BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A piece of jewelry is causing controversy in schools.

As Mike Schuh reports, a dual-purpose ankle or arm bracelet could lead to suspension or arrest.

Fashionable, slightly retro, kinda hippie. Know what it is?

“It’s very simple,” said Mike Gimbel, a drug educator at St. Joseph Medical Center. “It unscrews, you’ve got a nice screen already in it, pull off the plug and you have a powerful pipe.”

Sold online for tobacco use only, Gimbel said marijuana is what’s really being burned. For about $40, they’re delivered right to your door.

“I bought this, it was delivered to my home in two days,” he said.

In Florida, the bracelets are so widespread students are being told they’ll be suspended if they wear one to school.

“And you can wear it at school, at home, and teachers and parents don’t know because they’re wearing this stuff anyway,” Gimbel said.

Wearing the bracelets violates policies in most Maryland school districts, and they can get you arrested.

“If they use it and there is residue in the pipe,  it’s a working pipe, paraphernalia, and it’s illegal,” Gimbel said.

Pot smokers are used to hiding their pipes. But now, some are hiding them in plain view.

A local high school principal tells WJZ that no bracelets have been seen at his school, but if a student is found with one, and there is marijuana residue inside, the student would be suspended and the case will be sent to the school board.

Comments (8)
  1. chillin' says:

    Judging by the headlines on most days – maybe they should allow pot at school, it would be a lot less violent and we’d all be much happier!

    1. craig says:

      This won’t work after several uses it will stink beond belief. Trust me this is just a fad. I smoked for 10 years and it lead to eatting alot and being lazy. Well i grew up and got some responsability and had to pay a mortage. I had fun but, time to move on.

  2. robertryan says:

    Kids just follow their older peers in fashion trends, leave em the hell alone & let them continue to stab & shoot one another & to have sex on the front lawns.

  3. Steve Wilson says:

    Every one of them should see jail time, have that time on their permanent record, and be made to read craig’s posting to see what happens when you smoke for 10 years. The parents should be charged for the legal fees and incarceration, for being irresponsible parents.

  4. Harry says:

    Question …. Do they drug test teachers in the Public School system ?

  5. Mr Maxpounder says:

    weed in less harmless than beer

  6. Dan Fleischer says:

    @Steve Wilson: So cannabis leads to fun, overeating, laziness and eventually paying a mortgage and getting on with life? A scar to one’s permanent record and jail time is far worse to one’s future prospects than the harmless use of a substance which does no damage by comparison to tobacco, liquor, and the prescription painkillers which now kill more than heroin and cocaine combined.

    1. McD says:

      Well said Dan…sum people just don’t know better, although ignorance is never an answer.

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