camping out in front of the Capitol and the White House, instead of camping out in public parks, disrupting the lives of the 99% that they claim to be a part of? They are disrupting the lives of average Americans, not the politians. Why don’t they carry signs protesting the millions of dollars in campaign cash being given to the polititans? To their hero, Obama?

      • krp

        Uh Liberal Soldier, the rich and powerful are the Liberal Democrats.

        You know, Teddy Kennedy, John F[in KerryHeinz who served in Vietnam, Jay Rockefeller, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Mary Landreium Nancy Pelosi… Their aim is to keep taxes on INCOME high to prevent any of the “hoi polloi” from becoming rich like them and joining their exclusive club.
        Wall Street is in New York City and New York City is Liberal Democrat, Since you are not protesting Liberal Democrat politicians’ homes and offices, we cannot take you seriously.

      • Chicago Pete

        Forget 99% versus 1% let’s focus on 53% versus 47% ! 53% are those that actually do pay taxes while 47% are being subsidized by the 53% and pay no taxes…….I presume most of the “occupy” crowd falls into the 47%.

      • Conservative Soldier

        Liberal soldier is the beacon of conflict that is upon us. His words are a warning to us all. If you have someting, they want to take it. If you provide a job, it’s not good enough. If you require regular hours, they are offended. Test them on their ability to learn, you are racist. They want what you earned, and they have begun to probe ways to take it. 85% are working each day and with their families at night. 15% are unemployed and maybe unemployable. This has nothing to do with some fictional 1% group. It has to do with your beliefs…hard work and the ability to chose your own path versus collective sharing and distribution of wealth and property. The 15% are protesting, the 85% need to exercise their second amendment rights to protect their families and their property. Liberal soldier doesn’t like your beliefs, the shows you chose to watch, the people you chose to listen to, the companies you’ve created or work for, the wealth your families have created or passed down, the God you believe in, the groups you associate with. Who should you fight against…those who want nothing to do with your personal lives or those that seek to control it? There are “Liberal Soldiers” everywhere. Be aware of them.

      • Liberal Soldier

        ROFL. You are to funny. Copy Cats are the best form of flattery. I appreciate the atttention and the fact you had to dress up in your “conservative soldier” outfit to debate me. hahahahahahah. Helpful Hint: Maybe you should shorten your name to Con Soldier so you don’t have to type it everytime. LOL

      • GOP4EVER

        Don Bags, you rock!!

      • Liberal Soldier

        Dear republican haters. The protest is against the governments love for the rich and powerful. Banking rules, monetary policy, and taxation is slanted to ensure the wealthy in America remains in the hands of the 1% who by the way none of you belong too. OCW only want the playing field to be fair. To have the opportunity to have jobs, healthcare and opportunity to earn a decent wage to feed families. Many of the 1% earned their money and no one wants to take that away. However it is not fair for our politicians to pretend to represent all the people when they block jobs bills, healthcare and cut education. No one is asking for a handout. Sometimes conservatives need to watch more than just Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh. Diverse your media content and you will be in better position to debate your points. Calling people who disagree with you names is childish and shows a lack of “grownup” skills to handle yourself.

    • Scott

      Go back to the basement you live in and let the adults get back to work.

  • nobama2012

    Fleabaggers should know that studies show rats sujected to living in crowded quarters attack and eat each other.

    • I Didn't Fail E-Verify

      They would if:

      A) They quit reading comic books and The Motorcycle Diaries
      B) Could read to begin with
      C) Knew what a hard days’ work was all about

    • Liberal Soldier

      Those peaceful protesters are from all walks of life and from many different backgrounds. They are only asking for equality and fairness from our govenment. Why call them names? If you act like you are 12 years old then you should expect to be treated that way. Oh and from I have seen of the republican field of candidates for president Mr. Obama should win by a landslide. Oh and voter suppression is about to be stopped also. Watch the news. LOL

      • Curious

        Liberal Soldier,
        You seem to be articulate so you can perhaps answer my biggest question about OWS. In the military, before the first bomb is dropped or shot fired, we are taught to describe the “End State” – what the opposing country will look like after the conflcit is over. What I wonder is what does the “End State” of OWS look like … in other words. what are the describable, tangible conditions or events that would cause the OWS protestors to say, “We have achieved our goals”?

