Perry Hall Soccer Team Celebrates Victory After An Almost-Forfeited Game

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Their victory dance almost ended their hopes of winning a state championship. But Saturday, Perry Hall’s high school soccer team got a second chance.

Adam May has more.

The Perry Hall soccer team celebrates a victory that was almost forfeited.

“It feels amazing after all we’ve been through,” Christopher White, the Perry Hall soccer team captain, said.

Earlier in the week, the team got in trouble for performing the so-called “Bernie Dance.” Parents from Dulaney, the opposing team, called it lewd and offensive.

“We were celebrating, we didn’t mean to taunt the fans. Emotions were high, having a good time, just being teens,” Ethan Muller, a Perry Hall soccer player, said.

At first, Perry Hall’s principal responded by pulling the team out of the state finals. Then, he changed his mind after a public outcry.

“They will play,” George Roberts said.

“The community, we want to thank them a lot because they all had our back,” White said.

The dance was made popular in the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” It made Bernie rise from the dead. Now, it’s so popular it’s even used by some Ravens.

For the soccer team, players are relieved their high school careers didn’t end because of it.

“Roller coaster week, high, low, high now. Hopefully it ends on a high note,” Muller said.

“I think we can go far. We have a lot of people supporting us, and we’re gonna train hard and play to win,” White said.

“Losing is not an option now,” said Benny Magliano.

Perry Hall now advances in the state tournament. They play Westminster Tuesday.

  • Balto County North

    Whining cry babies won! I hope the parents are happy.

  • Towson

    Congrats PH boy’s soccer on a well deserved win!

  • hdg111

    How do you spell ‘releaved’ . i suport publik skools!

  • chiz

    releaved. beacuse. C’mon WJZ!

  • Gail B.

    Congrats to the Perry Hall Gators! Boo Hiss to the parents of the Dulany team that caused all this trouble.. Go Gators!

  • The Mole

    Balto Co North.Stop your crying!!The Dul parents lied to the coach and AD because thier feelings were hurt.PH just stood up for thier rights and won.
    Go Gators.

  • yotcha

    I think we all need to stop and remember what is is like to be YOUNG !! Congrats Perry Hall …by the way my daughters Field Hockey team at CHS does the ” Bernie” all the time and they did it at the pep rally !… maybe parents need to step back and just let the kids be !! …

  • dingus

    Who proofreads your stories? The player mentioned is likely the “captain” of the team, and not the “captian.” Also, Perry Hall defeated, and then allegedly taunted, Dulaney High School, not Dulaney Valley.

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