FROSTBURG, Md. (WJZ)– A college town is in mourning after a Frostburg State University student is stabbed to death at an off-campus party.

Andrea Fujii has the investigation into her death and reaction from her grief-stricken classmates.

Stunned looks, disbelief and heartbreak for hundreds of students at FSU attending a vigil to mourn the murder of fellow student 19-year-old Kortneigh McCoy.

“I know violence and stuff happens a lot but you really don’t expect it to be so close to you,” said FSU junior Rachel Dwyer.

“It’s just scary, especially when you know the person,” Brittany Spencer, a senior. “It’s just scary.”

Around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, McCoy was found bleeding and lying on the ground in front of a house on Maple Street just across from the campus.

Investigators say McCoy had been inside the house with several others when an argument broke out. That’s when they say 23-year-old Frostburg senior Shanee Liggins pulled out a knife and stabbed McCoy. Liggins is now under arrest and school officials are emphasizing the incident happened on off-campus property.

“This was not a random act and we still consider this to be a safe community,” FSU President Jonathan Gibralter said.

Grief counselors are on hand at the school and at Simpson Hall where McCoy worked as a resident assistant, helping freshman adjust to life on campus.

She was a physics major, a member of two on-campus singing groups and friend to Devin James.

“It’s a difficult time for all of us,” James, president of the Unified Voices Under God’s Dominion Gospel Choir, said.

This Frostburg tragedy comes on the heels of several others including the death of a football player who died in September after receiving injuries during practice, the December deaths of two students trapped in a fire and the April 2010 murder of basketball player Brandon Carroll, shot to death by a fellow student also at an off-campus house.

“It’s really disturbing because I feel like every time someone does pass away at our school it’s just getting closer and closer to people that I know,” Ursula Santiago, a junior at FSU, said.

The suspect, Shanee Liggins, is now being held without bail facing first- and second-degree murder charges. Friends who graduated with McCoy from Poly-Western High School in Baltimore are planning a memorial in her honor at the school on Nov. 26.

Liggins was a business administration major originally from Waldorf, Md.

Comments (38)
  1. Bill says:

    They do not sound like locals? Second murder two years? I womder what their GPA,s were?

    Gee I wonder happened? The Democrats said if we reduce guns there would be no more Murders in the Hood?

    1. Lynn says:

      Sometimes it just has to be said: Bill you sound stupid.

    2. Sean says:

      Bill you sound like a fool… Please shut up…

  2. Comments in the air says:

    WJZ is enaging in it’s Communist censorsship again! Some very good points of discussion were not allowed to post. It’s funny, they constantly run negative stories about blacks, but censor comments dealing with the issues of black Americans causing all their self-destructive violence. Go to China, WJZ. You’ll be at home there.

    1. GM says:

      How do you see it as racism? Its a fact that blacks commit more violent criimes. What are we supposed to say? Maybe we should pretend the criminals are white? Its a sad fact but still a fact. I dont know why blacks have such a violent way of dealing with things.

      1. Jhene says:

        Oh please! It’s not a fact, it’s your fact. Does Columbine ring a bell? How about VA Tech? You molest your children, kill animals and black people are more violent?

      2. Erica says:

        you have managed to do what everyone else who isn’t african american…put all of us in a group like we all are violent. Think before you write…by the way, I am black and I am not vilolent. Ignorance is the true disease

    2. Leonard says:

      Really? I find that interesting as much as they seem to allow through. I have yet to read any commentary of this nature that would actually point to a solution. More times than not it’s people using racist jargin to bash black people as a whole. Honestly who really needs that. If WJZ is truly cencoring some of this mess You people should be thanking them instead of criticizing them. If you truly were ever enlightened to how small minded and ignorant stereotyping, and generalizing, by race or sex truly is you guys would be embarrassed at most of the things you say. I can’t even bring myself to think some of the foolishness about white people or hispanics, or orientals or middle eastern people that you guys come up with about us (by us I mean black people such as myself) I feel bad for you guys becuse you obvioulsy don’t know guys like myself, just what you see on the media and that is such a small perspective it’s truly heartbreaking. I thank God I know white men I call brother from another mother and white women I call sister. You guys will never know the love of people different than yourself like this.

