I’ve listened to all of the talk about the situation at Penn State and it makes that place sound like anything but “Happy Valley.” We’ve heard about how this could effect the legacy of a coach. We’ve heard about how this could effect players who currently play for the program. We’ve even heard about how this could effect politicians in the area.

I’m really done with hearing about how those people could be “effected.” Let’s talk about how lives were ruined as a result of Jerry Sandusky’s transgressions. That’s what this is REALLY about. Football is not important here. People’s career’s aren’t relevant here. These young people had their innocence stolen yet we’re camping outside of the football coach’s house showing him support. What has happened to our society? Is this where we’ve gone?

Again, Joe Paterno made a decision and now he’s living with it. Sandusky made several decisions and I hope to God he lives with them. Everyone else in this situation made conscience decisions. These kids did not. They were forced either physically or psychologically into something and now instead of being portrayed as victims, they’ve been portrayed as a huge inconvenience to Joe Pa’s farewell and Penn State football team’s march to a bowl game. Again, who cares about those people. Let’s all rally around the real victims.

Rob Long

Comments (4)
  1. cpzoom says:

    Rob Long, good article, but dude, it’s Affect not Effect. As a journalist, I would have thought you’d have known when you use each word correctly.

  2. daerco says:

    Well said Rob. I couldn’t agree more those poor children are the true victims here not the football program at Penn State.

  3. QuikDrw says:

    You are right on the money, Rob!!!! No one, besides those kids, have any right to any sympathy!!!! Why in the hell aren’t the PSU students marching & rioting for the kids?

  4. psu grad says:

    Penn State grad here. Until today I have been very proud of PSU and all it stands for. Even the actions of several disgusting cowards are just that – several disgusting cowards who will be dealt with by the legal system. But to see so many students rioting over the coach and not the victims…..I am no longer proud of what the PSU community is. Very grim peek into our future when you are proud of destroying property and outraged at a firing instead outraged at child rape. I have a 10-yr old son. I can’t even begin to imagine that none of these people would help him……..

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