Cardin To Announce Re-Election Bid This Weekend

BALTIMORE (AP) — U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin is scheduled to kick off his bid for re-election this weekend in Baltimore.

The Maryland Democrat will make the announcement on Sunday at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Cardin will be the favorite in heavily Democratic Maryland and last month he reported that he had $2.3 million cash on hand.

Former Secret Service agent Daniel Bongino has already announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination. Former Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Eric S. Wargotz recently decided against running.

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    Easy re-election for Cardin in this liberal democratic state. Give a couple of speeches, put up a couple of signs and the sheep will follow. Just once I’d like to see the voters look at all the candidates and vote for the person who has the peoples best interest at heart. Keeping in mind Cardin voted for Obamacare and followed Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Van Hollen, Mikulski and Obama.

  • moleman

    Another career politican do nothing hebrew looking to fatten his bank account. He was dog s….t as a congressman & he’s still a J.O. as a senator.

  • Jolene

    Retire, you old buzzard. You’re washed up and have not done as much as you could have for the state in the senate, You’ve been silent or secretive on issues that matter and you don’t deserve a second term!

  • Stupidity Rules

    Kick Off? He ought to be kicked in the balls for overtaxing the working men and women of this state and squandering it on special interest groups who sponge off the system.

  • Liberal

    Obama, Biden and Cardin…….2012.


    VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT IN 2012!!. . . . .Power to the TAXPAYING LEGAL CITIZENS!!!

  • crazylady

    Go paul!!! These jackazzs need to go!! They arent intrested in helping md or america. They want power and money in their pockets. They believe we are idiots that we need them. They are a bunch of over educated morons that need everyone elses money to keep their greedy lifestlyles!

  • Bunker767

    stop taxing me and learn how to balance your budget maryland senator moron.

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