I’m so upset with the situation at State College. It’s utterly disgusting and to think there are people that put a university and its future above a child’s innocence. I’m sure there are people that are split on what should happen with certain coaches and staff members there, but if you had any knowledge on the actions of Sandusky and did nothing, then shame on you.

In all honesty i don’t care if all of those people lose their jobs, that had involvement in the cover up. I don’t care if it was a long time friend, or a family member, if it cost me my job or a thousand people’s jobs. You don’t stand by and allow that to happen to a child. Sandusky’s actions are so horrific, and i believe he is the lowest form of human being. He started a foundation for underprivileged kids and preyed upon them like it was a dating service. He manipulated children, to satisfy his disgusting appetite. Not just kids, kids who have grown up tough and who have probably dealt with more grief at that point in their life than any of us.

I feel like people/fans are trying to put blame on one singular person. If you had knowledge and did nothing, you are responsible for those actions that took place. Joe Paterno knew what happened and all he did was tell his A.D. and washed his hands of it. He should 100 percent lose his job and i hope he is disgusted by what he sees everytime he looks in the mirror for the rest of his days. The 28 year old assistant saw what was happening and his first reaction was to leave and go home an tell his daddy. COWARD!!!! You allowed him to do that? Its not enough to just tell someone else and allow someone else to handle it. Now he is the current wide receivers coach at Penn State and stayed on with the team knowing what happened in that locker room and no charges were pressed against this man. I’m so disgusted at what has transpired and the decisions that were made to cover this up.

I have 2 kids at home, and to think of someone taking advantage of them makes me shudder. How does one person, let alone many, allow someone to take advantage of children? I talk sports for a living, we don’t typically talk about issues like this. Almost 20 different children have come out now with accusations. How many kids futures could have saved? How many children’s cries were ignored? How many of these boys will grow up and do the same thing to another child? The disgusting circle of life that happens to children that have been exposed to trauma at an early age. These feel like ramblings of a mad man at this point to me, but i don’t care. Shame on everyone involved, you could have done so much more to save even one child. In my mind its the most disgusting act someone can do. I hope Sandusky is forced to live a miserable life for as long as he has air in his lungs.


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