BETHESDA, Md. (WJZ)– A family is trying to move on after Brittany Norwood is convicted of first-degree murder for killing their daughter.

Jayna Murray’s parents speak exclusively with Weijia Jiang about the verdict and why they want Norwood put away for life.

Even though the nightmare of waiting for justice is over for Jayna Murray’s family, now comes the daunting task of moving on.

“Nothing will start until we pass the first day of the new normal we’re searching for, so this was the appropriate location,” Jayna Murray’s father David Murray said.

Less than 24 hours after a jury found their daughter’s killer guilty of first-degree murder, Jayna Murray’s parents went shopping inside the Lululemon store where it happened.

“We have always had Lululemon gifts under the tree for Christmas, and we decided this year was not going to be any different,” Jayna Murray’s mother Phyllis Murray said.

Though composed now, moments after learning the verdict late Tuesday, the Murrays sobbed.

“I want no other family to go through this,” Phyllis Murray said.

The family says re-visiting the Bethesda crime scene is necessary to find peace, after a grueling trial that revealed how much Jayna Murray suffered. It took a jury less than one hour to convict her co-worker, 29-year-old Brittany Norwood.

“The autopsy photos we saw today were certainly disturbing,” one juror said. “It definitely gave us a good picture of how long and brutal the attack was.”

Jayna Murray endured at least 331 stabbing, cutting, beating, and choking wounds before she died.

Prosecutors say Norwood used a hammer, knife and wrench among other weapons.

“I think she’s been remorseful from day one about this,” Douglas Woods, Norwood’s attorney, said.

“She has never even acknowledged our existence,” David Murray said.

Still, the Murray’s are ready to move on.

“Jayna always resides in our hearts,” Phyllis Murray said.

Norwood is scheduled to be sentenced in January. The maximum punishment she faces is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors said Norwwod attacked because Jayna Murray caught her stealing from the store.

Comments (2)
  1. shiv says:

    wow, of course she is remorseful, she got CAUGHT!

  2. solange says:

    why cant you just kill her the way she killed Jayna Murray.killing will never stop in this country.After killing you will live the rest of your life stress free,no bills and can repeat the same crime in prison. “Norwwod go!!! go girl, continue your career of killing we are all happy for you. Jayna’s parents will be feeding you as every american ” ENJOY go kill everyone in prison so that the jail can be your private hotel”.

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