      • Brian

        Liberal Soldier—EVERYONE in America has an opportunity to succeed in life—whatever definition of success means to each person. However, you have to make it happen. It doesn’t just knock on your tent flap, and say “Here I am.” Get out and make something happen—be productive and creative. You’ll get plenty of support if you provide something that other’s want. And then, you’ll be part of the 1% and can decide how you want to spend your money. The question is—would you spread the wealth by giving it away, or would you think “I produced this wealth and now I’m expected to give it to others who haven’t taken actions to become successful on their own

      • Jim george

        it’s apparent by the numerous replies of liberal soldier that the soldier is unemployed and sponging off someone,

      • Liberal Soldier

        My genetic theory about rightwing conservative haters are coming through on this blog. If your message does not work, then attack the person that’s opposing it. More speculation about me and more attack on me personally. I love the attention actually. Let me give you haters some background. I served this nation for 22 years as an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. I have lived in 5 countries (Germany, Belgium, S. Korea and Saudi Arabia). I am retired and have held a job in the private sector which will be 17 years in July 2012. I have never been on welfare, never drawn a dime of unemployment, have not drawn social security or have taken an illegal drug in my life. I have no problem paying taxes, paying into SSN or Medicare for those before me. I support the OWS and the TeaParty for their right to protest. I don’t call them dirty names or make up lies about who they are. I do have a problem with our elected officials from both parties being totally incompetent in their job performance. I hold them responsible for the deficit, , the lose of jobs, the unnecessary war and lose of life, the trade deficit and the clash between liberal and conservatives over absolutely nothing. They are the cause of this madness we live in because both parties are incompetent. They only excell at two things. Taking a bribe and dividing Americans. I am divorced, born in Alabama and willing to listen to anyone with common sense on how to fix things. So you conservatives can stop spectulating as to who I am and what I do. Continue with your personal attacks please. It is your DNA.

      • trinidad1107

        Obama IS our Government you moron! Until these useful Idiots take their heads out of the sand and admit Obama is to blame, they will never be taken seriously.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Liberal Soldier, are you aware that 20% of the 2008 Obama war chest came from Wall Street? The entire Washington establishment is on the take.
        Liberal icon, Barney Frank stopped by OWS to announce his support on his way to a fund raiser at the home of a Mass. Banker.
        Michael Moore has a net worth of $50 million and is involved in a lawsuit trying to get a couple more million.
        Wake up kid, and smell the coffee.
        You are being used by the very establishment you claim to like because you don’t want to believe they would lie to you. Obama and the Democrats are, in the end, part of the 1% too.
        You just can’t admit that your hero is a losing liar.

      • Liberal Soldier

        LOL. Oh really? Well thanks Newbern for tell me about those mean Democrats. I guess we all are glad the Republicans have not taken a dime of Wall Street money. Right????????? Listen I am being silly. We are talking about a congress that has a 9% approval rating. Don’t make yourself look dumb by blaming only the Democrats. This is a joint effort in the art of incompetence by both parties. Would you not agree?????

      • A Son of Liberty

        Liberalism is a mental disorder!

      • Grizzle

        What voter suppression? You mean like Black Panther thugs hanging out at polling stations, intimidating would be voters? Or do you mean ensuring that only US citizens, that are eligible to vote(i.e. non-felons…)can vote(by proving their identity). I’m sure you’re also concerned about voter fraud, where individuals(alive or deceased in some cases) vote more than once.

      • DanInTexas

        Liberal..”Those peaceful protesters are from all walks of life and from many different backgrounds. They are only asking for equality and fairness from our govenment (sic)”
        Are you not equal in the eyes of the government? Are you being treated unfairly by the government? If the answer to either of these is yes, why aren’t you protesting the government? BTW…the government is in DC. And BHO is the POTUS. And the Senate is controlled by whom?

    • jasperddbgghost

      ….and this, my friends, is what squatters do. They steal property.

      60’s have been dead for a long time. potheads.

      • Amy

        Look, we need to stop equating potheads with the OWS crowd, it gives potheads a bad name!


  • desert

    If they aren’t paying for the power then YES cut it off!! I’m not paying for those losers to power their ipods!

  • Mr. X

    Go home, kiddos, you’re an embarrassment.

  • Denise E. Rogers

    They’ll never go home with we keep supporting their cause with free rent with utilities. It’s cheaper for them to stay there then get a place of their own. It’s all part of sharing the wealth.

  • Bob

    They should have been sent home and the place cleaned up long ago.

  • Allan E.

    I read earlier today that the majority of Occupiers in New York that were arrested put down the addresses of 300,000 to 500,000 homes as their home addresses. Spoiled rich kids out to do drugs, give it to the “Man” and thumb their noses at their parents.

