PERRY HALL, Md. (WJZ)– A controversial dance almost ended their season. Now, a dramatic decision has been reversed for the Perry Hall High School soccer team.

Meghan McCorkell has more as the team prepares for a big game.

That game almost didn’t happen. The school’s principal suspended the soccer team after a victory dance landed them in hot water. Now, he’s changed his mind.

Two games from a state championship, a victory dance called “The Bernie” almost ended Perry Hall’s soccer season.

Parents from the opposing team complained the dance was lewd.

“The dance was just for fun,” Perry Hall High School senior J.T. Bibb said. “They’ve done it at other games before and there was no big deal about it.”

After public outcry, the principal lifted the suspension against the team Friday.

“They will play,” George Roberts said.

The dance decision was big talk at Perry Hall’s football game.

“What they did was wrong but they definitely shouldn’t have gotten as penalized as they did for it,” Kara Taylor, a Perry Hall sophomore, said.

“I think in the end he made the right decision,” said Robert Shapiro from Cockeysville. “It takes a lot of courage to change his decision like that.”

The controversy even caught the eye of Ravens players– like Terrell Suggs– who did The Bernie on Monday Night Football.

Suggs told WJZ’s media partner “The Baltimore Sun”: “If they did do it after me, I’m flattered. I think it was way too harsh for them to get suspended because they were happy and did the dance.”

“It’s not promoting violence, it’s not doing anything offensive. It’s something that’s harmless,” said teammate Ray Rice.

“I’m just happy we can play now,” Christopher White, the Perry Hall soccer team captain, said. “That’s all I care about.”

Now, they’ll continue their rise to the top.

“Play tomorrow. Big game. Very big game,” Christopher Winter, a Perry Hall soccer player, said.

The focus is scoring the goals and not how they’ll celebrate after.

Instead of forfeiting the season, the entire soccer team will be required to take an online course on sportsmanship.

The Perry Hall High School soccer team plays in the regional semifinals Saturday afternoon in Montgomery County.

Comments (45)
  1. Leah says:

    CONGRATS to the Perry Hall High School Boys Soccer Team, their parents and the community that stood behind them! Good luck tomorrow guys!!

  2. MD VOTER says:

    Mr. Roberts was wrong from the get go. At least he is man enough to reverse his decision. He would not have changed if the people did not come together on this issue. If the people would stand together on the politicians(state and federal) and demand they enforce the law on illegals, cut entitlements, repeal Obamacare, close tax loopholes, cut the deficit, etc. we would have a better country.

    1. Spencer says:

      I agree with half your statement, but you should keep the rest to yourself, because everybody does not share your view, me included!

    2. Impeach 'em all says:

      No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, trying to leverage a high school boys’ soccer team’s celebratory dance into an attack on Obamacare just confirms that you’re a wacko…

      1. Buffalo Soldier says:

        That’s the usually for republicans, just thrown it out there and some idiot will believe it.

    3. Vincenzo says:

      At least you started out meaning well, but someone needed to knock the soap box out from underneath you after your 3rd sentence. This discussion doesn’t warrant political banter. I’m sure you could have researched other metaphors before you asked permission to have the floor, good sir!

    4. Jeff says:

      I never understood why people like to stick their political opinions into a story that has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. I remember reading a story about a snowstorm last year that was approaching and reading some political comments in it that had nothing to do with snow at all. There’s nothing wrong with discussing politics at the right times, but not every topic warrants a political opinion.

    5. Lauren says:

      Even though we have different political views, its is important to note that we can agree on the fact that as citizens we do need to stand up to politicians. See, us Democrats aren’t all bad 🙂

  3. steph says:

    as he should! Bring it boys!

  4. Sonia says:

    I want to take a moment and applaud everyone who exercised their right to demonstrate and their right of free speech in support of the Perry Hall High School Boys Varsity Soccer team. I am sure the team will hit the field with pride knowing that their community is behind them. You earned the right to go to the playoffs, so go play your hearts out for the love of the game and Perry Hall. GO GATORS!

  5. Good Luck says:

    This is the best news I have heard all day! Good Luck Boys 🙂

    1. moleman says:

      Good luck, what,….did you just wake up?????

  6. John says:

    Wow, what lesson have these boys learned, if you cry enough you get your way, so behave however you like! Great job parents!

    1. Sergio says:

      They didn’t do anything wrong, and should never have been suspended in the first place. Standing up for what is right when faced with injustice IS a GREAT lesson. One that clearly you have never learned.

      1. John says:

        Clearly they did do something wrong or they would have been no suspension in the first place.

    2. CoreF says:

      So what was it that the Dulaney parents taught their children? Complain about everything you don’t like and you’ll be able to get back at people?

    3. REALLY?!?! says:

      The routines of CHEERLEADERS are allowed in schools, there is no reason why “the bernie” should be prohibited!! No doubt, this entered the Principal’s mind when reversing his ABSURD decision.

      1. skylar lee says:

        cheerleading has nothing innapropriate in our routines. Society has made cheerlaeaders look so horrible when in reality we can not do anything sexual at all in our routines. We can barely even body roll without getting points deducted for being innapropriate. Perry hall cheerleaders are not your typical cheerleader so dont bring cheer into this.

      2. TO Skylar Lee says:

        @ Skylar Lee – – My point exactly….Although I’m sure if you guys did the Bernie it would not have been questioned.

      3. Graciella says:

        I think I’m missing something here. Isn’t the “Bernie” a simulation of how the “corpse” danced in the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s?” How is that sexual? Not that I don’t think forcing the boys to forfeit wasn’t a knee jerk reaction on the principal’s part. This clearly sounded like the boys had been doing this for a while, and then at one game or whatever, someone explained what the dance was to the principal, and he went “Huh! I can’t allow that!” Handling it that way was pretty lame when I was in high school, and it’s pretty lame today too.

