BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The next time you fly out of BWI Marshall Airport, expect to see some big changes. The airport is undergoing a multi-million dollar facelift.

And as Weijia Jiang explains, they hope it makes your life easier when you travel.

Right now, crews are moving the entire operation of one airline as it merges with another one, and that’s just the start of big changes you’ll see at BWI.

The merger of Southwest Airlines and Air Tran is a done deal.

“It’s just nice to have to have more options at a lower price,” said BWI passenger Rian Davis.

But now come the growing pains. Air Tran operations are leaving Concourse D, moving into Terminal A/B to join Southwest.

“Roughly 15 percent of business moving over there,” said Paul Wiedefeld, executive director of BWI Airport. “So, we want to make sure people know that.To get ready, we’ve done a number of things. Everything from adding new concessions to improving baggage pick-up area.”

BWI is also adding four TSA checkpoints nearby so look for signs to direct you. Next, Delta Airlines will shuffle to Air Tran’s old space and its current home will become a construction site.

The airport continues to grow every year. To make room, executives launched a $100 million project to build a new connector from Concourse B to C.

As it stands, passengers have to go through security to go to and from, which can lead to a traffic jam.

“When you go through security, you have to take off your shoes and go through so much,” passenger Debbie McMillan said. “Just going through one time should be enough.”

The new connector will include nine security checkpoints, moving sidewalks, and 8,500 square feet of food and retail space.

“The ability to get to one place to another is important because there’s different restaurants, different things in different gates,”  said Chad Gillenwater, a BWI passenger.

The expansion will provide access between all gates, so get ready for more freedom to walk on by.

Crews are scheduled to break ground on the connector project in April, hoping to wrap up by 2013. This project is funded through airport-generated revenue sources.

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