BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Police have arrested a teenager for the fatal shooting that occurred at a Chinese carryout in the 2900-block of Greenmount Avenue.

Family members turned in 17-year-old Markell Jones, of the 3200-block of Westerwald Avenue, to police.

Surveillance video from inside Yau Brothers Carryout  shows Freddie Jones waiting for his order. Approached by four men, Jones resisted robbery and was shot to death.

The Yau Brothers Carryout has been the site of two murders in two years and other shootings. The city is researching if time is up for this neighborhood business.

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  1. Pro Death Penalty says:

    Again the death penalty is called for. This punk killed an innocent hard working man for no reason. This must stop and can be eliminated by capital punishment, swift and final. Now bleeding heart liberals have your say.

    1. Jeff says:

      I’m all for the death penalty, but even in states that apply it more often it’s far from swift. We need a way to make it quicker. It’s also not cheap. You can have inmates sentenced to die on death row for 10-30 years on average. It’s because of the amount of appeals that are allowed for death penalty cases, it’s also part of the reason why it’s so d##m expensive. It’s not uncommon to hear of a person being put to death today for a crime committed in the 80’s or 90’s. The process is a long one.

  2. Buffalo Soldier says:

    I am a liberal and I do agree with the death penalty.

  3. Buffalo Soldier says:

    Bring back the draft, get them off the street, black and white.

  4. sudz28 says:

    Such a shame, a terrible and senseless waste of two human lives; unfortunately, only one of them had any control over the situation but made the wrong choice.

    I cannot praise the family of the perpetrator enough for having the courage and moral conviction to turn him in – maybe there is hope for Baltimore after all! Think of what a great city it could be if only more people were willing to turn over the criminals in their family instead of lie for them and hide them.

  5. Seuss says:

    I Want to Thank his Family for doing the right thing….Two Families are in pain..

  6. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Two words……fry him. The family did something good for society…..where were they for the 1st 17 years of his life and what were they teaching him. I wonder if he was the one not wearing a mask, if so it was time for a new career move anyway.

    1. sheriff says:

      Ravenmaniac, The effin parents turned him in for the reward money. Now they can buy a lot of Chinese takeout.

  7. stationnorth says:

    “The city is researching if time is up for this neighborhood business.”

    What? It is NOT the business’ fault for the two murders. It is the criminals that are on the streets that committed the murders. Lock the criminals up with no hope of parole or better yet, use the death penalty to rid the city of senseless crimes.

  8. Steve says:

    What about the other two thugs and the other victim who was wearing a red colored shirt or sweat shirt? Wasn’t he robbed?

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