WASHINGTON (AP) — An emergency alert system is being tested across the country.

The test is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday and will be broadcast on all radio and television channels. It will last for about 30 seconds.

Listeners will hear a message indicating that it’s a test. The test is being organized by several federal agencies.

Officials say they’re doing the test in the afternoon to avoid rush-hour disruptions. They say the date was picked because it’s near the end of hurricane season but before the arrival of winter.

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Comments (2)
  1. Angela says:

    Hurricane season my behind! I believe we are testing the system, due to the many threats of retaliation to the US. I pray that before we have another 9/11 travesty, we will beef up security!

  2. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    It took 10 yrs since 9/11 to get this SYSTEM into place??

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