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GALESVILLE, Md. (WJZ)– Unlivable conditions at Anne Arundel County fire stations. Contaminated well water, and now mold growing inside. And firefighters want the county to do something about it.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the conditions fire crews are facing.

Those firefighters say they want their aging firehouse fixed. Some say the conditions inside are dangerous to their health.

They rush to save lives everyday. Now, firefighters in Galesville say they need a lifeline of their own.

“These people got to work here,” said Nathaniel Scott of the Galesville Fire Department.

Mold is growing inside the ventilation ducts of the firehouse.

“You can see where it’s leaking through the ceiling tiles,” said Craig Oldenshaw, the Fire Union president.

The county health department says it shouldn’t cause health risks, but…

“We have some members who have come down with respiratory ailments because they believe of the current mold situation,” Oldenshaw said.

The firehouse well water also tested positive for contaminants this week– something they say happens pretty often.

“Here lately it seems that every time they test it, it fails,” Scott said.

With the failed well test, the firefighters can’t even use the bathroom. Instead, they have to come outside and use a portable facility.

“We have porta potties delivered,” said Div. Chief Michael Cox of the Anne Arundel Co. Fire Department. “We will have plastic wares, plastic utilities things of that nature delivered to the fire station.”

Anne Arundel County fire officials are trying to fix the problems. But it could be awhile.

“We have gotten bids for mold abatement,” Cox said. “No contracts have been awarded for that yet, but it’s underway.”

Fire union officials say the conditions are not acceptable.

“Prisoners in Jennifer Road don’t have to go outside and use a port a potty, don’t have to wash their hands at a wash station,” Oldenshaw said. “They’re treated a little bit better.”

The fire union has asked that firefighters be moved to nearby station houses until the building is fixed. The fire chief is concerned that would impact public safety.

Anne Arundel County officials have brought in a hand washing station and bottled water. They hope to have the water facilities back up and running by the end of the week.

Comments (6)
  1. concerned citizen says:

    this is no an isolated incident. Take a ride around baltimore and check out there firehouses. Most of them are in bad shape and need to be replaced with new stations but the city just likes to patch problems not fix them

  2. Friend of AA firefighters says:

    AA county has at least 5 stations where you can not drink the water. This includes sta. 20 which has been condemned by AA county. Yet, sta. 20 is still in use.

  3. Heather Fleegle-Williams says:

    I say if one of those “officials” homes catch on fire, you tell them “ohh it shouldnt be hazardous” >shakes head< these people lay their lives on the line for YOU

  4. Eddie Harris says:

    They should also consider the legal liability issues that may arise from illnesses. I was subjected to mold and fungi in a federal building that caused me to collapse in seizures. The government is going to be paying for that, and I would hate to see the county have the same issue with a firefighter.

  5. CK says:

    It’s a crying shame. These FF’s spend up to 24 hours a shift at these stations. It’s a second home to them. It’s so bad that a shirt will have mold on it within 24 hours of being placed in a locker. If this was a house it would be condemned. Cleaning the mold out is not enough, fix the leaky roofs and fix the leaky heating systems.

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