It’s the Baltimore Ravens versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and the battle has begun even before the two teams have taken the field. What did you expect? These two teams don’t like one another and they aren’t afraid to tell the world.

First, Terrell Suggs begs Hines Ward to play after sitting out last week against the New England Patriots. Ward responds by saying he wouldn’t miss this game for the world. Like we didn’t know that…

Now, Lardarius Webb is in the news. “Every time somebody asks me [a question], they’re always talking about Mike Wallace,” said Webb, according to Jamison Hensley of “But they have a guy No. 84 in Antonio Brown who is better than 17 [Wallace] in all aspects of the game. He’s a great returner, a great wide receiver.”

Kind of strange considering Webb isn’t a guy who usually talks. I’ve hosted the Lardarius Webb Show on 105.7 The Fan with this man all season and I cannot even get him to make a prediction. I wish I had asked him that instead of Hensley.

Anyway, you can imagine Mike Wallace took exception to Webb’s comments. Here’s Wallace’s response:

“That guy doesn’t really matter to me, man. Who is that guy? I mean, I heard of him, but at the end of the day, he can’t check me, so it is what it is. That’s got to be somebody who really matters to motivate me; he really don’t.”

It’s on folks. I don’t like to use war references for football games but if I did, this would be where I would insert that war reference. I guess I just kind of did.

Rob Long

Comments (2)
  1. Merfzero says:

    Seven TDs and five INTs called back by the refs the last seven games against the Steelers. NFL is about as credible as the WWF.

    NEVER had a Steelers TD or INT called back EVER.

    How many this game?

    Oh yeah, can’t talk about this. Not you anyway

  2. jim matteo says:

    The Ravens were built to win. The matchups are in our favor to blow them out again, Our defense is the best in the NFL. Historically games that matter have gone to the Black and gold but I can’t see a loss Sunday on the Ravens unless we lay a big Purple egg.,

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