    • Liberal Soldier

      Are over dosing on Fox News???? Sounds like it.

      • Tim Kneebow

        You are missing a pronoun and “overdosing” is in fact one word.

      • Liberal Soldier

        Tim thanks for supporting my positions and also thanks for correcting my spelling. I never spell check because I know I have good folks like you that will “cleanup” after me.

    • James

      You have no clue. Sad

  • dydx

    Good for the mayor…and while they’re at it instead of condoms and STD testing they should give out Advantage or Frontline…also for public safety reasons.

  • Linda Bowles

    If you are going to protest , then protest but when you are sleeping , eating, etc. then you are camping not protesting. All the ocuppy protests everywhere should be told the same thing. You go on the street do your protesting and thats it, because that is what the permits are for, Protesting, If you want to protest the next day then get a hotel for the night.and protest the next day. Its common sense.

    • Bill Johnston

      Whatever, If this was a Tea Party rally there would be cops there protecting their rights to protest. They’d have port-o-potties for them. Then the park would be cleaned after they were done. We didn’t get any of this.

      Instead of getting proper permits, we forced all the cost associated with the movement to the taxpaying American or as we like to call it the other 99%ers. D@mn it, I’m getting this all mixed up.

      We are the 1% of the 99%

  • Is revolution hitting U.S. streets - Page 144

    […] […]

  • lolcatlol

    Free power? Is that in the Constitution too?

    Also worth mentioning is that “Wall Street” had itself a history making month… profit wise! ooops! :)

    Another thing: The internet now allows people to exercise freedom of speech anytime they wish. Why are these people allowed to threaten violence and mayhem by their constant presence and social interruptions? That’s not speech! That’s harassment and obstructionism. Not to mention the huge amounts of money they cost the cities! Use the internet for your “speech”, the 60s are long over. There is technology now!

    Send these spoiled kids and “rent-a-mobs” home.

    Next time, before you believe some college (who wants your money), do your own research… It not rocket science to see that 90% of these college degrees aren’t really worth squat in the $marketplace$! It’s not OUR fault you were stupid enough to believe a liberal arts degree was worth more than the paper printed upon. And let’s not forget ethnic and gender studies, the “value” those subjects must hold in society is priceless!

    I guess science is too hard and thus any degree will do?? lol

    Grow up please!

  • Buck Ofama

    What? (sniff, snivel, whimper) How are we supposed to charge our evil corporate-produced computers and (sob, snivel) cell phones? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • patmurphy1965

    I don’t know how groups are composed in other cities, but here (San Francisco) the occupiers are the homeless, the drug addicts (that usually wonder around looking for their next fix), recent released convicts and many of the local slackers that usually hangout at Haight Ashbury and the Tenderloin (areas know for drugs and crime). The “protesters” are interfering with other’s rights and affecting our local tourism. It’s time to clear these people out. What a mess they are making of our cities!

    • thinkbot

      Pat, here in Bmore, you’ll see some homeless and some slackers, but the majority are students and dads and regular working people who pay taxes just like you and me. Let them pay for the electricity if it’s such a big deal.

  • Carol

    THEY ARE the 1%, as far as the rest of the world is concerned. So why don’t they send their tents to Somalia. That is where the 99% really are and could really use some good tents.

    • TheTruthHurts

      EXCELLENT point!

  • James R. Collette

    You republicans don’t get it and you never will as long as you have your head stuck up the paid off politicians who slant things for the rich and wealthy. In typical childish republican/conservative fashion you can call peoples nasty names because they have the right to protest but at the end of this thing we may be in another revolution. The same type that caused this country to be founded over 230 years ago and one that took out half of the wealthy dictators and their republican like supports in the middle east. Time will tell.

    • lori

      The right to protest is fine but it is not fine to create a tent city in a public park. I would like to know if you would be so accommodating to a conservative tent city. Also maybe take a look at what party is supported by the rich and wealthy you are protesting.

    • A Son of Liberty

      Both political parties are corrupt. They both take and take from ” We the People”. This is the way they play the game with the people. YOU OLNY HAVE TWO CHOICES… YOU ARE EITHER A SOCIAL DEMO. OR A REPUBIC. This is B.S.! I would like to be able to choose the person I believe can do the right job. I do want a “PARTY” telling we how I SHOULD VOTE! And I do not want to here from some blockhead saying that if I do not vote for that party representitive then I must have a problem. Our form of a Republic government was not designed that way commie. GOD BLESS THE REPUBLIC!

    • krp

      You just exposed yourself as being ignorant.