      1. willie joe says:

        Jhene, Puleeeze tar baby, Why is it you everyday black murderers bring up columbine an incident that happened over ten years ago. Blacks don’t commit mass murder simply because they are not bright enough to do the planning it takes. They are better suited for killing Chinese take out, gang & drug violence & their g/f & wives.

  3. HA HA HA says:

    Frostburg welcome to the crime rate that has taken over the rest of the state .You can thank the gov and dems for it

    1. What the? says:

      Hi, yes, I have a question: Could you please expound upon the train of thought that lead you to connect democrats/governor as responsible for the actions of a girl with a bad temper and a knife? I mean, I think the “devilcrat” in office is a thief and should be ashamed of himself for ripping off the people that pay his salary…but I think it’s just plain absurd to make a connection between bad politics and a violent girl’s behavior.

      NRA can keep their guns, what are you going to do about disturbed kids with knives or baseball bats or bleach and ammonia? Hm?

      1. HA HA HA says:

        All types of Crimes have risen in the entire state.. The weakness of our leaders to address has brough it to places that seldom seen this type of violence.

      2. Leonard says:

        GOOD POINTS What the? Until people quit blindly voting along party lines idiots like the one we have govorning our state will always hold positions of power. He’s ripping off the state paying that child support for that baby he made with that Sade or Charde or whatever her name was that was on one of these news stations a few years ago when he was mayor of Baltimore. Just wait until his ride is up the truth will come out like it did with Arnold.

      3. What the? says:

        @Ha Ha Ha: it is absolutely unfounded that crime has risen in this country as a result of the devilcrats in office. Completely ludicrous. Let’s just say that, as a Nation, we have been led by a republican president 8 of the past 11 years. K? So, this disturbed child in Frostberg, MD with a weapon not covered by the NRA or their adversaries as a problem (or solution) has NOTHING to do with your politics, sweetie. I can pretty much guarantee that she was not holding that knife because OweMalley told her to. Nor was she angry because the victim was a republican. She was young, stupid, angry and armed. Period.

  4. VTPhiDelt says:

    Why do racist people continually use stories like this to bring forth their venom, Maybe we should refer you to stories like the one regarding Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. Hideous crimes span all spectrums

    1. FYI says:

      Hon, WJZ pays people like, Sheriff, Bernard McKernan, Willie, Bill, etc… to make inflammatory comments in order to get people like us to check back and “hit” their website and comment more. WJZ gets paid b it’s advertisers per “hit”….so the more you come back, the more they get paid. People like that are called trolz. If you ignore them, they go away and find other victims to prey on.

      1. Val says:

        Excellent point FYI…..But, let’s call them Rabid trolz…lol…

      2. Leonard says:

        preaching to the chior! sometimes they say stuff so rediculous it’s hard to keep quiet though. GRRRRRRRR

      3. sheriff says:

        FYI, Yah man, I’m enjoying all those $$$millions WJZ is sending my way you fool. I call it for what it is. Black people commit 90% more crime than whites, Democrats & blacks are like ham & eggs. Dems promise the moon to blacks who are career bums on welfare & then give them a rainy day at best for the votes. Violence is an accepted way of life in the black community. They all have the blinders on.

    2. Leonard says:

      VTPhiDelt your preaching to a small chior, I hear you and agree with you. I am starting to believe these people must have a really isolated and sad existence to feel this way about black people. I’m just glad I’ enjoy the life my ancestors couldn’t. I have mutual love with people of different nationalities and races and it’s real. I hope and pray one day these people can jusat have a taste of the goodness I have been given in this life knowing people different than myself.

  5. Worried says:

    Such a sad story, two young promising lives wasted. The violence must stop. The young must realize violence solves nothing. Today teens don’t think before they act. Each and everyday there are stories about violence all over the nation. I don’t know the answer, but something must be done or we cannot continue as a civil country. It will come a time violence is answered with violence.

