WASHINGTON (AP) — The wife of an American man who has spent nearly two years in prison in Cuba wants people to contact members of Congress and write letters to newspapers to urge her husband’s return.

Judy Gross spoke Tuesday at The Jewish Federations of North America meeting in Colorado. Her husband, Alan Gross, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after bringing prohibited communications equipment into Cuba. He says he was merely trying to help Cuba’s Jewish community use the Internet.

According to prepared remarks, Judy Gross spoke about her husband’s trial in Cuba, which was closed to media. Gross, who lives in Washington, said during the trial that a prosecutor asked an older man what Gross had showed him on the Internet. He became emotional and said “We saw the world.”

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  1. Liberal Soldier says:

    Writing letters to Congress???? Lady do you have $1M???? If not forget it. Writing letters to a group of Buffons with a 9% approval rating is useless.

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