      The protests in the Middle East began as protests against corrupt and unwieldy bureaucracies, like the police officer that confiscated the guy’s vegetable cart because either he didn’t have a permit or wouldn’t pay a bribe, and he lost his livelihood because of the bureaucracy.

      You morons, are protesting for MORE bureaucracy. Sorry, it isn’t the same and you cannot sneak that past those of us CONSERVATIVES who are INFORMED, which obviously you are not. which is why you are a liberal

      • Liberal Soldier

        KRP, Once again you are calling people names. Are you 12 years old???? You mentioned the middle east and made comments about them protesting against corruption. Well what do you think we have here???? Politicians being influenced by corporations and weathy citizens. This is America and these OWP have the right to do exactly what they are doing. Just because the republicans, Fox News and other conservative spin machines disagree with them does not make them wrong. About a year ago the republicans were embracing the TeaParty at the same time the TP was protesting against the government (them). The funny thing about that was the republicans acted like they were NOT a part of the government or part of the problem. A sickness they can’t seem to get over.

    • krp

      Uh , the rich and powerful are the Liberal Democrats.
      You know, Teddy Kennedy, John F[in KerryHeinz who served in Vietnam, Jay Rockefeller, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Mary Landreium Nancy Pelosi… Their aim is to keep taxes on INCOME high to prevent any of the “hoi polloi” from becoming rich like them and joining their exclusive club.
      Wall Street is in New York City and New York City is Liberal Democrat, Since you are not protesting Liberal Democrat politicians’ homes and offices, we cannot take you seriously.

      • Liberal Soldier

        KRP, it is clear you are totally in bed with the 1% and the rightwing conservative movement. Diversing your access to news and facts will give you a better and more rounded source of information to formulate sound, adult positions when engaging people who don’t see things your way. Your side will pay the price in the 2012 elections and I have a feeling you know it.

    • Retired SOF guy

      Sorry clown, but our country wasn’t founded by a bunch of cry-baby paste-eaters who camped out, smoked grass, raped women and defecated on police cars. Do some reading on our history and you’ll see that our Founding Fathers’ approach was completely differently. After this OWS buffoonery showed it would be around awhile, I went out and bought Ann Coulter’s “Demonic” about the mob. Talk about a timely book. You should read it.

      • Liberal Soldier

        LOL. You actually admit to spending money on a book written by Ann Coulter? I thought you had overdosed on Fox News but this is even worse. Seek help Retired Conservative Guy.

    • ME


      • Liberty Jane

        “If it…”

      • Liberty Jane

        Jeff – Give me a break. It were really about our country being bought and paid for by the rich, you’d be protesting government which makes it easy to move jobs overseas due to restrictive regulations and tax policies. I hope the rich continue to buy jets and yachts so that the foam fabricating company I work for will stay open and I can keep providing for my family without suckling off the government teat. What do you think? That the rich spend money into a vaccuum? They don’t pay a fairy to magically create a jet or a yacht. They pay someone to provide those items, who in turn pay someone to supply them and on and on. Grow up, learn about how the real world exists and get OFF OUR BACKS!!!

      • Jeffery

        This protest is exactly about that. About the rich running this country into the ground, about the growing income inequality. It’s not about Liberal versus Conservative, Democrat versus Republican, and you do the protestors a disservice by suggesting such. Our country has been bought and paid for by corporations and the rich… and all you folks do is turn a blind eye as they continue to bleed the middle class to death so they can buy their jets and yachts and ship our wealth over seas.

      • Liberal Soldier

        Well said Jeffery

    • Don

      This country was not founded on the principle of getting things for free. Start with Natural Law. Work up from there. In a couple weeks you might even rediscover capitalism.

      • Jeffery

        You’re so right. This country was founded on the principle of robbing from the poor to give to the rich. From native Americans to Africans to inner city residents, that’s all we’ve ever done. Steal from those who have something we can rape, pillage and burn, and then insult those who dare try to stand up to the vested corporate interests that buy our government and then hold us hostage to jobs they ship overseas anyways.

    • Big al

      And obama and the rest aren’t hook to the teet of power? Are you honestly that friggin dumb?

    • kmday

      as you just call conservatives names? LOL………pot-meet kettle!

      The people who founded this country WORKED and left socialist Europe for a fr!ff!n reason you tool!

  • Fredddd

    The Obama Occupiers stink in more ways than one.

  • Deeda

    What? electrical / electrocution hazzards? These problems should have been addressed prior to the Nascar Race! If crimes are not reported, how do they know about them? Do homeless camps need permits? Homeless camps are not shut down even during code blue alerts! This is nothing but obvious political trash talk comming from the Mayor’s Office.