    4. Ravens1 says:

      They weren’t crying. They were standing up for what they believe is right.

    5. beth says:

      They deliberately turned to face the opposing team in order to dance for them. It doesn’t matter what they danced to, they were being unsportsmanlike. You don’t rub a victory in the losing team’s face. Obviously, today’s society promotes disrespectful behavior and the media convenienty helps to promote student misbehavior, by presenting the students as perfect. Maybe if more parents had the guts to discipline thier children, we wouldn’t have this problem. Instead, the parents condone their behavior. So glad my kids aren’t like that!!!

      1. Reality Check says:

        spoken just like a whiny Dulaney parent, congrats!!

      2. dry your tears says:

        youre right, in todays society we cannot point out that someone lost at something. i mean school sports really shouldnt even have a points system because god forbid someone doesnt get an effing trophy, everyone needs to be a winner that way no ones feelings get hurt. if the Dulaney team was upset by the dance the easiest way to remedy those feelings is to WIN. your “society” promotes a false sense that in real life everyone wins and there are no losers.

      3. Proud Mom says:

        Excuse Me…Where is doing the Bernie Dance unsportsmen like …Oh have you ever played sports? Well my kids do and I have seen that dance in alot of games. I think it time for you to grow up. Our kids were not be disrespectful to anyone..they were excited for a win..Excuse me again…I have a child that goes to Perry Hall and I know alot of the boys on the team..and all those boys are very repectful..I think it is time, you go to some other schools even PRIVATE SCHOOLS the same dance…They are kids…I totally stand behind Perry Hall Go Gators

      4. Leah says:

        Beth, stop whining. Believe me, your kids are more than likely a LOT worse than any of these kids. I’ve worked for the school system and we all knew that the only reason you didn’t see Dulaney kids suspended or make the news for anything is because as soon as the little brat got into trouble….mommy and daddy came rushing in with their lawyer right behind them.

      5. JQP says:

        Discipline for sneaking out at night, discipline for smoking a cigarette, discipline for back talking an elder… but discipline for doing a harmless dance????? What is wrong with you?

        Step 1: Laugh at the dancers
        Step 2: Acknowledge their team work and congratulate them
        Step 3: Work harder and play better and win next time

        Really so simple any high school student show know how to cope with this silliness.

    6. Vincenzo says:

      Perhaps, if their parents had beaten them with a belt like whats-his-face judge, who would you laud praise on then? What was done to those boys was most likely the genius of some cry baby, sore loser parents from the opposing team. So, “great job parents”, he replied, with a tinge of sarcasm in his trembling voice!!

    7. Lauren says:

      Ummm, isn’t that what the parents of the Dulaney players did? Complained and got their way? There is a difference in “crying” because something didn’t work out in your favor compared to “crying” about something you rightfully earned and deserve….its called standing up for yourself.

    8. Leah says:

      John, obviously you must be a Dulaney parent. These kids did NOTHING wrong, NOTHING to violate BCPS Policy. They were suspended because the Dulaney parents lied about the incident and WHINED because they are not used to their spoiled little brats losing in anything.

  7. Stella says:

    I am so very happy that the decision was reversed for the boys because some of them might be seniors and this would be their last year to shine.

  8. T-Bone3 says:

    this is crazy… Terrell Suggs does the bernie dance everytime time he makes a sack. these boys do it to celebrate because they won and this happens?? i’m glad it got overturned. i hope Suggs does the bernie dance this sunday against the Steelers after he sacks big Ben. YEA BABY!!!!!!

    1. T says:

      LOL! I’m with ya on that!

      Good for you, PH! Well done boys!

  9. Debbie Weer says:

    Go Perry Hall Boys Varsity ! Good Luck ❤

  10. John says:

    It’s a tuff job being a principal and Mr. Roberts you have made the correct choice allowing your Gators to play. I called Mr. Roberts yesterday and exercised my right to express my objection to his decision. He was respectful and I commend him for activiely listening. Thank you for listening to those who have spoken. Go Gators!

  11. Vincenzo says:

    I am not a fan of Perry Hall HS soccer, only because I live in Harford County. However, I am a fan of the beautiful game and those who play it with respect for the game. The emotional stress that the boys endured because of a dim-witted, unintelligent, decision made by the administration, wil not, hopefully, affect their game. What they did was not lewd or disrespectful. What it was, was nothing more than uneducated parents responding to the loss their team suffered! I’m sure many know what I speak of; the parents that sit on the side lines screaming at the ref, their own child & the coach, barking out commands & tactics that confuse the player because it’s way, way off from what they learned in practice or is contradictory to the game plan that the coach is implementing. Maybe Mr. Roberts should attend a rec league game, move up to travel and club games and learn what vindictive, sore loser parents are capable of. Then maybe next time, he can know when to stand behind his teams or throw them under the bus!! GOOD LUCK with your game, fellas!!

    By the way, you parents that are like this (you know who you are) should put all that soccer knowledge to better use by getting off your arses and volunteering to be a coach, so maybe you’ll learn respect for all the work these unpaid coaches actually do.

  12. da bernie says:

    About time that principal pulled his head out of his arse!!!!!

  13. RavenLude says:

    who cares…….its only soccer, a game for little kids, chicks, and europeans

  14. oooh yes i did! says:

    I still wont send my kids to be educated under this idiot

  15. Daisy says:

    What? that was it? 5 seconds of something that looked like it came from “Thriller”? Shame on the parents that complained. The principal reacted to the complaints, like all good managers do, but he had the guts to reverse the decision in the end.

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