    1. Val says:

      We are not now nor have ever been a ‘civil’ country. And, therein lies some of the problem. We have always been a gun toting, finger pointing, blood letting country. Look at our past. The so called founding fools…er….some call founding fathers…we do need to make a change in the amount of guns and violence…but violence is as much as the US of A as that apple pie (which I don’t like)

  6. Maryland the violent says:

    Columbine and Va. Tech were rare fluke events. Blacks–especially in cities, commit violent crimes daily. In fact I find the arrival of blacks into new communities as poison because as soon as they come and their numbers rise above 20%, you can kiss your once peaceful and quiet community goodby. I’ve also noticed that black American females are also becoming more violent. The main reason I stopped going to the clubs is because the black females were the ones causing all the dance floor fights that later spill out onto the sidewalk and parking lots. Black women with their mean surly attitudes scare away a lot of brotha’s and now the fact that the sista’s are packing weapons with the wilingness to use them is another reason to stay away. I mean, fist Bowie State and now this. Oh, I forget about the yoga shop murderess!

    1. You're not foolong anyone says:

      We’ll just leave the molesters of little boys and girls to you. You can also have the jerks who steal the life savings of retirees. Black and Hispanic murders are usually one on one crimes. White bretheren have to do it on a mass scale. You can make your numbers say anything. Let’s get to the ROOT of your problem. You sound like a male that is lacking in a certain department and you’re just a little jealous, or you’re a female who cannot understand why even they won’t give you a second look. LOL

  7. Robyn says:

    Why do we always bring up the race card, two ppl are gone 1 died and the other in jail for the rest of her life, we have to stop the Violence among young men and women, let all get together and help stop the violence.

  8. adraine says:

    white are natural born killers

    1. robertryan says:

      Adraine, Your daddy was part white, what happened to you?

  9. SoDone says:

    It’s hard to understand murders like this. This woman made it through 18 years in Baltimore City, a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country, to go away to college and have her life taken away for nothing, it is sad and my heart goes out to her family, friends and Poly bc they too are in mourning today.

  10. Leonard says:

    Hey My comment was censored!!!!! So Comments in the air you guys do not have the market cornered in being cencored! LOL and I still say there is only one race “the Human Race”! So now WJZ! 🙂

  11. PO PO PO says:

    It works both ways If this was a w hit e girl doing the stabbing you all would be screaming bloody murder And pictures of her and family would be posted everywhere

  12. LCranston says:

    “Be peaceful, Be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts her hands on you, send her to the cemetry.” Malcolm X

    1. Deskboy says:

      I guess Malcolm must have touched Farra-KAHN!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kate says:

    Poly and Western are different schools. They always have been. If you can’t get that right how am I to believe anything else you have to say?

  14. Duane says:

    I remember when Frostburg was a solice form city life. I graduated in 1992 and things were so different. I was just there a few weeks ago for homecoming. The campus is beautiful, but there is a totally different mindset from when I was there. We had fights, but they were just that, fights. Usually you ended up partying with who were fighting later.

  15. disgusted says:

    No parent sends their child to college to be murdered.What is going on with these pathetic young girls that think they have to be “ganster” or thugs.They are nothing more than a bunch of cowards.Yet another young life lost and yet another savage to add to the prison count.I hope that little girl is ready to show how tough she is in prison.Those inmates will eat her alive,and I hope they do.

  16. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    You can leave Baltimore, even go to the university but somehow certain groups of people just can’t shake the savage label & settle every dispute with violence.

  17. unknown says:

    I WILL PRAY FOR EVERYONE!! Because at the end of the day only GOD knows the truth behind everything. Its sad to see the world and how it is today I feel sorry for the youth today praying they make a difference and turn this world around before its too late. I feel sorry for all of our american TROOPS fighting out there for our freedom and FOR WHAT??? Its obvious we don’t want freedom because all we do is kill each other,rap each other, kidnap each other!! GOD HELP US ALL

  18. lou fields says:

    I am preplexed with the comments shared by some blacks and some whites on this topic. A 19 year human being, a native of our State is dead.

    You guys really need to broaden your outlook on life. Hatred and finger pointing , name calling is a waste of your time. America and Americans have plenty of enemies. There are still too many violent white people and oo many viloent black people. It is not their color that determines their likelihood for violence

    However it is evident in some of these posts that reveal where we are as Americans. Sad state when a college student is dead and some of you bring up your childish prejudices and it is equally childish to react to these fools.

    So let’s forget the color, focus on the crime and work hard to reduce violence especially among college students.

    Let’s try tolerance and do some research on the true facts before you speak.

    Ms. McCoy should not be dead and you guys should not use her death to spread your studipity any further.

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