ESPN 30 for 30’s latest short film, Unguardable, is about the life of Guard Chris Herren.

I grew up on basketball and it always has been a big passion for me and my biggest outlet to relieve stress. Watching his story and hearing everything he has been through actually brought a tear to my eye.

This guy worked so hard to become a great basketball player. Because of an addiction problem, a ton of bad choices, and some bad luck along the way, he managed to screw it all up. He goes into some of his stories of addictions to every kind of drug imaginable. Herren had been in and out of rehab since he was at Boston College. He was given every opportunity along the way to right the ship and correct his life for his family. A great coach, Jerry Tarkanian, took him under his wing and treated him like his own son.

Watch the show and learn his story, he is currently working as a basketball coach and a motivational speaker so kids don’t go down the same path.

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