    • BuddyP

      There never was a NASCAR (yes, it’s all caps) race in Balto. You ought to get your facts straight before you start rambling.

    • Liberal Soldier

      The mayor is blind. It was through years of PEACEFUL civil rights protest that she has the opportunity as a black woman to be a mayor of a larger American city. Funny how those at the top forget how they got there.

      • NEXT!

        MLK Jr would roll over in his grave if he knew you were comparing HIM and what he stood for to the OWS protestors defecating on police cars, raping women, stealing, assaulting, trashing, whining and moaning while texting, blogging and updating their facebook status and stuffing their faces with free food while pushing the truly needy homeless out of line.

      • Retired SOF guy

        Those protests weren’t that peaceful…Democrat governors tended to unleash dogs, fire hoses, batons and rifle rounds on the largely Republican demonstrators. Oh, and the Republicans were protesting against a true evil. You guys are a farce. Liberals are either ignorant, stupid or evil (since any quick perusal of history shows the results of your policies). So which are you? Oh, and I laugh that you call yourself a soldier. I doubt everyone gets the joke. Too funny!

      • MArc

        Thank you for yoru years of service. Thank you for all that you did for this country without anyone knowing.

      • Liberal Soldier

        Very good rightwing hater. You called me about 4 bad names in one post. You go to the top of your angry hate class. There is no question the DNA of a conservative contains a hate gene that activates when someone does not agree with them or does not follow in lock-step.

  • Shoot them all

    Shoot them all.

    • Ed Stark

      Nah, that’s inhumane. Let’s fence them in and cut all food, water, and power to the camp. Then we will see these parasites for what they really are when they are cut off from the host.

  • CCConservative

    My first thought reading this, what kind of female climbs into a tent and sleeps with a stranger, and then is surprised that in the morning her purse, etc. is gone? Where is the personal responsibility? Reveals totally the character, lifestyle, and irresponsibility of these protesters. Some paid for by Acorn, others have no idea why there are there – “I’m here for the party.” , and others just societal misfits. Yes, I am conservative and compared to the Tea Party, these are the lowest of low.

  • Erin Fowler

    If you believe you are poor, and oppressed, and part of the 99 percent, and disenfranchised, and doomed to believe that expressing your opinion is best accomplished by squatting in inner city green zones, then you have defined yourself to be exactly that I haven’t heard any OSW clone express exactly what it is he or she has to offer to the “greater good”. And finally, liberal soldier, who, exactly, is your commander or your captain or your lieutenant, or you corporal? Who do you believe in and what, precisely, do you have to offer? And why should productive people stop what they are doing to give consideration to you?

  • James Woods

    I agree with any government that uses permissible occupation as a method of removing them by any means necessary.

    I am in the 99% and I have to work everyday. These people are not.

    I have to get permits and these people are not.

    They are making the wrong statement and I can’t support that.

    They need to all go get jobs; and perhaps lives.

    The system we have may not be perfect. It may leave losers losers and winners winners however it’s the best system in the world.

  • Anonymous

    “A woman told police she stayed in a man’s tent Friday night and awoke to find her money gone”

    Aw, redistribution of wealth in action.

  • vick

    It is beyond real, these comments are full of personal attacks that go far beyond the actual story.

    Millions of empty souls with nothing better to do but feed on empty ideas. See how it works?

    Let your mind get polluted and then expect the rest of us to clean it up for you.

  • JohnRalph

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America. Except for Islamic America which is an excellent example of both types, since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims and welfare voters on the dole.

    • Jerry Frey

      Where do people like you get this tripe? Not even Sean Limbaugh is this ignorant…see below.

  • BigBoa

    Nothing like a marxist….”MOSTLY gossip”… So yeah, it’s true, just not as much as “the man” claims.

    Note that their MO is almost always the same….typical “occupier”

    “We aren’t promoting socialism/communism/marxism. We just want the playing field level,,,,,,blah, blah, blah,” followed by some anti-capitalist hyperbole, anti-profit, etc…winding up with “what’s so wrong with marxism/communism/socialism ANYWAYS?”…… Hahahaha

    Or, this other classic

    “We are from all walks,,,,liberal, conservative, democrat, republican”….followed by a scathing attack of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Palin, etc, but somehow completely overlooking O’Bozo, Stretch Pelosi, Reid, Stoyer, Michael Moore, Oprah, etc, etc, etc…….

    Just laughable…..

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